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Download VPOP3 AntiVirus solutions

VPOP3 Antivirus

VPOP3 Antivirus requires VPOP3 v4.0.0g or v5.0g or later. To evaluate VPOP3 Antivirus simply download it, install it and restart VPOP3. A 30 day evaluation licence will automatically be created if you are a registered VPOP3 user. However, if you are also evaluating VPOP3, you need to request a personalised VPOP3 evaluation licence first. On the first connection that VPOP3 makes after installation, it will download the necessary updates to bring VPOP3 Antivirus up to date.

VPOP3 Antivirus v1.2.0 (27 March 2023)

v1.2.0 is a major update to the antivirus engine and also fixes some security issues. This is the recommended version

Sophos SAV Interface

You must download Sophos SAV Interface direct from the Sophos website. The correct product to evaluate is the full Sophos Anti-Virus software (not the Sophos Small Business solution, or Sophos MailMonitor).

MailScan for VPOP3

You must download MailScan for VPOP3 direct from the Microworld Technologies website to ensure that you have the latest version.

Note that no antivirus software will protect you 100% against software viruses, so we do not guarantee that any antivirus software we provide will totally protect you against viruses. We do not accept any responsibility for any loss caused by software viruses.