Administrator password reset

If you have forgotten the VPOP3 login details, you can reset them by going to the My Account section on our website at . Log in using the details for our website (there is a 'Forgotten details' there if you have forgotten those details as well).

Once you are logged in to our website, go to the View existing licence details page ( Click on the licence for which you need to reset the password. On the following screen, just underneath the licence details is a link called Generate Recovery Admin Login for v6 or later. Click on this link and follow the instructions carefully to reset your password.

Password reset via alternate email address

If you have an alternate email address, (as long as you can currently log in) you can tell VPOP3 about this email address so that the Forgotten Password link on the login page can email your password reset instructions to this alternate email address. To prepare for this, log into the VPOP3 settings, and click Users on the top bar. Then double-click the user to enter their settings. Go to the Passwords tab, and put the alternate email address into the Email for password resets box.


Note that this feature will only work if VPOP3 can currently send outgoing emails. If that is not working, then you will not be able to use this password reset method and will have to use the Administrator password reset option above.