VPOP3 Release History
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Contact us: 01484 855800

VPOP3 Email Server

Revision History

For history since 4.0.0c, see our bug tracker

Version 4.0.0c (23 November 10)

  • 0000351: [WebMail] Include a link to VPOP3 Status Monitor in webmail - resolved.
  • 0000307: [Admin] dhtmlxcontainer.rjs missing from admin pages in CVS - resolved.
  • 0000214: [WebMail] 'Moderate Lists' not in Webmail - resolved.
  • 0000285: [Admin] Can create mailing list in Home User licence - resolved.
  • 0000340: [Misc] Mail Delivery Failure on Message Monitoring - resolved.
  • 0000293: [Admin] Address book import doesn't work - resolved.
  • 0000337: [CalDAV] Sunbird can't log onto two accounts on same VPOP3 server - resolved.
  • 0000335: [Admin] Address book import page doesn't load properly if you do two imports in a session - resolved.
  • 0000342: [Misc] Folder share permissions either do not set or do not display - resolved.
  • 0000344: [Admin] View 'SMTP Server Log' doesn't seem to show anything - resolved.
  • 0000305: [WebMail] Look at making a custom script containing all the Dojo/Dijit (and possibly others) scripts used by VPOP3 - resolved.
  • 0000325: [WebMail] Print Message Menu option active when no message selected - resolved.
  • 0000339: [WebMail] Quarantine - Applying "Mark Seen" to hidden message temporarily loses strikethrough - resolved.
  • 0000343: [WebMail] Opera unable to detect element attributes with dojo.query - resolved.
  • 0000338: [WebMail] Javascript error in drag and drop - resolved.
  • 0000336: [WebMail] Quarantine first column sizing too small - resolved.
  • 0000333: [WebMail] Refresh button causes Javascript errors - folders disappear - resolved.
  • 0000334: [WebMail] Show Hidden causes Javascript error - resolved.
  • 0000332: [WebMail] Opera: Quarantine crashes at dojo.clone - resolved.
  • 0000330: [WebMail] No styling on Address Book - selected contact Header - resolved.
  • 0000329: [WebMail] Toolbar icons at 18x18 size - resolved.
  • 0000306: [WebMail] Look at support GZIP compression in HTTP server - resolved.
  • 0000294: [Admin] Address book Export doesn't export all entries - resolved.
  • 0000295: [Admin] Address book export row titles are duplicated - resolved.
  • 0000324: [WebMail] ajaxaddresses.xml does not return Company or Phone data - resolved.
  • 0000312: [Misc] Need CRT 'invalid parameter handler' - resolved.
  • 0000308: [SMTP Client] MX Retries database timezone wrong - resolved.
  • 0000318: [WebMail] Spell check suggestions do not appear in IE - resolved.
  • 0000313: [WebMail] "leave Webmail" button fails intermittently - resolved.
  • 0000300: [WebMail] deleted items subfolder cannot be emptied - resolved.
  • 0000311: [WebMail] Basic view Mark Read sets the message as unread - resolved.
  • 0000322: [WebMail] Quarantine select-all does not enable relevant toolbar buttons - resolved.
  • 0000274: [WebMail] Incorrect path for webmail images - resolved.
  • 0000321: [Admin] Controls not updating on Attachment extraction page - resolved.
  • 0000315: [WebMail] "Ignore" on spell checker seems to strip the first four characters from a word - resolved.
  • 0000317: [WebMail] Choosing reply all places "**VPOP3CITE**" into the top of the message - resolved.
  • 0000316: [WebMail] Adding contact into existing new message tab fails in IE - resolved.
  • 0000296: [WebMail] Show Images button forces messageheaders div to shrink - resolved.
  • 0000297: [WebMail] #imageshidden div can be difficult to read - resolved.
  • 0000271: [WebMail] If a message has no sender information (or it is blank) then the message preview doesn't work - resolved.
  • 0000291: [Misc] Intermittent crash if user 'comments' field is set too long by an administrator - resolved.
  • 0000279: [WebMail] Quarantine message preview (from list) doesn't work in Internet Explorer - resolved.
  • 0000268: [WebMail] Webmail message list grid does not resize properly - resolved.
  • 0000290: [WebMail] mistyped CSS width property as "wisdth" - resolved.
  • 0000289: [WebMail] Have 'Mark as Spam' button on Webmail toolbar - resolved.
  • 0000288: [WebMail] In Internet Explorer Webmail 'Attachments' pane needs to be slightly taller - resolved.
  • 0000282: [Admin] Spam Filter Script Configuration scrollbars are missing - resolved.
  • 0000213: [Admin] If a user tries to do an admin task when logged in as a non-admin user, take them to a 'permission denied' page - resolved.
  • 0000253: [Admin] Sorting order in 'Last User Login' is wrong - resolved.
  • 0000264: [WebMail] On large mailboxes, the messages appear quickly, but then aren't clickable for a few seconds - resolved.
  • 0000272: [Misc] Daily usage summary shows current date/time for queued messages - resolved.
  • 0000258: [Admin] Quarantine setting full page - resolved.
  • 0000275: [SMTP Client] NOTIFY=NEVER overrides send TCP errors to administrator - resolved.
  • 0000250: [Admin] Edit user window too big for 1024x768 screens - resolved.
  • 0000262: [WebMail] If you create a link in a new message it gets formatted to white - resolved.
  • 0000263: [WebMail] Try and make the 'x' on the New Mail webmail tab more noticeable - resolved.
  • 0000243: [WebMail] Quarantine view uses old settings - resolved.
  • 0000237: [Admin] Empty warning message - resolved.
  • 0000269: [WebMail] If you have a message with only one page of messages in, preview doesn't seem to work - resolved.
  • 0000254: [Admin] Greylisting settings not working properly - resolved.
  • 0000256: [Status Monitor] A ghost user '0' appears in user queue count list - resolved.
  • 0000260: [Admin] User Address book name doesn't work with non-US characters - resolved.
  • 0000230: [Admin] Missing global address book image in Admin - resolved.
  • 0000261: [Misc] LDAP Browse not working in Outlook 2007 - resolved.
  • 0000238: [Admin] Can't delete and address book - resolved.
  • 0000241: [WebMail] Contact Home Postal Address not expanded on first load - resolved.
  • 0000240: [WebMail] On 'Settings' form validation error, change the text 'form error', and make it a language string - resolved.
  • 0000257: [WebMail] Change 'Resend' button in Drafts folder to something else. - resolved.
  • 0000236: [Admin] Quarantine Viewer Select All Message - resolved.
  • 0000226: [WebMail] Can't create Webmail folders with non-ASCII characters - resolved.
  • 0000247: [WebMail] webmail right click context menu, print, move, copy icons missing, item called 'undefined' at bottom of menu - resolved.
  • 0000231: [WebMail] Inconsistent folder menu items - resolved.
  • 0000255: [WebMail] Text/buttons/tooltips not stored in language file - resolved.
Version 4.0.0b (6 October 10)
- 0000246: [Admin] Add setting for IMAP IDLE to settings - resolved.
- 0000239: [Archiving] Offline archiving causes VPOP3 to crash. - resolved.
- 0000248: [Misc] On upgrade from 1.x or 2.x, folders are not imported - resolved.
- 0000242: [WebMail] Webmail folder loading is slow with lots of messages - resolved (at least partially). - 0000245: [IMAP4 Server] IMAP IDLE doesn't work with TLS/SSL connections - resolved.
- 0000224: [WebMail] Unable to apply address to an email from the address book ) - resolved.
- 0000244: [Admin] Re-order Session Logs in Settings -> Diagnostics - resolved.
- 0000235: [WebMail] Webmail Address Book "Address" field not showing - resolved.
- 0000227: [WebMail] Save button to be visible on all Address Book tabs - resolved.
- 0000225: [WebMail] Redundant/ambiguous detail on Address Book screen - resolved.
- 0000233: [Admin] "Report bad mailer_daemon messages to administrator" checkbox does not trigger "Submit" - resolved. - 0000229: [WebMail] In plain text messages, there are double line feeds - resolved.
- 0000228: [WebMail] Problem sending mail with non-ASCII characters - resolved.
- 0000234: [Misc] incorrect instructions in User Bad Daemon Command email - resolved.
- 0000222: [WebMail] Set autoresponder doesn't show text box in IE - resolved.
- 0000221: [Admin] 'Bounce Spam' checkbox in POP3 mail collector settings can't be changed. - resolved.
- 0000219: [WebMail] Webmail doesn't work via WHS IIS proxy plugin - resolved.
- 0000196: [Misc] SMTP server name in logs gets changed after login - resolved. Version 4.0.0a (29 September 10) ================================ - 0000200: [WebMail] No way for user to edit autoresponder - resolved. - 0000216: [WebMail] Missing 'mark as spam' button - resolved. - 0000209: [WebMail] No way for user to edit assistants/forwards - resolved. - 0000204: [Misc] Spamfilter blacklist wildcard entries not working - resolved. - 0000203: [Admin] Javascript error in user_accounts.html page - resolved. - 0000212: [Misc] Message counts not initialised properly at start of run - resolved. - 0000208: [Misc] Incorrect quota messages - resolved. - 0000207: [Admin] Multi-select in admin message lists not working - resolved. - 0000210: [WebMail] Webmail help button not working - resolved. - 0000211: [Admin] Link on About page not working - resolved. - 0000201: [WebMail] warning/info message displayed when 'Share' calander button clicked - resolved. - 0000205: [WebMail] Some image files in wrong place - resolved. - Safety check when purging Webmail trash folder on logout to check the trash folder is not set to 'Inbox' Version 4.0.0 (23 September 10) =============================== * Fix crash in webmail logoff * Fix LDAP paging problem with Outlook 2007 + Support PAYG faxing + Support PAYG SMS + New Webmail * Fix IMAP4 mail structure function + Add IMAP4 IDLE support + Support binding to specific IP addresses for VPOP3 accessing Internet + Add LUA call-outs for line processing during POP3/SMTP receiving message * Improve MX Sending DNS cache * Remember sent email addresses for Webmail address completion + Spamfilter performance improvement by skipping rules intelligently + Option not to send database backup successful messages + Experimental support for CalDAV (tested with Mozilla Lightning/Sunbird) + Have a "print message" option in webmail + Right-click menu in Message list + Make Connection/ Mail Collector etc 'Delete' more obvious + Make Webmail honour folder ACLs * Fixed - When changing DNS servers, 'active servers' doesn't update properly * Fixed manually assigned DNS server doesn't take effect until re-set * Fixed Resource deadlock in webadmin * Make SMTP Access restrictions/users less confusing * Fix SMTP MX Sender crash with looped CNAME records + Be able to save messages to drafts as they are being written + Have configurable 'mark read' timer * Fixed When you delete a connection, display doesn't delete sender * Fixed Can't delete whitelist/blacklist words + Allow per user/per IP limits for IMAP4 connections * Fixed Duplicate connections/senders when created in IE * Fixed On status monitor disconnect, last state stays visible * Allow Status monitor to connect before Postgres is started * Remove 'cookie=1' from address bar + Have address list for each user * Make Archive searches case insensitive + In AV status counts show 'since when' * Fixed Sent items incorrectly marked * Fixed Migrating Spamfilter data allows too big fields * Fix crash in bayesian analyser * Move LDAP to PostgreSQL + Support 'address book folders' + Allow server restart command from status monitor * Fix UTF8 encoding in some places * Fix message routing scripts for server generated messages + Support address book sharing (Enterprise) + Support calendar sharing (Enterprise) + Extra SSL service registry configuration options (eg to limit to only certain ciphers) - Enterprise only * Fix problem with avast! updates * Only do one database backup per day, even if VPOP3 is restarted more than once * Fix problem with config pages for some of the list settings * Fix problem with list settings in VPOP3 Standard * Fix problem with ~ character not allowed in LAN forwarding * Fix problem with adding new lists * Fix problems with Antivirus settings page in IE * Improvements/fixes to user message list viewing in admin + Allow filtering of messages in webmail quarantine list * Fix new message editor in IE * Fix 'Empty trash folder' * Fix 'MXRetries' missing tables * Fix problem with admin quarantine viewer with invalid characters in spam headers * Fix problem with schedule always showing as paused, even when it's not * Fix problem importing encrypted message files to database * Some improvements to reports * Fix problem with IE losing admin toolbar when editing download rules * Fix problem with some mouse-over hints on Users list not working * Other minor fixes/changes Version 3.0.0l (17 September 2010) ============================== Bug Fixes -------------- * Fix non-ASCII characters in LDAP * Fix problem with displaying some badly structured emails in Webmail * Try to fix occasional crash in Webmail * Fix problem with sometimes allowing faxing by external senders * Add 'senderid' and 'sendername' (Mail Sender config details) globals for 'relayout.lua' scripting * Fix webmail problem on WHS if not going via IIS proxy * Some minor fixes in the admin section, including some non-ASCII character fixes Version 3.0.0k (19 January 2010) ============================== Bug Fixes -------------- * Fix crash in Webmail logout * Fix problems in fax server with multiple modems * Fix problem with unicode characters in autoresponders set in Webmail * Fix problem with data being lost after spell checking in Webmail * Fix problem with unknown recipient error target setting being lost * Fix problem with unicode characters in Fax banner line * Fix problem with text on avast! updates * Fix problem with customised message strings not being saved correctly * Fix occasional problem with messages being automatically released from spam quarantine * Fix problem with duplicate Connections being created * Fix problem with losing list moderator setting * Fix problem with importing list data * Fix problem with sometimes losing some archive settings * Fix problem setting ~@.. aliases for users * Fix problem with users & lists appearing multiple times in some drop-downs * Update rich editor in admin pages Version 3.0.0j (20 August 09) ============================== Bug Fixes -------------- * Only update mailbox counts if user list request needs them * When storing messages, if message date is invalid, use 'now' instead * Improve some amortised user/list listing functions in admin pages * Add global address book editing back to admin pages Version 3.0.0i (26 June 09) ============================== Bug Fixes -------------- * Fix problem with messages going via an Outmail Preprocessor extension * Fix problem setting ODMR username/password * Fix problem setting mail collector routing error settings * Fix problem adding mailing list members * Fix problem sending welcome message to mailing list members added by administrator * Fix crash when doing an ODMR collection * Fix some problems with IE8 * Fix problems with some spin-buttons in settings * Fix problems with reports in IE * Workaround problem with some iFrames in IE * fix some problems with non-ASCII characters in webadmin * Fix problem with log file size settings * Fix problem with