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Adding a new user account

To add a new user account, go to the VPOP3 settings, and click Users on the top bar, then click the New button.


You will be shown a window where you can enter the basic settings for a user.


oUsername - Enter the user name (or account name) here. Often this is the part of the user's email address which comes before the @ symbol, but you can define extra or alternate email addresses by using Mappings or Aliases. The user name must contain between 1 and 32 characters, and can contain numbers, letters, the period (.), underscore (_) or hyphen characters(-). (Other characters are strictly allowed by the email standards, but VPOP3 restricts it to the most common subset of these, because attempting to use other characters can cause interoperability problems and user confusion). Note that usernames are not case sensitive, so the username albert is equivalent to the usernames Albert , aLbErT and ALBERT.
oPassword - Enter the user's desired password here. The minimum password length is usually 5 characters, but this can be adjusted on the Security Settings page. The maximum length is 16 characters.
oConfirm Password - Re-enter the user's password here.


You can use any character in a password, except for a space character. However, if you use non-ASCII characters, then you may encounter interoperability issues - e.g. a £ character may be encoded as character 163 if sent using the ISO-8859-1 character set, or as the characters 194, 163 if sent using the UTF-8 character set. As passwords do not have any way of specifying a character set, you should try to avoid non-ASCII characters.

oComments - this can be used to contain any comments which you want to associate with the user account. This can be anything you wish, such as the user's real name, department, type of account etc. You can search or sort on this field in the Users list.
oCopy Settings from: ... - this lets you copy all settings (other than those entered in this window) from an existing user to the new user. If you want to create a user with the default settings, then simply leave this setting at the default <None> option.
oSend Welcome message to new user - If this box is checked then the administrator-defined Welcome Message will be put into the user's new Inbox folder.

Press the Add User button to add the new user, or the Cancel button if you don't want to add a new user at this time.

Adding lots of new users

If you want to quickly add lots of new users, then you can use the Users -> Bulk add users button instead.


This displays a window as below:


Simply type in the user names and passwords for multiple users, and press the Submit button when done. The new users will have default settings. You don't have to fill all the boxes, just fill as many boxes as you need for the number of users you want to add.

If you want to add more than 10 new users, just do the first ten, press Submit, then press the Bulk add users button again, and so on, as necessary.