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VPOP3 Enterprise

VPOP3 Enterprise is the enhanced version of our VPOP3 email server. It includes all the features of VPOP3 Standard, with some extras. These features used to be wanted by bigger customers (hence the name) but now are often desired by smaller businesses and home users as well.

The extra features include:

IMAP4 support

With a normal POP3 server, all your mail is downloaded to your PC and accessed from there. That means that mail can only be easily used from one computer. For many users, this is absolutely fine.

With IMAP4, all your mail is kept on the mail server, and your PC synchronises with that. This lets you do more things than you can with POP3:

  • You can easily backup your mail, since it is all stored in one place
  • If you access your mail from a different PC, that new PC will synchronise with the server, and will see everything in the same folders as the first PC. This includes things like the 'Sent Items' folders.
  • More than one person can access the same mailbox at once, so you can have shared mailboxes and folders
  • If you access your mail using the VPOP3 WebMail facility, then all your mail folders are visible there as well.

This means that you could easily have an office PC, a home PC, a laptop and a mobile phone (eg an iPhone, Android Phone, Blackberry, or any other mobile phone with email support) accessing your email all at the same time, and seeing a synchronised view of your mail.

Enhanced SSL/TLS support

VPOP3 Standard includes support for connecting to third party SSL/TLS mail servers.

VPOP3 Enterprise enhances this by adding support for adding SSL/TLS to its own services, so email clients can collect and send mail from VPOP3 over encrypted sessions, to stop eavesdropping on the connections.

Enhanced security features

VPOP3 Enterprise has enhanced security features such as:

  • 'Intrusion Protection' where it can detect and automatically block IP addresses which do 'naughty things' (trying to relay messages, send spam, viruses, etc)
  • Ability to log and/or block attempts to send messages using BCC
  • Ability to use customisable real-time DNS blacklists to reject/blackhole incoming SMTP email

External database support

VPOP3 Enterprise lets you link to ODBC databases for some facilities, such as the global address book, and mailing list management. This lets you use existing databases such as those containing company contacts from within VPOP3.

How to get it

You can download a trial from our download page

You can purchase a licence here.

If you already have VPOP3 Basic and you want to upgrade to VPOP3 Enterprise, you can enter your existing licence details to see the upgrade options.