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Hosted VPOP3 Service Terms & Conditions


  • The minimum contract period is 6 months, and you must give 1 month notice of terminating the service.
  • If you have purchased the yearly hosting package and terminate the contract at any time other than the anniversary of the commencement of the yearly hosting, you will be charged at the monthly rate for the months you have used (minimum 6 months) up to the time of termination, plus 1 month's extra hosting fee. Any excess remaining from the fee you have paid will be refunded.
  • Set-up time is usually within 1 working day of placing the order. In rare cases it may take 2 working days. During configuration we will usually have to contact you to find out some initial configuration details for your server.
  • You can switch from monthly to yearly hosting and back at any time provided it is at the end of the current hosting period.
  • Any problems with the service will be fixed as soon as possible after we are made aware of them. Usually this will be within 2 hours of the problem being reported, but in cases of hardware failure, it may take up to 8 hours to have a new server in place and configured. If the service is unavailable for more than 8 hours after we have been made aware of the problem for any individual incident, you will receive 1 day's worth of service credit for every hour that the service is unavailable over the first 8 hours, up to a maximum credit of 50% of that month's service fees.
  • If at any time you wish to stop using the service (and payments are up to date), you can obtain the mail configuration and message data stored on the hosted server. You will need to request this, and the data will be made available to you either as a download (which may be large!) or sent to you on physical media (DVD or external hard drive, depending on volume). If you wish to have it sent on physical media, you will be liable for the reasonable cost of us procuring and sending the media to you.
  • The mail storage will be on a RAID protected hard disk, so a single hard disk failure will not lead to loss of messages.
  • We will make best effort to provide a reliable service to you. Apart from the compensation scheme described above, there are no guarantees of service level. We are not liable for any consequential losses.
  • We will not look at your email messages unless you explicitly request us to do so for problem diagnosis purposes.
  • The service can either receive mail using an incoming SMTP feed, or via POP3 collection from an ISP. If you use an incoming SMTP feed, then we can set up a secondary MX server for you if you wish, at no extra cost.
  • If you use the backup facility, then the backups will be to an NAS server at an alternate site from the main mail server. You will not receive physical copies of the backups, but may download them if you wish (they may be big!)
  • Also, see our GDPR Data Processing Agreement which forms part of these terms

Acceptable Usage Policy

  • You will not use the service for any illegal or immoral purpose.
  • You will not use the service for sending out unsolicited commercial emails ('Spam') or malicious software such as viruses, trojans, offensive material, etc.
  • If we receive complaints about your use of the service we will investigate, and may suspend or terminate the service if we discover that it has deliberately been misused. (Accidental misuse such as inadvertently setting the mail server to be an open relay will not lead to suspension, but the problem must be fixed, and will be monitored).