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VPOP3 Offsite Backup

VPOP3 Enterprise versions 6.0 and later have an option for offsite backups. With this facility, all your users' mail folders and messages are uploaded to our servers in a UK data centre. The messages and message flags (read/replied/etc) are uploaded as they change, so that once the initial upload has completed, only new messages and changed message flags need to be transmitted over the Internet, reducing Internet use.

If your server fails, then you simply reinstall VPOP3 on a new PC and tell it to recover the messages. It will then download all the messages from our server. It downloads messages in reverse date order, so that the most recent messages are available soonest, as those are most likely to be needed immediately.

This facility costs £5 (+VAT if applicable) per 10GB (or part thereof) per month. For example, if you have 47GB of mail to store, it will cost £25 + VAT per month.

To start using the Offsite Backup facility, please contact We will provide a backup key which is used for making backups & restoring the backups. After an initial 1 week's trial period, we will invoice you monthly or annually as you wish (or you can set up a standing order or direct debit if you are in the UK).