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VPOP3 for Schools

VPOP3 is an easy to use mail server which can easily be used in schools. It is a lot lower cost and easier to administer than other common mail servers.

You can use it for teachers or students, or both.

We recommend the use of VPOP3 Enterprise in schools, as that allows your teachers and students to use any PC to access their mail, as well as having more security features.

Safety & Security

  • VPOP3 has options for virus scanning and spam filtering all incoming and outgoing email
  • If you wish, you can configure VPOP3 to block outgoing and incoming mail for students, so they can only send mail between each other
  • Alternatively, you can configure VPOP3 to send copies of all messages sent or received by students (or by a subset of students) to a specified person (e.g. the IT administrator, the ICT teacher, or their form teacher)
  • If you wish, the spam filter can be extended using a simple scripting language to perform custom content filtering on sent and received messages.
  • You can optionally choose to allow students and/or teachers to access their email from outside the school (requires changes to your firewall as well).
  • With the addition of an SSL certificate (which we can obtain for you if you wish) you can have encrypted connections to the mail server to prevent eavesdropping.

You can run the VPOP3 software on any version of Windows from Windows Server 2008 or Windows Vista onwards, and it will run on most PCs, it does not require a Server version of Windows, or a high-end server PC (although, obviously, it will work on that if you wish).

Your users can either use a standard email client, such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird, or they can access their mail through an easy-to-use web-based interface.

Example prices:

VPOP3 is licenced based on total users (not concurrent users)

100 Users

  • Purchase price - 100 user VPOP3 Enterprise - £262.50 + VAT (one off cost)
  • Spam filtering & virus scanning - £339.50 + VAT per year

1000 Users

  • Purchase price - Unlimited user VPOP3 Enterprise - £525.00 + VAT (one off cost)
  • Spam filtering & virus scanning - £819.00 + VAT per year

The above prices are after the education discount has been applied. All purchases include basic email support.

If you purchase a 100 user licence or larger we will give you a month's telephone support.

If you want telephone support beyond that, that costs £100 + VAT per year.

If you want, we can install and maintain the software for you. Contact us for details, as the price for that will depend on your location, and whether we can manage it remotely for you (rather than having to travel to your school)

For more information call us on 01484 855801