NOAUTH column not appearing in SMTP service access restrictions * Fix problem with 'messages sent' report in some cases * Fix some window resizing problems in settings * Fix problem with offline archive generation by date * Fix WebMail folder list so it only includes folders which actually exist * Fix setting to disable database backups * Fix greylisting error being logged * Allow user mailbox folders to be rescanned if necessary * Fix problem with some items being duplicated in admin pages on a refresh by Firefox * Allow ~ in mappings * Fix problem when copying items from archive search results list * Update user lock status properly in user settings * Fix problem with message counts going out of step if messages are moved via Webmail * Import IMAP4 ACL to new database correctly (Enterprise Only) * Handle trailing '/' characters on IMAP4 folders correctly (Enterprise only) * Automatically handle some problems during import of bad V2.6 data * Create 'Sent Items' and 'Deleted Items' folders if necessary * Fix problem with entering LAN Forwarding configuration conditions * Fix problem setting Fax Server TAPI drivers Version 3.0.0h (29 May 09) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Extra SSL service registry configuration options (eg to limit to only certain ciphers) - Enterprise only Bug Fixes ----------- * Fix problem with avast! updates * Only do one database backup per day, even if VPOP3 is restarted more than once * Fix problem with config pages for some of the list settings * Fix problem with list settings in VPOP3 Standard * Fix problem with ~ character not allowed in LAN forwarding * Fix problem with adding new lists * Fix problems with Antivirus settings page in IEBug Fixes Version 3.0.0g (22 May 09) ============================== Bug Fixes ----------- * Fix problem with admin quarantine viewer with invalid characters in spam headers * Fix problem with schedule always showing as paused, even when it's not * Fix problem importing encrypted message files to database * Some improvements to reports * Fix problem with IE losing admin toolbar when editing download rules * Fix problem with some mouse-over hints on Users list not working * Replace missing antivirus settings page Version 3.0.0f (19 May 09) ============================== Bug Fixes ----------- * Fix problem with connections not ending if antivirus updates are enabled, but antivirus scanning is disabled * Have option to speed up import of messages from V2 to V3 for high-end PCs * Fix some problems with the Utilities -> Misc Settings page * Fix problem with licences containing non-ASCII characters * Fix problem with access restriction editor * Fix problems with resizing settings page * Resize toolbar on small windows to remove problem of right-hand side of page not being visible in IE (including scrollbars) * Fix problem with some radio buttons not being set properly on page loads in IE * Fix problem with Settings -> Text Strings not working in IE * Fix problem with global signature editor not always saving HTML sigs * Fix problem setting port based Fax routing options * Fix problem with 'Use Download Rules' setting being lost on restart * Fix problems with reports Version 3.0.0e (14 May 09) ============================== Bug Fixes ----------- * Fix problem introduced in 3.0.0d with IE7 compatibility (when fixing IE6 compatibility..) * Fix problem with RAS/DUN connections on Connection settings Version 3.0.0d (13 May 09) ============================== Bug Fixes ----------- * Fix problem with Faxserver not including incoming faxes in emails * Fix problem with adding schedule * Fix problem accessing settings in IE6 * Fix problem with IE7 sometimes being detected as IE6 * Fix Submit button alignment on some windows * Fix some incorrect warnings and inactive Submit button problems on Mail Collector edit page * Fix problem editing lists * Fix problem with archive search results on IE7 * Fix problem with 'Configure Service' icon on Services -> General page * Fix problem with port based incoming fax routing settings * Fix problem with spamfilter lists page * Improve installer further Version 3.0.0c (8 May 09) ============================== Bug Fixes ----------- * Fix Archive search with dates * Fix Fax log list in IE with non-ASCII characters * Fix Fax log image viewer in IE * Fix error reporting with move/copy message problems * Improve Download rule editor behaviour * Make installer more resiliant * Fix diagnostics log viewing * Fix mapping editor * Fix problem with avast! virus scanning Version 3.0.0 (23 April 09) ============================== Enhancements ------------- * Rewrite message store system to use PostgreSQL database instead of raw directory structure (improved performance, reliability etc) * Now requires Windows 2000 or later (NT4, 95, 98, ME no longer supported) * Rewritten administration user interface * Allow multiple archive searches per session * Use more strings in configurable message string system * Move LAN Forwarding queue to database for better performance with large numbers of messages in queue * Lots of bugfixes, performance and reliability fixes Version 2.6.0j (11 February 09) ============================== Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix remaining XSS vulnerabilities Version 2.6.0i (27 January 09) ============================== Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix vulnerability in VPOP3 Webmail if a message containing an <iframe> tag linking to an external website is viewed. Version 2.6.0h (4 December 08) ============================== Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix IMAP4 email structure handling on complex message structures * Fix handling of some broken quoted-printable encoded messages * Fix error in autoresponder date validity setting in December * Fix IMAP4 lock problem if two logins to the same mailbox start at exactly the same time * Fix problem with 'Set Default' button on Services -> WebMail Version 2.6.0g (6 October 08) ============================== Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problem with connection session not finishing properly if (the obsolete) Sophos update was enabled * Don't report 'encrypted attachment' errors from avast! * Fix IMAP4 problem with certain types of attachments (Enterprise only) * Fix IMAP4 problem with certain complex message structures (Enterprise only) * Fix some problems with webmail sending messages * Fix problems with some reports & spamfilter whitelist in some web browsers * Fix problem with 'enhanced message view' in webmail with some invalid message headers * Fix some exceptions Version 2.6.0f (23 July 08) ============================== Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problem with attachment extraction to a UNC path * Fix problem with automatic redirection of http to https * Fix problem with message data clearing after spell check * Fix problem with autoresponder date validity setting via webmail Version 2.6.0e (3 July 08) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Rewrite WHS console user interface Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problem when there are WHS users with spaces in their usernames Version 2.6.0d (3 July 08) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Better integration into WHS web server + Add support for WHS unified login for Webmail and Webmail via WHS web server + Add support for more WHS licence options + Add logging of active LAN forwarding addresses for people with limited licences Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problems with installs in non-English versions of WHS * Fix problem in Webmail displaying messages in certain charactersets * Fix problem with reading users for ODBC mailing lists * Fix some problems with WHS console settings Version 2.6.0b (13 June 08) ============================== Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix some problems with exception report generator * Disable MD5 auth methods when running on WHS because it requires NT passwords * Fix daily quarantine report generator not to use as much memory * Fix possible deadlock in Webmail viewer * Add option to disable automatic IP address corrections Version 2.6.0a (6 June 08) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Allow https:// prefix to be specified in Quarantine Server address + Add logging of IM messages + Improvements to anonymous quarantine viewer in WebMail + Improvements to autoresponder editor in WebMail + Add WHS support components Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix database update error for spamfilter Bayesian data * Fix problem with ListServer operations in VPOP3 Standard * Fix unnecessary truncation of address book data in WebMail * Fix problem downloading some attachments from WebMail * Fix problem with encryption selection on Services page in Firefox Version 2.6.0 (21 May 08) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Add row rollover highlighting in Webadmin InMail/OutMail/Connections/Schedule pages Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix unnecessary periodic database updates * Fix exception when viewing quarantined messages without logging in * Fix lock timeout exception when viewing large mailboxes in Webadmin * When releasing quarantined mailing list messages add original sender to whitelist, rather than generic 'postmaster' address * Fix error in MIME encoded header decoding * Fix problem with webmail spell checker * Fix problem with marking messages as spam in 'basic' webmail viewer * Fix problem with webmail message post page in Safari Version 2.5.6 (14 April 08) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Change filename generation algorithm to improve performance. (This does mean that going back to earlier versions of VPOP3 is not going to be easy) + Improve Bayesian filter memory usage by only holding in memory terms seen 5 times or more (this doesn't affect results since terms seen less were ignored anyway) + Improve performance of some actions in IMAP4 server (Copy, Fetch (esp partial fetches)) + Add Windows Home Server support + Add option to send a copy of someone's sent mail to sometone else Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problem removing password from subject with password protected mailing lists when subject contains non-ASCII characters * Fix problem with long header line wrapping when sending messages * Fix problem with incorrect HTTP escaping methods * Fix problem handling multiline SMTP responses after DATA * Fix problem handling SMTP messages with source-routing information Version 2.5.5 (11 January 08) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Re-engineer virus scanning to try to remove problems after major updates, or at least make it easier to diagnose the problems if they do occur. + Support getting archived messages from offline archive ZIP files + Improve listserver handling of messages (HTML messages, 'AUTH' messages with extra text, MIME encoded subject lines etc) + Add Spanish language support to WebMail (thanks to Marcelo Oscar Olcesse) Bug Fixes ------------- * Some performance improvements to IMAP4 'Fetch' command implementation * Fix problem importing more than 5000 users in Unlimited licence * Improvements to Status server thread management * Improvements to thread management to try to decrease memory fragmentation issues * Some improvements to address field parser * Some fixes to WebMail PostMessage page * Fix divide-by-zero exception in Webmail if user sets messages/page to 0 * Fix Webmail text encoding for non-ascii characters * Prevent automatic disabling of default SMTP/POP3 services * Add limit to PostgreSQL connections being made to stop exceeding the PGSQL limit. * Handle large logging backlogs by discarding items to prevent memory exhaustion * Fix badly formatted error messages in SMTP client component Version 2.5.4 (22 November 07) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Account lockouts now check which IP address invalid login attempts are coming from, to reduce the chance for DoS attacks. So if one IP address locks itself out, it won't lock out all access to the account, just access from that IP address. + Add antivirus update & processing stats to the Utilities -> Attachment Processing -> Antivirus page + Support more customisability of attachment extraction path - eg by using replacement strings for year, month, day, subject etc + Add support for simple fax distribution groups in VPOP3 FaxServer + Improve header line modification so it doesn't modify header order unless necessary + Add DomainKeys support (DKIM support to be added later) + Improve NNTP server support to support RFC 3977 + Improve detection of folders in use by IMAP4/Webmail so they don't get deleted whilst in use + Allow WebMail/IMAP4 to access the same mailbox at the same time + Improve startup performance when using PostgreSQL + If multiple identical access restrictions are set for the same service with the same IP address/range, merge them + Improve performance of Spam Filter Bug Fixes ------------- * Improve reliability of antivirus updating on busy systems. * Fix some problems with archive searches following the changes in 2.5.3 * Fix some problems with header line wrapping * Fix problem with wrapped subject lines in External Autoresponders * Fix problem with clearing empty directories. * Fix problem viewing log files introduced in 2.5.3 * Allow admin to say that WebMail uses basic message list viewer by default * Improve reliability of writing SRVRUIDL.DAT files when message header data is very long * Fix timeout problem with SSL connections Version 2.5.3 (22 October 07) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Add 'blacklist words' and 'whitelist words' to Spam filter + Split archive index into separate monthly databases to improve performance and risk less loss of data on database corruption + Improve logging performance by queuing log writes and committing to disk in background + Improvements to WebMail message posting page + Improvements to WebAdmin Logging->Archive pages Bug Fixes ------------- * On failed WebMail/admin login keep redirection for a successful login * Fix missing text strings on webmail 'forward' * Fix error when sending attachments through Webmail * Clarify error message if VPOP3 gets an error immediately on connecting to an ISP SMTP server * Fix LAN forwarding reset of previously failed messages Version 2.5.2 (27 September 07) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Add facility for multiple POP3/SMTP server configurations (in Enterprise) + Add support for SSL/TLS connections from POP3/SMTP client part of VPOP3 + Add support for SSL connections to POP3/SMTP/IMAP4 NNTP servers in VPOP3 as well as TLS connections (Enterprise only) + Remove old WebAdmin and telnet Admin services from VPOP3 (unless someone really wants them back in - they've been disabled for the past few versions and no one has asked us how to re-enable them) + Add RANDOM spam filter keyword + Add 'header' to messages Forwarded via WebMail + Allow admin to specify OutMail SMTP relay authentication method (for ISPs advertising CRAM-MD5 authentication which is broken) + Performance