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User Contributed Files

This page contains files, documents & links contributed by users of our software in the hope that they will benefit other users. These files are not endorsed, tested or guaranteed by Paul Smith Computer Services, so care should be taken when using them.

(The files HAVE been checked for viruses using Sophos Antivirus)

Also see the VPOP3 Plugins, Virus Scanning, Spam Filters and VPOP3 Lua web forums!

Description Minimum VPOP3 Version Download Author Upload Date
Sample Spam Download Rules
(These are going to be updated regularly, so if you use them, check back every month or so)
V1.4.0 Chris McGoldrick 28 April 2003

External autoresponder written in C++ as a replacement for the VPOP3 built-in autoresponder. Handles things like the 'precedence' header, and 'reply once within a certain time period'

(Does not have the enhanced tags that the built-in autoresponder has for things like attachments etc, but is a good example of a C++ autoresponder and is probably better than the built in autoresponder for 'out of the office' type autoresponses.)

Source Included

V1.3.0 CPP_VACATION (70k) Peter Broadhurst 6 September 2002
External Autoresponder written in VBScript to redirect messages
Source included
V1.5.0 VBS_AUTOR.ZIP (2k) David Heebner 21 Nov 2001
Outmail processor to set the SMTP 'SENDER' name.
The executable is for Win NT, but should work on Windows 95/98 as well
Source included
V1.2.7 SETSENDER.ZIP (12k) Thomas Arn 26 Aug 1998
  • Automatically sends a copy of an incoming email to another email address between specified hours on certain days.
  • Scans outgoing emails, looking for certain trigger strings in the Subject: line and add confirmation options to the email header, the trigger strings are stripped out of the Subject: line.
PERL scripts
V1.2.0/V1.2.8 SCRIPTS1.ZIP (5k) Paul Pearce 5 Nov 1998
External Router batch file to use Norton Antivirus to scan incoming messages V1.3.0 NAVSCAN.ZIP (2k) Thomas Kruemmer 12 March 1999
Instructions for virus-scanning attachments with VPOP3
Note: The VPOPSCAN.ZIP file on this website contains the file EICAR.COM. This is a perfectly safe file used for testing virus-scanning systems, so your virus scanner may report it as containing a virus. Look at the Sophos Virus Information library for more information.
V1.3.0 Information Technologies website   12 April 1999
Template for writing VPOP3 External Autoresponders in Visual Basic 6. (It can probably be modified for external routers and other VPOP3 plugins) V1.2.0 VB_AUTORESPONDER.ZIP (7k) Antonio Paneiro 6 October 1999