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VPOP3 Plugin Pack

Note that this is only really useful for VPOP3 2.x or earlier. Current versions of VPOP3 have most of the equivalent functionality built in.

The VPOP3 Plugin Pack is a set of utilities which can be used to enhance and expand the VPOP3 and VPOP3 Enterprise email servers' functionality for more advanced uses.

The VPOP3 Plugin Pack works with VPOP3 1.3.0 and later, and needs a 5 user or larger licence. The Plugin Pack will not work with the VPOP3 Home User licence. The Plugin Pack is included as standard with the VPOP3 Enterprise software, but is an optional extra for Standard VPOP3.

Currently the features offered by the VPOP3 Plugins Pack are:

  • Easier virus scanning of incoming and/or outgoing attachments using most virus scanner software.
  • Scan messages for 'banned' words.
  • Email -> mobile text messaging gateway to allow sending of messages to pagers and mobile phones.
  • Attachment filtering so that you can indicate that downloaded messages with attachments should be redirected to certain users or disallowed. You can specify which types of attachments should be filtered (eg .VBS attachments or .JPG and .GIF pictures)
  • Command line interface for basic VPOP3 configuration (eg adding/removing users and mappings).

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