enhancements to LAN Forwarding Rule Checker + Improvements to LAN Forwarding error reporting + Add option to allow SMTP server to allow just names, without a domain part + Add 'BagSize' and 'GlobalMatch' Spam filter script commands + Improve behaviour of Logging -> Reports -> Detail/Spamfilter Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problem with avast! updates causing a deadlock if they are taking a while * Fix problem with changing service settings if a previous change didn't work (eg after a bind error) * Add improvements to LAN forwarding handling on busy queues. * Fix spurious database warning from Fax Server * Fix message count when marking messages as spam from WebMail * If Global message duplicate detection is turned off, don't log the data either (for performance reasons) * Fix new WebMail system if incoming messages arrive with invalid (8bit, unencoded) header data * Don't report unable to load SAVI if SAVI isn't installed * Fix new webmail on Firefox * Fix message counts on month displays of Reports -> Detail/Spamfilter * Fix calendar boxes on Archive search * Fix missing space in header problem with LAN forwarding * Fix incorrect attempts to send LAN forwarding files which have already been sent Version 2.5.1 (26 July 07) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Improvements to retry handing in MX sending with different retry periods supported + Allow a LUA script to say whether messages should be sent using this SMTP session or not + Add detection of Windows recycle bin taking too long and automatically disable VPOP3's use of it if necessary + Allow text string modifications in attachment filtering messages + Allow text string modifications in fax messages + Add facility to scan mailboxes with large number of new messages in background + Add more Lua support functions (VPOP3.GetUserList, VPOP3.GetUserSetting, VPOP3.SetUserSetting) + Add support for variable suffix text in special header lines + Add support for a main 'user_redirect.lua' script to handle time based routing + Support list delivery receipt generation + Many improvements to WebMail + Support language files for WebMail + Improve non-ascii handling in Webmail message viewing - use UTF8 pages and convert data to UTF8 + Allow standard WebMail message header field names to be modified (for internationalisation) + Lots of improvements to LAN forwarding - improved performance, ability to restrict concurrent sessions to particular servers etc + Handle multiple identical access restriction IP address rules with different authorised users by merging them internally + Allow SMTP Server sessions to be reserved for particular clients Bug Fixes ------------- * Several fixes to error handling with MX sending * Fix sorting of messages for MX sending * Fix crash in removing TNEF sections in attachment filtering * Fix unnecessary DB accesses in Bayes sync processor * Improved SAVI Reload function to try to stop failures after a Sophos update * Fix crash after a SMTP Rule redirect to a user's specific mail folder * Fix problem with forwarding messages released from quarantine * Fix problem with viewing log files in IE * Improve performance of viewing quarantine reports in webpages (cache some data) * Fix problem with IMAP4 message flags being lost if a folder is renamed Version 2.5.0c (29 January 08) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Workaround for bug in IE7 when viewing log files in browser Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problem handling multiline 5xx errors after sending message data * Fix problem with importing more than 5000 users in Unlimited user licence * Fix logging -> reports -> detail summary report * Fix incorrect database error reported by fax engine * Stop a avast! for VPOP3 update taking place when one is already active Version 2.5.0b (27 June 07) ============================== Bug Fixes ------------- * Take out change for avast! for VPOP3 updates in 2.5.0a as it seems to be causing crashes * Fix crash when filtering out attachments in TNEF sections * Automatically detect & fix some errors in quarantine database * Fix crash in delivery notification handling when SMTP rules redirecting to a folder Version 2.5.0a (30 May 07) ============================== Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problem with forwarding messages released from quarantine * Fix problem with viewing log files in IE * Improve performance of viewing quarantine reports in webpages (cache some data) * Put in fix suggested by avast! for problems with avast! for VPOP3 after an AV update * Fix problem with periodic unnecessary accesses of the Bayesian data database * Fix problem with monitoring messages to list members Version 2.5.0 (25 April 07) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Add '%' SMTP Rule action - RejectAndDisconnect Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problem at startup on NT4 Version 2.4.11 (2 April 07) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Make autoresponder filters work even if RFC 3834 is not selected + Increase length of 'Local Domains' setting Bug Fixes ------------- * Add workaround for bug in IE when trying to reading log files through web interface * When releasing messages from quarantine handle any appropriate 'forwards'/'assistants' etc * Fix 'text'/'texta' search types in Spamfilter * Fix problem with some spam filter raw message searches not working quite right * Make spam filter body searches search in message/delivery-status parts as well as "text" parts * Fix problem with spam filter parsing of tags which end with '/>' * Fix problems running 'emergency server settings' on Windows Vista * Bit of tidying up in some web admin pages Version 2.4.10 (28 February 07) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Add 'POP3TRANSCRIPT.LOG' to log basic details when downloading messages + Add feature in WebMail quarantine viewer to "explain" why the message was detected as spam Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problem with daily summary reports showing duplicate entries with some LAN forwarding configurations * Extra logging to try to find cause of occasional problem with SAVI & Avast updates * Detect and handle stack overflows better, especially in RegExp processor in spam filter * Fix problem with NT authentication if PDC is down, and only BDCs are available * Fix problem some people have installing latest VPOP3s on Windows NT 4 * Fix problem with decoding some MIME-encoded header fields * Fix problem with wrapping some long lines from WebMail * Always get spam filter update when VPOP3 is started to make sure it has the latest version (assuming updates are enabled) * Fix some problems with sending HTML messages in WebMail, and generating the plain text alternative of HTML messages. Version 2.4.9 (8 February 07) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Support showing some 'detail' in Active Sessions viewer + If a message is sent to the listserver containing only authenticated 'Subscribe's, don't send back the response from the listserver, just the authentication messages + Allow text in response to listserver subscribe to be customised + Make backup of last 'good' SRVRUIDL.DAT files + Whilst making quarantine daily reports, only send details of 10,000 messages in the email to avoid running out of memory and crashing the email client + Be able to limit the number of incoming messages per SMTP session (to allow spam filter updates to take effect) + Add CONVERT DEBASE64 spam filter command + Add option to manually trigger a Bayesian data prune + Make Utilities -> Server Status page 'dynamic' (using AJAX etc) + Add CONVERT, WINHTTPGET and HTTPPOST statements to spamfilter language Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix Bayesian data pruning function - especially when a large number of terms need pruning * Fix problem handling spam rules load errors * Don't allow <blank> to be added to spam filter black/white list * Fix problem with automatic pruning of Bayesian database not always triggering * Don't send bounce messages for unrecognised users if the message was flagged as spam. * Fix problem with 'Set NULL Return path' setting in OutMail * Advertise SMTP authentication support even if authentication disabled * Don't allow status monitor to trigger connections/etc during initialisation * Fix AJAX implementations to reduce memory leaks in IE Version 2.4.8 (18 January 07) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Add option not to archive messages which were only put into users' quarantines + Make VPOP3 archive messages which were previously unarchived because they were spam, once a user reads or releases them. + Add option to purge Bayesian statistical data + Make the status monitor service start up earlier, so the progress of initialisation can be reported to the status monitor before VPOP3 starts up fully + Show housekeeper thread current activity on server status page + Add option for mailing list messages which are spam to be sent to a specific user + Cache some logging results (eg total messages per day etc) to improve performance of some reports + Add option to import guest accounts when inporting from NT users + Cut down persistent spam filter update reports to one per day + In spam filter, treat 'message/delivery-status' sections like 'text/plain' sections + Show default spam filter rule weights on settings page Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problems with spam filter & message detail reports * Improve method to determine whether MIME sections are attachments or not * Fix problem with messages via mailing lists losing spam filter status so they aren't quarantined when distributed to the recipients * Fix problem with some log file retainment settings (eg keep for x days, keep at most y copies etc) * Fix problem losing leading spaces in messages sent via webmail * Fix problem with monitored messages losing spam filter headers * Fix problem when SMTP spam filter rejects messages with a '4xx' error code * Fix logging/file sizes settings on IE7 Version 2.4.7 (15 December 06) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Preallocate disk space for many log files to dramatically reduce disk fragmentation (old behaviour configurable via registry if necessary) + Add ${AnyInvalidRecipients} global variable to spam filter + Add more detail on Whitelist/Blacklist page (only for IE/Mozilla users at the moment) + Allow moving of archive DB to PostgreSQL if PostgreSQL support is installed + Improve performance of archive offline backup creation + Support latest ZIP file format for offline archive backups, to allow ZIP files over 4GB and with more messages per ZIP file + Process historical logging information in a separate thread to avoid it slowing down other background tasks on busy systems Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problem with SQLite database methods which was introduced when PostGreSQL was supported * If SQLite transaction fails part way through, force total rollback of transaction * Change old Log file extension from .OLD to .LBK - this is because Windows System Restore tracks .OLD files for some reason, so they slows down system performance * Fix bug if over 65000 messages were to be put in an offline backup * Fix avast! evaluation with an evaluation version of VPOP3 * Catch exceptions when calling avast! for VPOP3 without killing entire session * Improve handling of situation where there are messages queued up for an external router program, but the external router is removed * Fix problems with spam filter reports * Fix problem with decoding some MIME encoded header fields * Fix problem where some DLLs for spam filter would unnecessarily be redownloaded * Fix problem with users who can't receive incoming messages not being able to receive local mailing list messages either. Version 2.4.6 (27 November 06) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Various performance improvements on heavily loaded systems, including reducing potential resource lock conflicts and support for PostGreSQL (better performance than SQLite when under load) + performance improvements when dealing with lots of messages coming in for the same user (eg 20-30 or more messages per minute to a single user) + Add optional PostGreSQL support for some Databases (Spamfilter, LogDB, MsgIds, Quarantine) + Use subdirectories in _Archive for archive files + Use subdirectories in _Quarantine for quarantined files + Load Bayesian database in background + Support multiple LAN forwarding threads at once + Add GETADDRESSTYPE Spam filter function + Add warning to user after editing SMTP/Download Rules, that they need saving Bug Fixes ------------- * Catch exceptions in the CALLDLL spamfilter function, without killing the whole session. * Fix potential lockup when periodically clearing autoresponder logs * Improve performance of Bayesian data pruner * Improve handing of LogDB queue Version 2.4.5 (6 November 06) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Improve 'active sessions' display information + Make 'active sessions' display update dynamically better (using AJAX) + On daily quarantine reports, have configurable sort order + Move database files to _database subdirectory + Have display of recent SMTP server session statistics + Add Spam filter CALLDLL, REJECT, GETUSERGROUP and SENDMESSAGE commands + Add Spam filter '${authsender}' variable + Spam filter update can now download DLLS, eg for image processing + Add Services -> General menu item to avoid some confusion Bug Fixes ------------- * Put delay in when resetting SAVI to see if that makes the resetting more reliable * Fix occasional crash in fax server if no modem attached * Fix problem with licence activation if network card keeps changing (eg in laptop) * Make mailing list authorised subscription not require editing of response message * Have customisable text for mailing list authorised subscriptions * Fix problem with incoming messages to fax server being processed * Check for some syntax errors in SMTP server recipients * Fix memory leak if status monitors are disconnected from VPOP3 * Fix Javascript error on InMail -> Edit Routing page * Fix problem with checking items on Edit Schedule page Version 2.4.4 (29 September 06) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Add filters to allow/block attachment filtering + Add option to automatically BCC messages sent through WebMail to a specified address + Add button to empty the recycle bin used by VPOP3 + If someone is logged into VPOP3 WebMail and wants to view a quarantine message from the daily report for another user, give them a prompt to log out first + Have option to allow viewing of quarantined messages from the daily report without logging in (or whilst logged in as a different user) + Administrators can view quarantined messages of other users from the daily reports without having to log in as that user + Have option to ignore non-fatal errors during import of forwarding lists + Be able to generate a quarantine report for a specified user on demand (eg for testing or demonstration purposes) + Have option to send all quarantine daily reports to a specified user instead of the original recipient + Have 'seen' and 'hidden' flags for quarantine list + Add option to modify HTTP proxy settings even if AV is not in use + Add option to add original recipients into header for SMTP->POP3 messages + If addresses are added to whitelist, automatically release any other messages in the quarantine from the whitelisted entry Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix session/message logging linkages * Fix problem with spam@ address not overriding ~@ mappings * Fix problem with not being able to turn off greylisting * Fix problem in WebAdmin if Faxserver not loaded/registered * Take out text in quarantine daily reports about 'send messages to spam@' if SMTP spam filtering is turned off * Fix problem with setting a 'group' as the 'Send all incoming messages to' option on In Mail. * Fix spam@ address handling with ~@ mappings * Make VPOP3 load null mappings for spam filter at start rather than requiring one run through the spam filter * Fix problem starting services whilst VPOP3 is running Version 2.4.3 (18 September 06) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Improve admin log database schema - may mean first start up after a previous version takes a while + In VPOP3 Extensions & LAN Forwarding, disable settings with warning if a Home user licence is in use Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problem with resetting password through emergency settings on XP/2003 * Fix unnecessary spamfilter update error message Version 2.4.2 (14 September 06) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Add SMTP Greylisting at Services -> SMTP (requires VPOP3 Enterprise or SpamFilter Subscription) + Allow setting of free memory requirements (Utilities -> Misc) Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problem with HTTP downloads (spam filter, avast etc) * Fix crash with spam filter script caching Version 2.4.1 (11 September 06) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Be able to customise sender/reply addresses for blocked attachment notifications + Record more info about failed avast/spamfilter updates + Allow extended ASCII characters in autoresponders + Allow HTML in autoresponders (has to be entered manually for now) + Add function to create a LAN forwarding rules file for another VPOP3 server to forward only known users to this one + Add facility to stop messages being forwarded if they would be quarantined + Add facility for scriptable message routing for advanced users Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problems with autoresponder when attaching files and using appendmsg/appendhdr as well Version 2.4.0b (11 September 06) ============================== Bug Fixes -------------- * Roll back spam filter script caching as it seems to be causing lots of crashes Version 2.4.0a (7 September 06) ============================== Bug Fixes -------------- * Fix problem with sending messages to spam@ & notspam@ * Fix spam false positives due to Base64 & Quoted-printable format checkers Version 2.4.0 (30 August 06) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Support new AJAX & scrollable Webmail + Cache compiled spam filter script to save unnecessarily recompilation Bug Fixes ------------- * Only redirect admins to activation page, not users * In SpamFilter 'RawMessage' checks, skip the VPOP3 private header part * Fix possible lock-up on editing users * Fix problem with quarantining messages to autoresponder <CopyTo:> recipients * Change SMTP spam filter so that recipient list has recipient names rather than email addresses * Fix problem with FROM: mappings Version 2.3.15 (25 July 06) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Add 'Add Newsgroup Collector' wizard + View folders as expandable tree in WebMail Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problem with 'Use Demon POP3 Extensions' * Fix problem routing mail processed by OutMail preprocessor * Fix problem with 'Copy' download rules acting as Redirects * Fix problem routing incoming POP3 mail to lists Version 2.3.14 (12 July 06) ============================== Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problem with quarantine always being active * Fix problem with message logging database Version 2.3.13 (10 July 06) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Add list of monitored users on Logging -> Monitoring page + Add count of member in a group on the Groups list + Add some spam filter reports and framework for easily adding more + Add 'COUNTMATCHES' spam filter command Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix crash if problems occur downloading HTTP file (avast! updates, MOTD, Spamfilter updates etc) Version 2.3.12 (3 July 06) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Have option not to get spam filter update notification emails + Show spam filter version/history on spam filter settings page + Have 'warnings' page showing common possible setup errors + Fix problem with avast! updates through ISA + Add 'ValidRecipients' and 'InvalidRecipients' conditions to Download Rules + After creating a mapping, allow user to make another one immediately, or view the mapping list with the new one selected + Show redirected/quarantined users in status window during POP3 download + Add GetVPOP3Setting command to spam filter language + Add 'New' to InMail/Connection popup menus Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix paging problem on Mappings after editing a mapping and sorting * Fix problem adding new InMail/Connection * Fix addressbook CSV import on IE * Fix enable/disable InMail/Schedule buttons on IE * Hopefully fix problem with crashes during DNS on busy servers Version 2.3.11 (15 June 06) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Remove spaces in 'Copy x of <filename>' when extracting attachments to files + Add basic NNTP clients/server (extra cost option) + Add licence 'activation' + Allow spam filter rules to change maximum size of message part being scanned + Add 'VPOP3 News' downloader (for new versions etc) + Reorganise webadmin pages to reduce number of uncacheable files needing to be loaded by web browser + Improve address book import procedure + Add extra info to daily quarantine emails + Add Users->Utilities items into main menu Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix potential buffer overflow in Base64 decoder (not exploitable as far as we can see) * Fix problem with WebAdmin access restrictions with named WebMail users * Linewrap messages sent from WebMail to meet SMTP standard * Add exception handling to POP3 client * Add exception catching to more places in VPOP3 to catch crashes * Handle attachment filters with spaces in * Fix problem with AV Engine settings being ignored at startup * Fix problem if LAN forwarding rules have a ~@domain entry before some user@domain entries * Fix javascript error in whitelist/blacklist editing pages * Fix problem with add address book entry Version 2.3.10 (22 May 06) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Improve address book import procedure + Add extra info to daily quarantine emails + Add Users->Utilities items into main menu + Reorganise WebMail/Admin to improve cacheability of some pages to improve performance Bug Fixes ------------- * Add exception catching to more places in VPOP3 to catch crashes * Handle attachment filters with spaces in * Fix problem with AV Engine settings being ignored at startup * Fix problem if LAN forwarding rules have a ~@domain entry before some user@domain entries * Fix javascript error in whitelist/blacklist editing pages * Fix problem with WebMail 'add address entry' page Version 2.3.9 (17 May 06) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Have 'forgotten password' link on WebMail login page + Be able to set different access restrictions for WebAdmin access + Be able to send admin messages from the WebAdmin page + Have option for listserver not to send error messages if there are no valid commands + Add 'GetSectionEncoding' and 'GetRawSection' Spam filter commands Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problem removing a user where the user isn't on the first page of the user list * Fix problem with WebMail MD5 authentication * Fix memory leak in WebAdmin * Try to fix crash at shutdown * Fix problem reading ERRORS.DAT file * Fix mailbox size display if over 4GB * Strip comments from text in links Version 2.3.8 (4 April 06) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + When extracting attachments, replace spaces with '_' so that links in email are more likely to work correctly + Make 'Remove leading non-compliant "From"' option remove '>From' as well Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problem with setting font in fax cover page * Fix problem with quarantine introduced in 2.3.7 Version 2.3.7 (29 March 06) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Do fax image processing in background to speed up perception of sending faxes + Allow sending faxes to company.name.number@domain.com + Add PDF -> fax capability (requires Acrobat reader & latest fax printer on VPOP3 computer) + Do message logging & quarantine processing in background to reduce time spent processing each message as it arrives + Let spam filter *IFSUPPORT directive check for functions as well as commands + If outgoing messages aren't sorted by size, sort them by time they arrived at VPOP3 + Add SpamFilter 'IfInBag' command + Add SpamFilter 'Length' function Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problem with creating database for new users * Try to Fix problem with DNS queries not always timing out properly * Initialise fax modem properly at startup (fixes problem with 'answer on rings' setting not being used) * Fix problem with remembering 'Is Accessible Remotely' setting for mailing lists * Fix problem with LDAP 'DisplayName' attribute not being changed by settings * HTML stripper removes HTML comments as well * HTML stripper handles tags split over several lines better * After resetting admin password through emergency settings, save changed settings to disk * Improve spam filter DNS reliability using VPOP3 DNS functions rather than Windows ones Version 2.3.6 (8 March 06) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Sort entries in daily summary report alphabetically + Add text avast! for VPOP3 error messages + Don't put 'VPOP3-SPAM:' prefix on message subjects in quarantine pages/reports + Add SpamFilter script commands to do MD5 hashes and do PCRE escaping of strings + When a list is renamed, change any In Mail settings which have that list as the target to use the new name instead + Make GUI report expiry date for Avast! & Spam Filter subscriptions + Add more flexible old log file handling + Support configurable rating levels in quarantine reports/viewer + Show failed OutQueue 'SMTP Direct' messages rather than them being invisible until retried + Use dynamic thread priority boosting for spam filter to reduce timeouts on busy systems Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix some problems with keeping the Mailbox size updated with IMAP4 * Fix formatting error with quarantine daily report * Fix problem with adding same recipient multiple times in some cases * Fix problem with local sender detection in SMTP service if 'SMTP Anti-Relay Protection' method is not set to 'Check Client IP Address' * Fix problem with quarantine with External Router & OutMail Preprocessor * Don't report HTTP client errors if error code is 304 * Change all log file names if log directory is changed * Improve HTML stripper * SpamFilter sees message sections with \n instead of \r\n to make regexps work better * Fix minor formatting problem on Quarantine report messages * Fix problem with urgent message detection * Fix problem with spam filter URL capture if URLs contain HTML entities * Improve performance of statistics logger Version 2.3.5 (10 February 06) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Add spam 'Quarantine' facility + Add spam filter update facility + Allow avast! and spam filter updates to work with evaluation licences + During startup show current action on the splash screen (if displayed) + Add some default attachment filters on new installs + Request no bounce messages with listserver responses + Don't put old log files in the recycle bin + Allow user to set WebMail & 'Other' passwords separately using WebMail client + Allow administrator to say that users can't change 'other' password using WebMail + Add CLEARMISSPELLING and REPLACE spam filter commands + Add facility to automatically update spam filter rules + Improve the way spam filter 'Misspelling' rules work Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix some SQL errors in archive offline backup & searching * Fix problem with archive offline backup if archive files are missing * Reduce automatic DNS retries to cut down on spam filter delays * Fix various ODBC LDAP problems * Fix problem with 'personal' LDAP databases * Fix display error when all messages in a WebMail mail folder have just been deleted * Make 'Message Security' stop messages being copied from archive to a user's inbox * When stripping HTML tags, strip out scripts & in-line stylesheets * Stop 'disable default mappings' from working on messages sent by VPOP3 to local users * Don't add signature to MIME multipart wrapper sections * Fix some problems in spam filter logging * Fix problems with spam filter updating Version 2.3.4 (10 January 06) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Allow MD5 passwords in WebMail URL + Add functionality to view/edit VPOP3 global address book in Outlook 'Contacts' tab Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problem with % characters in UIDLs * Fix problem with data in Received: header lines of incoming SMTP mail * Fix problem with 'Misspelling' rule in spam filter Version 2.3.3 (20 December 05) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Check username with NT authentication, to allow working even if Guest accounts are active + Allow NT username to be associated with a VPOP3 user account + Re-add some LAN Forwarding settings options to Local Mail -> LAN Forwarding Bug Fixes ------------- * Fixes for 'DEPARTMENT' LDAP attribute * Fix "blank line in header" problem * Fix problem with importing user settings from 2.3.0 Version 2.3.2 (14 December 05) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Add attachment filtering inside ZIP files + Performance improvements in SMTP message attachment processing + Log messages, sessions, spam filter, dl/smtp rules & virus scanning in DB (no reports yet) + Support putting *.HAM or *.SPAM files in the VPOP3\Housekeeper folder for training VPOP3's bayesian filter Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problem with incoming POP3 messages to no recognised users being lost * Fix problem with spam filtering messages with UUEncoded attachments * Fix problem with avast updating * Fix crash in IMAP4 server with unrecognised users * Fix conflict between 'spam' mailbox and 'spam' special address for spam filter training making messages 'disappear' * Fix problem handling quoted strings in spam filter scripts * Fix possible crash in reading spam filter configuration * Stop VPOP3 spam filter script applying a timeout on every DNS query (making it very slow) if the DNS server is not responding * Fix problem with expanding spam filter lines with multiple variables in * Fix possible crash in spam filter with certain types of spam * Fix problem with conflicts between 'spam' mailbox and 'spam' special address to make VPOP3 learn spam * Fix import of V2.2 Spam rule weights * Fix problem with LAN Forwarding restriction in 10 user VPOP3 Enterprise Version 2.3.1 (23 November 05) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Improve bayesian data update performance by using database instead of flat file + Allow avast! for VPOP3 updater check multiple servers for update authorisation + Allow IMAP4 server access to be disabled for each user + Allow IMAP4 ACLs to be set on subfolders via WebMail + Add size dependent redirect/copy functions to users + Allow multiple recipients specified in Forward To or Assistant settings + Be able to disable signatures on a per user basis + Have option to purge the fax log + Be able to set urgent/receipt requests when sending mail through WebMail + Add Misspelling rule capability to Spam Filter + Cache data for Spam Filter to improve performance + Improve tag/url parser in Spam Filter + Allow requirement for HTTPS connections to WebMail/WebAdmin in VPOP3 Enterprise + Add 'Urgent' & 'Receipt' options in WebMail + Force view of Inbox in WebMail to be 'normal', even if Inbox is also the 'Sent Items' folder + Add user specific header filtering for autoresponders + Allow a specific return address to be used when sending mail out with a NULL return address (for broken ISPs) + Check for writable temporary directory + Add 'Precedence: Bulk' to standard mailing list header modifiers + Add some more customisable message strings + Check for sufficient available memory before starting POP3 collection or SMTP reception + Put unrecognised address in subject line of unrecognised recipient error message + Allow users to specify whether rich text or plain text editor will be default in WebMail + In spam filter make display text part of URL be available in ForEach URL loop (as <loop variable> "2") Bug Fixes ------------- * Show archive search results in server local time * Fix .= spam filter language operator * Fix various problems with Misspelling rules * Fix problem with downloaded message UIDL storage when leave messages on server 0 days is set * Fix slight mistake in added 'Received:' header lines * Fix timezone on last/next poll on WebMail/WebAdmin * Fix crash in VPOP3 FaxServer if incoming faxes arrive with no CSID * Fix problem deleting some entries from fax log * Improve performance of making spam filter configuration changes * Fix non-ASCII character editing in WebMail address book * Fix problem upgrading Spam Filter configuration from 2.2.0 format * Fix problem handling attachments with names containing ' characters in WebMail * Fix various LDAP problems with 'Company' details * Other LDAP attribute naming fixes * Fix download rules use of 'Any:' search type (make 'Any:' word match case insensitive) * Fix Faxing with extended ASCII characters in recipient details * Look for 'Urgent' headers in responses from external autoresponders * Fix crash when importing from NT User database * Fix message counts, if WebMail 'Sent Items' folder is also the 'Inbox' * Fix problem in WebMail 'new message' page if rich text editor is not available * Header modifiers make some headers unique (eg Subject) * Make Spam Filter see headers modified by previous plugins * Fix problem with 'phase 3' reject SMTP Rules Version 2.3.0f (7 February 06) ============================== Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix some problems with private entries in global address book * Fix problem with global address book 'Department' attribute * Fix display problem if all messages in a WebMail folder are deleted * Fix autoresponder problem if some messages downloaded from a POP3 mailbox have 'Return-Path' and some don't Version 2.3.0e (9 December 05) ============================== Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problem with incoming POP3 mail with no detected recipients being lost * Fix problem with spam filter rules putting more than 2 variables into a log line or a header line Version 2.3.0d (7 December 05) ============================== Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problem with conflicts between 'spam' mailbox and 'spam' special address to make VPOP3 learn spam * Fix problem with .= spam filter script operator Version 2.3.0c (30 November 05) ============================== Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problem with LAN Forwarding licence restrictions on VPOP3 Enterprise 10 users Version 2.3.0b (22 November 05) ============================== Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problem with importing/upgrading spam filter weights from VPOP3 2.2.0 to the new format for 2.3.0 Version 2.3.0a (21 November 05) ============================== Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problem with 'Reject' operation on 'Stage 3' SMTP rules Version 2.3.0 (17 November 05) ============================== Identical to 2.2.7 - but changed to release version rather than beta Version 2.2.7 (29 September 05) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + In WebMail have mark read/unread buttons + In WebMail keep message page after message actions + In WebMail have better page navigation + In WebMail have option to allow certain users to move messages to specified other users (set on User -> Permissions page) + Some improvements in WebMail address book Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problem with nesting level counting when loading Spam Rules * Fix problem with URL detection in text messages in spam filter * Fix problem with mailbox sizes not being updated properly when deleting messages via WebMail * Fix problem with handling attachments with ' symbols in in WebMail * Other minor fixes in WebMail/WebAdmin Version 2.2.6 (21 September 05) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Allow administrator to specify DNS servers to use to override VPOP3's automatic detection, or if VPOP3 can't automatically detect them + Support POP3 'NTLM' authentication scheme as well as 'MSN' scheme (identical schemes, just different names - don't you love MS) + Add 'BayesSize' and 'DNSServers' global variables to SpamFilter script + Let SpamFilter scripts use 'Weight_<rulename>' variable to detect rule weights Bug Fixes ------------- * Improve performance when decoding highly compressed BinHex attachments * Do Bayesian database maintenance jobs less often to reduce CPU load * Changes to LDAP schema to accomodate Outlook 2003 * Fix crash if administrator has a forward to an external email address which is mapped to a local user * Support SMTP 'keepalives' on incoming SMTP messages to try to prevent sender from timing out prematurely (may cause interoperability issues if used) * Fix some problems with reading text URLs from messages in spam filter * Fix problem with setting spam rule weights * Fix problem with spell checker * Fix problem with Company not showing in webmail address book * Fix problem with Access Restriction GUI editor stopping changes on service pages * Fix several small web admin mistakes Version 2.2.5 (8 September 05) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Record last login times + Allow different passwords for web/others + Add Bayes data prune capability + Cache web mail auth details for performance improvement on busy systems + Some reliability improvements to address book import to catch some incorrectly formatted CSV files + Allow copy/move from OutQueue to user's mailbox + Add '*IFSUPPORT' spam filter 'compiler' directive + Add 'last logged in times' report + Add 'Message Text Editor' to edit text of some messages generated by VPOP3 + Add Download Rule/SMTP Rule GUI editor + Add GUI 'Access Restrictions' editor Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problem with some spam filter matches not being logged in header * Fix problem with MoveFileEx (not supported on Win 9x) in archiving routines * Fix problem with mappings in lists causing spurious delivery failure message * With bad SMTP queue message files, send failed file to administrator in error message * Fix problem with saving Bayes database * Fix problem with saving users' last access times * Allow editing of different weight banks for Spam filter rules * Fix problem with 'Allow Incoming Mail' user setting with incoming SMTP mail * Remove some extraneous logging from SPAMRULES.LOG Version 2.2.2 (22 August 05) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Add spell checking capability to WebMail + Add rich-text editor to WebMail Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problem sending mail from authenticated users * Fix problem with archive searches based on date, 'To:' date now searches to the end of the specified day * Fix problem with archive search results not showing message thread properly * Fix problem with 'Change Internet Reply Address' setting not working * Fix problem importing address book entries from CSV with blank 'DN' column * Fix problem with users with no quota set not being able to send mail * Fix problem with Reply-To-All in WebMail * Fix problem with custom bounce messages Version 2.2.1 (8 August 05) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Add mailbox quotas - with warning messages & blocking sending messages at configurable levels + Updates to spam filter scripts + Be able to delete entries from fax log + Be able to re-queue entries from fax log + Allow administrator to be able to restrict autoresponder facilities set by user (to prevent attachments & included files) + Allow administrator to be able to prevent users from setting their WebMail FROM addresses + Allow multiple FROM addresses to be used from WebMail when sending messages + Show which lists a user is in in the User -> Aliases page + Have option to remove header lines containing only white space (which confuse Outlook) + Add 'AUTHUSER:' SMTP Rule condition + Add 'AddNullAddress' and 'IfLocalAddress' Spam Rule script commands + Have facility to log which unknown recipients have been blocked by SMTP server + Add 'RemoveTags' to Spam Filter script language + Add facility to make offline copies of archived messages + Improve performance of making Bayes database changes + Have optional 'global duplicate' checking - across In Mail/sessions/SMTP etc + Various performance improvements + Add facility to import list forwardings + Add SpamFilter commands 'GetRFC882Date', 'StartDNSBL', 'StartSURBL', 'StartDNS', 'AddBag', 'RemoveBag', 'ClearBag' + Add SpamFilter facility to have different sets of rule weights + Add SpamFilter condition 'compiler' options based on VPOP3 build version + Add SpamFilter 'ForEach Header' and 'ForEach Bag' commands + Add SpamFilter ABS, CEIL, FLOOR, INT functions + Add SpamFilter GETDATENOW function + Add SpamFilter RAWMESSAGE/RAWMESSAGEALL match operators + Add SpamFilter '${RegExMatches}' built-in variable Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix bug with message counts on 'Refresh mailbox counts' * Fix possible crash if monitored messages get sent to a distribution list containing an invalid local email address * Fix problem with 'Forwarding Lists' becoming 'Distribution Lists' after a restart sometimes * Improve FaxServer device detection & class detection * Fix problem where fax modem would disconnect as soon as it tries to dial * Put attempts to log in as an unrecognised user into security.log file * Tidy up loading/saving Spam rule weights * Better error checking/logging around avast! for VPOP3 * When importing mappings, check for lists as well as users in target * Fix potential crash in LAN Forwarding error handling * Fix problem with status monitor not being able to log in for users with only IM capability Version 2.2.0a (3 August 05) ============================== Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix custom POP3 bounce messages Version 2.2.0 (2 August 05) ============================== Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix potential security flaw when VPOP3 generates delivery status reports Version 2.1.11 (16 June 05) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Show AV version details on Utilities -> Attachments -> AV settings page + Show last few AV scan results on Utilities -> Attachments -> AV settings page + Add email archiving facility + Make fax modems be added asynchronously in case of timing issues + Add more facilities to spam filter engine + Split out spamrules.txt into various files for ease of customisation + Add 'Break', 'Log', 'DNS' (resolver), 'GetDecodedSection', 'ForEach Addr', 'ForEach MimeSection' spam filter commands Bug Fixes ------------- * Handle some extra cases where database is busy * Make log file/crash reports show actual memory state rather than memory state at VPOP3 startup * Ensure FAXCPP1.INI file is in Windows directory in VPOP3 FaxServer * Fix FIXUIDS command line command * Fix JavaMail licence checking Version 2.1.10 (3 June 05) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Add more detail to virus warnings to administrators on sent messages + Add option to set subject prefix on autoresponders + Add <CopyTo:email@address> command in simple autoresponders Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix problem with KEEP flag in autoresponders * Fix problem with spurious Return-Path headers being added * Fix problem with authenticated SMTP users not being treated as local senders by spam filter Version 2.1.9 (1 June 05) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Put standard Spam rules into spamrules_std.txt + Add configurable spam redirect setting to standard spam rules + Put confirmations in when setting up an autoresponder not to keep messages Bug Fixes ------------- * Try to fix crash in header modifier line wrapping * Workaround for importing entries from old address book databases without an email address (the email address is required now) * Fix various problems with WebAdmin address book * Fix various problems with Fax Printer Driver address book * When moving messages to a mailbox with an autoresponder from the WebAdmin, pass the correct subject, sender etc to the autoresponder * Fix problem with 'prevent addresses with % in' in SMTP service settings * Treat 'no keep' autoresponder messages differently - they should now be put in logs correctly * Do an AV update on first connection after restart instead of needing to wait for the update time period to pass * Fix problem with removing attachments from messages where the message text is BASE64 encoded Version 2.1.8 (28 May 05) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Add 'Reply All' function to WebMail + Add 'Mark as Spam'/'Mark as Not Spam' functions to WebMail + Add standard 'Combined Log Format' log for VPOP3 WebMail (for use by standard web log analysers) + Add WebAdmin functions to view/modify Spam black/white lists + Change Access Restrictions, so it only uses 'Global' options if explicitly stated or if the service specific access restrictions are blank. + With SMTP monitored messages, add recipient list to header of monitor message (in case of BCCs) + Add different WebMail layout for PocketPC & Palm PCs. Bug Fixes ------------- * Handle wrapping of header lines added by VPOP3 * Fix problem with corrupting UIDs when moving encrypted message files from one folder to another * Fix problem with some logs being put into the main VPOP3 directory instead of the log directory * Fix memory leak in regular expression parser (most noticeable with Spam filtering) Version 2.1.7 (23 May 05) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Add spam filter functionality + Add InMail column to mappings list + Add facility to explicitly choose printer for printing incoming faxes + Change status window if schedules enabled/disabled + Have option to handle 3rd party software time changes differently (ie check if connection is needed NOW, rather than later) + Have facility to specify cover page in fax emails + Have test loopback fax facility (fax to '000000') + Improve performance of certain LDAP queries + Add facility to limit the number of outgoing messages per session. + Add paging to Lists list in WebAdmin + Add search facilities to Mappings & Lists pages in WebAdmin + Be able to specify COM ports for incoming fax routing + Add support to configure RFC3834 settings for autoresponders (inc precedence headers, header filters, reply address filters, etc) + Be able to turn off bad mailer_daemon message warnings to administrator + Support RFC 3834 in simple autoresponders + Support multiple <Valid> tags in simple autoresponder + Add Import/Export mailing list members facility + Add "Delete all mailing list members" facility + Scan URLs out of plain text for spam filtering + Scan URLs from HTML <AREA> tags + Add facility to ignore Windows time changing by 3rd party software Bug Fixes ------------- * On Fax delivery reports, put date/time in local timezone * Fix problem parsing MIME messages with multiple conflicting Content-Type headers * Fix problem with some headers being incorrectly treated as encoded * UTF8 decode LDAP entries for fax cover page * Fix some problems with non-ASCII characters in global signatures * Fix mistakes on 'Add Fax Routing' wizard * Remember settings for inactive fax modems rather than discarding them * Fix potential crash in status server * Try to improve on error/success detection in Fax server * Fix problem with incorrect MIME encoding of header lines being added by VPOP3 * Trim spaces from WebAdmin parameters * Fix MIME structure parsing with incorrectly specified multipart MIME type * Display fax log entries in server timezone Version 2.1.6 (20 April 05) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Bulk LDAP performance improvements + Add Enable/Disable InMail method facility + Add 'ThisRcptTo' SMTP rule condition to match latest SMTP recipient + Add $ rule to SMTP Rules to hold message in OutQueue + Make Relay SMTP Client do retries correctly + In WebMail be able to sort message table by column headers + Improve performance with big user tables on IE + Add service port/enable options to individual service configuration pages + Add link to SMTP Rules from 'SMTP Incoming' and 'ODMR Incoming' In Mail pages + Add option to disable use of Recycle Bin to WebAdmin Utils -> Misc page + After adding a user, select the newly added user to make it easier to see + When adding a new user, have a 'Finish and Edit' button to immediately edit the user for more complex options + Add option to use default LDAP base DN if the specified base DN is unrecognised + Cache LDAP VLV results for increased performance with paged LDAP list viewing + Have systemwide 'Charset' setting for non-ASCII characters in emails + Add WebMail/Admin replaceable code for web browser being IE + When deleting users with non-empty mailboxes only show users being deleted in account list + Allow setting whether users can send and/or receive IM messages rather than just both at once + Add ODMR to New In Mail wizard + Optionally add Date: header field to locally sent messages if it wasn't there originally + Add 'quarantine' functionality to the engine + Add DB functions to Lua support + Support Lua in WebMail/Admin pages + Have configurable component logging Bug Fixes ------------- * Fix deadlock in session status handling * Fix problem with date in fax cover pages * Improve mailing list subscription/unsubscription logging * Fix problems with InMail specific LAN Forwarding rules * Fix problems with ~@domain LAN Forwarding rules * Fix SECURITY.LOG entries for status server * Fix log entry when unable to create fax files in certain situations * Allow non-ASCII characters in global header modifiers * Fix non-ASCII characters in sender's address in WebMail * When adding a new user, set permissions more sensibly * Support Mailing List Passwords in MIME encoded subjects * Fix potential crash when sending files to recycle bin * Don't pop up message on service start failures when running as NT service if 'Net Send' fails * LDAP Performance improvements (do filter combination operations in memory rather than DB) * Fix fax ldap attributes used in WebMail/WebAdmin * Some LDAP Schema fixes * Stop VPOP3's LDAP server reporting itself as an AD server * Fix problems with ; and ' in attachment filenames in WebMail * Fix SMTP response due to temporary reject SMTP rule VPOP3 Enterprise ----------------- * Fix IMAP4 'Fetch BodyStructure' result in some cases * Fix ACL problems when deleting IMAP4 folders * Fix IMAP4 message parsing with some email clients * Fix problem with IMAP4 with some messages and some email clients Version 2.1.5 (14 December 04) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Add security log entries for unknown usernames Bug Fixes ------------- * Set default scheduling to 'active' except on fresh install * Fix schedule Admin page VPOP3 Enterprise ----------------- * Fix ODBC LDAP Version 2.1.4 (10 December 04) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + Add Mapping Import/Export to CSV facility + Make virus warn filtering work even if messages aren't being sent back to original sender + Be able to turn on/off scheduling at the click of a button + Be able to change address book page size in WebMail + Add 'Edit Download Rules' button on main 'In Mail' page + Have 'alphabetic index' tabs for User Accounts page + Automatically disable 'Reject unrecognised local recipients' if 'treat unrecognised recipients as *REMOTE' is enabled Bug Fixes ------------- * Take out facility to set an external autoresponder by email (security risk) * Fix problem resolving filenames for fax cover pages * Fix 'Date' entry in fax cover pages * Fix problem with mail header modifiers on outgoing mail * Fix typo on Services -> Password page * Fix problem with mail.log files disappearing if 'archive mail.log' files was enabled * Improve help file links & add more topics * Fix problem with IMAP4 Fetch BodyStructure response on some complex MIME messages Version 2.1.3 (19 November 04) ============================== Bug Fixes -------------- * Fix problem with retrieving webmail attachments * Fix WebMail problem with forwarded email text not disappearing if message abandoned VPOP3 FaxServer ---------------- * Fix problem with temporary fax files not being deleted Version 2.1.2 (16 November 04) ============================== Enhancements -------------- + If a webmail session times out whilst writing a message, the message details will be recovered after re-logging back on. + Add a 'FileInto' capability to Download Rules + Add HTML signature option + Allow signatures to be created by a Lua script + Allow LDAP fields to be used as replacement text in signatures for authenticated users + Allow connections to be triggered by email to MailerDaemon + Fix & Improve URL processor in WebMail + Log reason why connection was triggered + In LAN Forwarding pick earliest message to send, rather than at random + Support RFC 2368 fully in WebMail (Mailto: links) + Add link to WebMail to download and install status monitor software + Add authenticated user details to globals for SMTP Server Lua script Bug Fixes ----------- * Fix problem with setting Instant Messaging permissions * Fix some date formatting issues in international versions of Windows * Fix problem with Schedule page * Fix problem with fax queue viewer * Only put focus to the username field on login page if there's nothing in it already * Check if SSL certificate can be used before using WebMail/Admin SSL * Default to NOT requiring HTTPS * Make VPOP3 report 'startup problems' even if login is through a cookie * Fix problem with Reply in WebMail with HTML messages Version 2.1.1 (11 October 04) ============================== Bug Fixes ---------- * Fix error reporting in LAN Forwarding * Fix bug with decoding some BASE64 MIME sections (eg MyDoom/O virus) * Add SMTP Enhanced Status code support * Fix few minor issues with WebAdmin pages * Fix message security setting for user queue viewers * Remove 'Register' button from 'Server Settings' program. * Fix APOP support in VPOP3's POP3 client * Fix bug with Lua function os.timedexecute() * Make Lua script processor check returned values exist before reading them * Fix 'LocalClientIP' Lua variable in SMTP Server with WebMail * Fix RBLResult Lua function in SMTP Server * Fix Digest list settings at startup * Fix potential crash if no data returned in DB query * Fix bug with subscribing to a mailing list and being sent the welcome message twice * If SMTP authentication fails in SMTP client, don't continue sending messages * In POP3 downloaded messages, store message with subject from RETR not TOP Enhancements ------------- + Be able to set/query autoresponder by email to Mailer_Daemon + Make Mailer_Daemon able to understand messages with alternative MIME sections + Allow mailer_daemon message authentication through SMTP authentication + Support western european characters in WebMail + Be able to set server limit for LDAP results returned + Make LDAP server more standards compliant + Add Virtual List View and Server Side Sorting capabilities to VPOP3 LDAP server (allows Outlook 2002 & more to browse LDAP data) + Call lua.lua (if it exists) at the start of all lua scripts + Add Lua 'GetMessagePartHeader' and 'GetMessagePartBody' support functions + Fix MAILFROM address in delivery report messages (make it a NULL MAILFROM address) + Improve startup speed by only checking user database schemas after an upgrade, not on every startup. + Add Virus Scanner plugin DLL capability + Be able to keep log files open for faster logging VPOP3 Enterprise ----------------- * Fix bug with IMAP4 messages not staying read sometimes + Add SSL support VPOP3 FaxServer ---------------- + Add Lua script for outgoing fax preprocessor + Use Fax Class 1 as preference instead of 2.0 - to avoid firmware bugs in some modems' class 2.0 implementations Version 2.1.0e (12 October 04) =============================== Bug Fixes (VPOP3 Enterprise) ---------- * Fix occasional problem with IMAP4 access if users are deleted whilst other users are accessing IMAP4 mailboxes * Fix problem with importing some forms of LDAP data * Fix problem with LAN Forwarding error reports Version 2.1.0d (1 October 04) =============================== Bug Fixes ---------- * Fix 'purge mailbox' confirmation not to show the message count (which could be wrong by the time 'purge' is pressed * Make VPOP3 re-open TAPI monitor links after each incoming call in case TAPI driver loses link * Fix Sophos updater with 3 part version numbers Version 2.1.0c (21 September 04) =============================== Bug Fixes ---------- * Fix ERRORS.DAT processing * Fix mailing list digest processing * Fix problem with restarting SAVI after a a0040223 error * Remove some incorrectly logged entries from the Error log * Fix 'Connect All' functionality from status monitor * Fix various application exceptions Enhancements ------------- + Registry option to turn off VPOP3's POP3 client use of the CAPA command + Allow setting of fax page length & width (via registry) + Support different TIF file formats for incoming faxes VPOP3 Enterprise ----------------- * Fix problem with IMAP4 'fetch size' function getting the message size slightly wrong * Fix problem with IMAP4 'fetch envelope' function leaving commas in incorrectly * Fix problem with PINE and IMAP4 content-encoding detection VPOP3 FaxServer ---------------- * Fix incorrect date/time display in Fax Queue viewer * Fix Hold/Delete functionality in Fax Queue viewer * Fix timing problems with fax server * Fix occasional crash on shutdown with VPOP3 FaxServer Version 2.1.0b (19 August 04) =============================== Bug Fixes ---------- * Fix formatting problem with daily summary reports * Correctly log errors with attachment extraction * Correct some default configuration settings * Allow administrator to set limit on messages shown per page in WebMail * Automatically detect initial fax modem capabilities better * Try to stop c:\_imapacl.dat file being created * Fix problem with creating 'Only Once' schedule settings * Fix problem with POP3 client APOP authentication * Fix potential crash in diagnostics logging * Fix problem with distribution lists being incorrectly set to 'Accessing Remotely' on startup * Fix problem accessing mail servers whose names begin with a digit Version 2.1.0a (27 July 04) ============================ Bug Fixes ---------- * Fix message security setting for user queue viewers * Fix RBLResult Lua function in SMTP Server * Fix Digest list settings at startup * Fix 'LocalClientIP' Lua variable in SMTP Server with WebMail * Fix scanning for MyDoom/O with integrated virus scanners Version 2.1.0 (16 July 04) ========================== Enhancements ------------- + Keep the message subject from POP3 download RETR instead of from TOP (in case something changes the Subject line between the TOP and RETR commands) + Be able to turn off default mappings for local/incoming SMTP mail Bug Fixes ---------- * Fix rare problem with WebMail message list being corrupted in a few cases * Fix problem with msgto text replacement for user queues * Fix problem with Avast scanner with complex filenames * Improve error logging for avast scanner * Fix crash with database in some cases * Use Fax class 1 as preference instead of 2.0 (because of firmware bug in some modems Class 2.0 implementation) * Fix TAPI called-line-ID handling in fax server * Fix problem with incorrect continuation if an SMTP authentication error occurred (in SMTP client) * Change PNG handler for IE to load transparent gifs instead of doing clever alpha blending - some IEs don't seem to be able to do alpha blending. * Fix problem with removing incoming Fax routing rules * Fix problem with editing address book entries in VPOP3's WebMail in IE/Mozilla VPOP3 Enterprise Only ---------------------- + Allow setting of mailing list listserver in WebAdmin (Enterprise only) * Fix multiple listserver subscription handling (Enterprise only) Version 2.1.0RC11 (2.0.14) (10 June 04) ========================== Bug Fixes ---------- * Fix problem with PNG patch for IE * Support enable/disable schedules * Fix for Outlook 2000 LDAP query problem * Fix problem when changing recipients from Lua SMTP message processor * Fix minor issue with IPAddress: condition in SMTP rules * Fix problem with getting headers of multipart messages from Lua Enhancements ------------- + Only send AV update errors after consistent failures over a period of time + Support configurable webmail help path (to allow accessing help from Internet) + Add Lua 'VPOP3.ExpandAddress' function to expand an address into aliases/lists etc + Improve error reporting in LAN Forwarding + Add VRFY and EXPN support to SMTP service Version 2.1.0RC10 (2.0.13) (26 May 04) ========================== Bug Fixes ---------- * Fix problem with scheduling if Windows time is being reset every minute on the minute * Fix problem when using groups as 'Always send to' targets * Fix bug in 'Copy message' function in JavaMail support * Remove successful IMAP4 CRAM-MD5 logon logging if logging login errors only * Fix problem with distributing to a not remotely accessible mailing list through OutMail preprocessor * When editing a user limit password entry to 16 characters * Fix problem with outmail preprocessor losing some message header values when passing the message to a mailing list or autoresponder * Fix problem with Domain Mappings not being saved after one has been deleted * Fix problem with CONNECT.LOG max size * Fix problems with incorrect values being added to 'Default for LAN' access restrictions settings Enhancements ------------- + Add DNS resolver function to Lua library (VPOP3Net.GetDNSRecords) + Add HTTP GET function to Lua (VPOP3Net.GetHTTP) + Add WHOIS function to Lua (VPOP3Net.GetWHOIS) + Add Lua Bitmap & PCRE libraries Version 2.1.0RC9 (2.0.12) (19 May 04) ========================== Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix check for valid recipient in Received: header processing to take account of ~@ mappings - Fix problem with submit on Services_WebMail page - Fix problem with adding new address book entries in Webmail - Fix status server broadcast routine to only broadcast at startup - Change status server broadcast not to broadcast loopback addresses - Fix problem with using Webmail address book in Mozilla/Netscape - Fix problem with outmail preprocessor losing some message header values when passing the message to a mailing list or autoresponder - Add script to fix PNG transparency bug in IE Enhancements ------------- - Add Lan Forwarding queue viewer - Allow ; as address separators when posting a message in Webmail - Support incoming SMTP mail logging properly in daily reports - Support incoming SMTP mail properly for 'allow incoming mail' user permission - Support incoming SMTP mail properly for 'allow internet mail' on groups/lists - Add Lua function 'os.getdirectory' to get a directory listing - Add Lua functions 'VPOP3.GetSetting' and 'VPOP3.SetSetting' to get/set many VPOP3 settings - Be able to run a Lua script from command line 'VPOP3 /Lua adminuser adminpass script params' - Add LAN Instant Messaging capability to VPOP3 status monitor - Add 'my message count' capability to VPOP3 Status Server - Add 'Initial Setup Wizard' - Allow plain text & MD5 authentication to Webmail/webadmin - Add string Replace and ReadUnicodeKey methods - Detect DNS servers for setup wizard - Add Lua support for error message processing VPOP3 Enterprise Only ---------------------- - Improve performance of IMAP4 'Status' command in many cases Version 2.1.0RC8 (2.0.11) (26 April 04) ======================== Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix problem with not sending custom welcome messages to mailing list subscriptions (#1021) - Fix problem with message counts after 'refresh mailbox count' - Set 'archive messages' on digest source for mailing list, not on digest mailing list itself - Fix problem with "archive messages' always being set on mailing lists - Some web admin page tidying up for Netscape - Fix web admin menus on Netscape & MOzilla firefox - Fix LDAP searches for '*' - Fix webmail attachment bug when forwarding messages - Fix webmail timeout=0 bug Enhancements ------------- - Add support for removing attachments in WebMail - Better antivirus error reporting - Better antivirus error handling - Restart SAVI if necessary (error 0xa0004023) - Be able to stop accepting messages after a fatal virus scanner error - Add 'Purge mailbox' functionality - Get rid of absolute link references in WebMail - Phase out 'Send unrecognised local mail to ISP' option - Add quick links to various user setting pages - Tidy up attachment AV settings page to allow turning off a non-existant scanner and some other minor changes - Performance Enhancement to DB engine - Performance enhancements to IMAP4 server - Add SMTP Rule condition 'IPAddress' - Allow changing of administrator password from Server Settings window - Be able to select 'send welcome message' to new mailing list members each time adding new members Version 2.1.0RC7 (2.0.10) (2 April 04) ======================== Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix 'remember me' setting in WebMail login Enhancements ------------- - Support paging message list on WebAdmin - Support forcing plugins to run in single threaded mode - Temporary workaround for Epanoopy bug FaxServer ---------- - Fix resolution problem in FaxServer Version 2.1.0RC6 (2.0.9) (30 March 04) ======================== Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix problem creating new In Mail settings if not 'according to recipient' - change 'old settings' to 'server settings' to allow critical changes, but not other changes which were causing lots of confusion. Enhancements ------------- - Use MD5 hashing on Webmail passwords so they're not sent in plain text Version 2.1.0RC5 (2.0.8) (24 March 04) ======================== Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix problems which occur with header processing and parsing when a message has no body - Fix bug with password strength checker plugin support - Fix problem with plugin concurrency - Fix IE6 compatibility bug in addressbook.html - Fix IE5 compatibility bug in header.js and admin/inmail_editadvanced.html - Fix mapping prefix handling - Fix path traversal vulnerability in WebMail - Fix problem setting status server permissions in status server page - Workaround for IE6 bug showing text files in popups - Fix link to PSCS support website - Fix deadlock with adding a new user with a default Group defined - Fix LDAP server problem with external database and an objectClass only query - Fix Fax Log/Queue viewer for new fax server software - Fix initial timezone setting for WebMail - Fix some missing 'Message Security' checks Enhancements ------------- - Make Services page settings act without needing a server restart - Give more helpful info on WebMail/WebAdmin login failures - Test for cookies in WebMail/WebAdmin login - Test for Javascript in WebMail/WebAdmin login - Remove reliance on Referer HTTP header in WebMail/WebAdmin - Increase max log file size input boxes to 5 characters instead of 4 (allow logs to go to 100MB instead of limited to 10MB) - Allow wildcards in viruswarnfilter.txt - Make it so old webadmin and telnet admin servers are disabled by default (they're obsolete, and thus confusing to many people) - Improve attachment filtering to check BINHEX and UUENCODED attachments - Improve blocked attachment removal/rename to handle BINHEX and UUENCODED attachments better - Make virus scanning take place in memory if possible, instead of from a temporary disk file (prevent conflicts if another virus scanner is present on the VPOP3 computer) - Improve many parts of the WebAdmin pages - Add 'Bulk Add Users' functionality to WebAdmin - Add Lua 'timedexecute' function - Add Lua VPOP3.SaveAttachment function - Add Lua Password strength checker script support - Add Lua error log Fax Server ----------- - Fix problems with fax ECM, compression, baudrate, bit ordering settings on some modems - Support modems which only support class 2 or class 2.0 faxing, instead of requiring class 1 faxing VPOP3 Enterprise ----------------- - Database optimisations in IMAP4 server Version 2.1.0RC4 (2.0.7) (24 February 04) ======================== Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix address book database problem with added entries not always appearing (In VPOP3 FaxServer) - Support enhancements to Fax printer driver address book facility (adding/editing/deleting entries) (VPOP3 Enterprise only) Don't allow an in-use IMAP4 folder to be deleted Support SENTBEFORE, SENTON, SENTSINCE IMAP4 search keywords Version 2.1.0RC3 (2.0.6) (19 February 04) ======================== Bug Fixes ---------- - Be able to add/delete schedules - Be able to edit schedule names (In FaxServer) - Don't send cover page if no cover page defined and no comments Version 2.1.0RC2 (2.0.5) (18 February 04) ======================== Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix HEADER.JS to work on IE6 - Fix previous message UIDL checking to work with unordered lists Version 2.1.0RC1 (2.0.4) (13 February 04) =============== Enhancements ------------- - Allow creation of multiple schedules - Be able to tell VPOP3 to discard messages containing certain viruses - Create an SMTP client summary transcript log - Be able to specify the maximum size of the CONNECT.LOG file - Be able to show an abbreviated menu structure in the Web Administration - Be able to specify whether a webmail account's 'Deleted Items' folder is purged on logout - Be able to specify MIME types of webmail attachments in case the browser needs this information - Change the webmail address book to show addresses when entered, and to be able to do a quick search by first letter - Be able to put mapping email addresses into lists (can use - to exclude mappings, or + to force mappings first) - Be able to send SMTP MX sending TCP/IP warnings to administrator rather than original sender - Be able to set SMTP MX DNS entry overrides (eg to route AOL email through an ISP) - Lookup name in LDAP for slow posting message list members - Allow multiple mailing list members to be added at once - Be able to archive MAIL.LOG files - Be able to see LAN Forwarding in the status activity log - Improve logging of SMTP Client connections for LAN Forwarding & MX Sending - Be able to specify a delay before autoconnection - Be able to specify the target for daily summary reports - Be able to specify a 'whitelist' for the SMTP RBL testing - Make mailing list digests just contain plain text sections of list emails - Be able to specify 'archive list messages' - Change mailing list digest definition method so that you say list 'x' is a digest of list 'y' instead of 'list y has a digest'. This allows multiple digests of a list with different distribution frequencies. - Support CRAM-MD5 authentication in SMTP server - Allow manual refresh of user mailbox size/count Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix problems with accessing help system - Fix problem with some pages being cached incorrectly by browsers - Be able to add/modify address book entries from WebMail - Fix problem when automatically modifying address book entries of local users when Local Domains change - Fix problem with configuring ODBC sources for mailing lists - Fix problem with plugins receiving misleading data for BOOL parameters - Put SMTP Forwarding & SMTP MX sending entries into MAIL.LOG file - Have delay before sending Status server wakeup broadcast to status monitors to allow server to be working fully before monitors try to connect - Store address book database in UTF8 format instead of ASCII - Stop MX sending being blocked by a big message - Allow management of users with ' in their name - Change assistant/forwarding expansion to use Local Domains instead of current Accepted Domains - Fix problem with assistant/forwardings not respecting *REMOTE mappings if the message got to the recipient using a mapping - Fix problem with detecting the originating user of a message in some cases - Improve URL encoding in webmail messages (In FaxServer) - Fix problem with fax dial prefix being duplicated - Fix problem with TAPI called line ID detection - Be able to remove fax devices from list - Fix problem with handling incoming faxes Version 2.0.3 (9 December 03) =============== Enhancements ------------- - New drop-down menus on web admin - Support ODMR client - Add CRAM-MD5 POP3/SMTP client authentication support - Be able to ignore POP3 To/Cc addresses without an @ symbol - Allow blank lines in list member 'add members' list - Add option to lists to make moderator additions send welcome message to new list members - Add more descriptive text in some Web admin pages - Add option to write all status window messages to CONNECT.LOG - Have generic access restrictions to apply to all services - Add 'Server Status' page to Web Admin - Be able to specify Avast/Sophos update frequency - New fax server engine (separate licence required) & associated Web Admin pages - Many WebMail changes - Show 'To' column on WebMail Sent Mail folder rather than 'From' column - Support cookies to automatically log into WebMail/Admin - Add Reply/Forward/Delete/Move to message view pane - Add option to clear autoresponder log file to user's WebMail settings - Be able to specify the 'Sent Items' folder for WebMail - Be able to select either the Reply-To or From field to be viewed in WebMail message display - Be able to specify email address and/or real name to be used when sending mail through WebMail - Attempt to automatically recover from 10049 errors at startup - On AV updates, check content-length header to make sure entire file has been downloaded - On AV updates check if the file has been updated since the last update check - Email administrator about virus scanner runtime errors - Be able to view active 'sessions' in WebAdmin - Be able to terminate sessions in WebAdmin - Improve fixed spacing message display in WebMail - Improve WebMail message signatures - Improve WebMail attachment retrieval - Add CRAM-MD5 POP3 server authentication support - In LAN Forwarding be able to specify LAN forwarding rules for specific times (eg SMTP, POP3, specific In Mail settings etc) - In LAN Forwarding, support "~@domain" forwarding rules - Log Antivirus updates - Support 'backup connection' methods - Support different SMTP authentication details for different SMTP relay server settings within one 'Out Mail' setting. (New FaxServer enhancements) - Be able to print incoming faxes automatically - Be able to save incoming faxes as PCX instead of TIFF - Be able to black <-> white invert incoming faxes if necessary Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix problem with list names containing special characters (# % etc) - Fix signed number problem in IP address display - Fix problem with refreshing Inbox view in WebMail - Fix problem with moving multiple messages at once in WebMail - Improve WebMail on Netscape 4.x - Create new user database when new user created - Improve on error detection during virus scanning - Fix problem importing NT users when not on a domain - Fix problem with some non-local email addresses being incorrectly treated as mailing list moderators (VPOP3 Enterprise only) - Fix IMAP4 server timeout - Fix problem with IMAP4 fetch of MIME headers for non-multipart messages Version 2.0.2 (10 September 03) =============== Enhancements ------------- - Change back-end database engine for more flexibility in the future & better reliability - Improve POP3 then SMTP authentication server-side support - Improve WebMail functionality - Add 'Ignore And Bounce' option to 'What to do with incoming mail for unrecognised recipients - Add LUA scripting support to SMTP Server and POP3 downloader - Make DSN messages contain more useful text in the text part section of the message (for Outlook users) Bug Fixes ---------- - Maintain user queue 'held message' counts better Version 2.0.0k (2 March 04) =============== Bug Fixes ------------- - Fix problem when creating new global address book database - Fix path traversal bug - Fix mapping prefix handling - Fix deadlock which can occur on very busy systems Version 2.0.0j (11 February 04) =============== Enhancements ------------- - Be able to add multiple mailing list members at once Bug fixes ---------- - Fix links to help system - Fix 'Always send welcome message to mailing list members' - Fix edit forward list forwarding address - Fix problem importing NT user database on standalone servers Version 2.0.0i (20 November 03) =============== Enhancements ------------- - First iteration of new help system Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix drop-down lists in a few places (eg Monitor target selection) - Fix LDAP server with Outlook XP LDAP client action - Fix problems with In:,Local: etc mappings - Fix signed number display error in IP addresses (Enterprise Version Only) - Fix problem with IMAP4 on Eudora on Mac Version 2.0.0h (17 October 03) =============== Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix problems with XSS vulnerability fix released in 2.0.0g Version 2.0.0g (17 October 03) =============== Enhancements ------------- - Underline menu items when hovered over in WebAdmin to make it a bit easier to use Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix XSS vulnerability in WebAdmin - Check for avast!/Sophos scanner errors during file scanning - Add Incoming Fax routing WebAdmin pages - Fix problem with 'Too Many Users' error not clearing after setting licence key Version 2.0.0f (8 September 03) =============== Enhancements ------------- - Change the way the VPOP3 Host Name setting works so it defaults to a setting that most ISPs should accept - Change Web Mail/Admin login page to indicate that JavaScript & Cookies are required Bug Fixes ---------- - VPOP3Status - fix operation on dual display systems with displays to left of primary display - VPOP3Status - fix problem with activity log not working correctly after a disconnect & reconnect - Limit size of HTTPLOG.TXT file - Fix bug with 'VIRUSWARNFILTER.TXT' processing - Fix bug with MessageProcessor plugins not being able to set target mailbox folder on incoming SMTP mail - On NT based OSes use 'Net Send' functionality to show startup critical errors rather than MessageBox API (which may not show if running as a service) Version 2.0.0e (20 August 03) =============== Enhancements ------------- - Add ability for status monitor to view message counts in each user's mailbox (as in 1.5) - Change message subject for 'Critical' external router errors - Don't lockout user from invalid Status Server logons from localhost - Support encrypted logins to Status Server Bug Fixes ---------- - In WebAdmin, when entering licence details, increase licence owner name size to 99 characters instead of 50 - Minor typo fixes - Fix some Javascript errors IN WebAdmin - Force WebAdmin background colour to white - Minor fix for avast! auto-updates (won't affect most people) - Fix crash when processing some MIME messages - Use proxy server settings for avast! updates - Fix per-user protocol permission checking - Fix crash with setting user addressbook entries - Clear WebAdmin setting when clearing Admin setting for a user - Don't allow turning off of WebMail access for current administrator - Fix 'Don't Route Local mail Locally' option setting - Fix problem with evaluation licence keys - Add 'Add/Remove' Group functionality (Enterprise Version Only) - Fix 'Enable IMAP4 Server' checkbox Version 2.0.0d (27 June 03) =============== Enhancements ------------- - Allow security lockout to be disabled for WebMail/WebAdmin access from - Add 'VPOP3 Extensions' settings to WebAdmin Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix problem sending to reluctant non-ESMTP remote mail servers using SMTP Direct - Add 'view/change faxserver licence details' to WebAdmin - Fix 'Delete temporary files' and 'Delete Archive Files' buttons in WebAdmin - Fix enabling of SMTP authentication entry fields in WebAdmin - Fix some javascript errors Version 2.0.0c (5 June 03) =============== Enhancements ------------- - Change 'User Mailboxes' text at top of WebAdmin pages to try to make it less confusing - Add checkbox in Remote Status Server settings in WebAdmin to allow non- administrators to use the status monitor - If a user can't be deleted in WebAdmin because there's messages in their mailbox, allow the administrator to purge the mailbox first. - Add import/export global address book to WebAdmin - Allow viewing Group member list - Add undocumented registry setting to bypass NT password security check (to be used with extreme caution - hence undocumented) - Support 'Hangup Now' from VPOP3 status monitor - Support custom WebMail port numbers in VPOP3 status monitor Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix 'Message Security' functions in WebAdmin - Fix saving 'Advanced In Mail Settings' in WebAdmin for In Mail settings other than the first one - Fix changing maximum diagnostic log file sizes in WebAdmin - Add address book & group editing to WebAdmin - Stop some JavaScript errors in WebAdmin - Tell user about needing to restart VPOP3 after making changes to some Services settings in WebAdmin - Fix changing Remote Status Server access restrictions in WebAdmin - Add support for enforced group settings in user settings in WebAdmin - Fix problem with not being able to unlock locked out users - Add a 'Rescan Devices' button in FaxServer Devices WebAdmin page - Fix vulnerability due to a negative content-length HTTP header in WebAdmin and WebMail - Fix some miscellaneous settings changes in WebAdmin - Fix detection of licence details change after a 'Too Many Users' startup error - Fix problem with mailing list moderation from WebMail - Fix NT Password functions in WebAdmin - Fix problem with users being assigned to first Group after any user changes in WebAdmin - Fix problem with messages being sent which receive a 5xx SMTP error message after the message content has been sent being retried incorrectly. Version 2.0.0b (20 May 03) =============== Enhancements ------------- - When administrator logs on to 'Settings' the web page now says 'Web Admin Login' instead of 'Web Mail Login' - not a functional change but was understandably confusing some people. - Allow other separators in Attachment filter rules other than ';' (spaces, line feeds etc) - Add 'Move/Copy' message functionality - Add more error reporting info when trying to enter inappropriate licence keys (eg VPOP3 Standard licence key into VPOP3 Enterprise) - Add 'Unlock User' checkbox on Edit User page - Do some UI streamlining on Web Admin Bug Fixes ------------- - Attempt to fix false 'Too many users' startup error that has hit some people - Force WebMail server to be enabled - Fix 'In Mail Setting in use' error - Fix bug with memory overflow when adding new InMail setting sometimes - Fix some potential security breaches in new Web Admin (these were only available to authenticated administrators so not catastrophic) - Fix for RAS service detection in Windows 2003 Server - Fix crash if running with 'Anonymise VPOP3 Services' enabled when starting VPOP3STATUS.EXE - Fix crash if mailing list signatures are very long - Add mail Local Domain to all unqualified list members to allow easier list editing Version 2.0.0a (30 April 03) =============== Bug Fixes ------------- - Fix problem with upgrades of existing licences where there are now too many users for the new evaluation or old invalid licence - Fix problem with some of the web help where the URL is too long for the internal webserver so it was being truncated - Remove 'In Queues' button on the Status screen because it doesn't (yet) do anything Version 2.0.0 (29 April 03) =============== Bug Fixes ------------- - Fix Sophos autoupdate so it uses Sophos' SETUP.EXE to update the CID correctly - making it now work with Sophos Remote Update clients - Fix problem with SMTP server sometimes returning two OK responses to messages which have been filtered using SMTP rules, causing client problems - Fix subject problem with simple moderated mailing lists - Fix several missing and malfunctioning webadmin functions Version 1.5.7 (1 April 03) =============== Enhancements ------------- - Slow down response from STAT command to try to avoid timeout problems in Outlook XP (or other Outlook's under Windows XP) - Lots more support in Web Admin server - Add automatic 'Wake-Up' to VPOP3 status monitor so it knows when the VPOP3 server is started - Remove users from all mailing/distribution lists when they're deleted - Improve the way VPOP3 determines whether an SMTP message is incoming or outgoing Bug Fixes ---------- - Try to fix problem with Outlook XP hanging on LDAP queries when it asks for unrecognised Active Directory attributes from VPOP3 Version 1.5.6 (14 March 03) =============== Enhancements ------------- - Fix avast! for VPOP3's auto-update routines so that the update components aren't constantly being updated unnecessarily - Add lots more support to the new WebAdmin interface - Be able to turn off the use of 'RAWRCPTx' environment variables in External Routers so that they don't over-fill the environment space - Change it so that most error messages on startup don't stop VPOP3 running but disable server access (except WebAdmin) until the problem is resolved (allows remote resolution of some problems) - Add support for plugins to expose a basic configuration interface through VPOP3 - Add a remote status monitor instead of the existing taskbar icon - Add permissions to be able to allow different people different access through the remote status monitor - Improve list configuration saving routines so they only save the changed data rather than all the data for all lists - Support 'simple mailing list moderation' to allow moderation support with more email clients and more complex situations - Be able to remember mailing list message 'Message-Id's to try to prevent message loops from badly configured 3rd party mail servers Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix problem with modified subject lines from Message Plugins being ignored - Fix problem with command-line & DDE commands returning SUCCESS incorrectly - Change the way VPOP3 works out which SMTP messages are incoming and which are outgoing/local Version 1.5.5 (17 February 03) =============== Enhancements ------------- - New WebAdmin interface (accessed through port 5108) to eventually replace existing administration console - Improve support for 'message processor' plugin - Support Avast! for VPOP3 virus scanner - Limit 'bad Mailer_Daemon' messages to reduce overloading - Be able to clear autoresponder logs periodically (to support 'only send autoresponse once per day/week/etc') - Add 'Antivirus Engine Abstraction Layer' to make it easier to add support for other anti-virus engines with APIs - Improve LAN Forwarding error handling - Improve SMTP Direct error handling - Support multiple DNS servers for SMTP Direct - With SMTP Direct be able to use original DNS entry TTL values instead of a constant value (Enterprise Version Only) - Return responses from IMAP4 FETCH command in the same order they were requested (not mandatory according to the standards, but some IMAP4 clients incorrectly expect this behaviour) Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix problem with adding global address book entries through WebMail - Fix problem with attachment filtering on locally sent mail - Fix status window colouring if status window closed and reopened - Fix NT Password warning message (if it's insecure) (Enterprise Version Only) - Improve IMAP4 'FETCH BODYSTRUCTURE' reliability with complex message structures - Use ODBC 'uppercase' function instead of SQL 'UPPER' function to support ODBC drivers which don't support full SQL (eg Access etc) - Fix a problem with responses from listservers when multiple Listservers are defined Version 1.5.4 (25 March 02) =============== Enhancements ------------- - Add support for 'message processor' plugin Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix response to EHLO command Version 1.5.3 (15 March 02) =============== Enhancements ------------- - First public release of MMC configuration tool (limited feature set) - Change default header processing order to "Default for forwarded mail" as that seems to be the most commonly needed setting - Allow log files to be stored in a different directory (currently set via registry setting) - Add External Router logging facility - Use VPOP3SPAWN when calling external router, to try to prevent persistent 'Error 32's - Only reload "special lists" if necessary - Remember original recipient addresses in downloaded messages (to allow Delivered-To: style headers in a future version) (Enterprise Version Only) - Support multiple list servers Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix possible bug with MX message retry processing - Fix ClaraNet definition in setup helper - Fix VPOP3 FaxServer delivery reports - Fix 'RedirectDownloadAndDelete' download rule - Fix VPOP3 File Transfer settings in InMail - Allow 4 Letter TLDs in Local Mail tab - Fix the 'Attachment Extraction' property page - Fix xxx@domain.com -> *REMOTE mappings - Fix 'From:xxx@domain.com' mappings with multiple identical source addresses - Fix list signatures in QuotedPrintable format list messages - Fix deadlock problem when modifying mailing lists (in 'Remove Member from List' function) (Enterprise Version Only) - Handle TCP/IP errors during a long IMAP4 FETCH command better - Make ODBC address book searches case insensitive with Oracle and other ODBC servers which do case sensitive matches by default - Fix bug in handling multiply accessed mailboxes in IMAP4 Version 1.5.2 (28 January 02) =============== Bug Fixes ---------- - Put number for attachment filename collision prevention before the first '.' rather than before the last one, to avoid problems if the filename starts with a device name, eg 'con.gobbledegook.doc' - Increase special distribution list update time to 5 minutes from 3 - Fix problem with external router if any key header fields begin with a '=' (eg MIME encoded From, or Subject lines) - Turn off LOCKS.LOG - