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VPOP3 supports DOS-style wildcards in many places of the configuration. You may be familiar with DOS wildcards (they are used in Windows & Linux as well, but most people know them from the days of MSDOS, so we call them DOS-style wildcards), but, if not, the following should help.

The wildcards supported by VPOP3 are:

* - this matches any sequence of characters, including an empty sequence

? - this matches any single character (but not a missing character)

Wildcard comparisons are 'anchored' at start and end, and they are performed in a case insensitive manner.

So, given the word "abracadabra":

ocad will not match
o*cad* will match
oabra* will match
o*abra will match
oabracadabra* will match
oabra*abra will match
oabra???abra will match
oabracadabr? will match
oabracadabra? will not match


If you need more flexible text comparisons, then look at Regular Expressions in the next section.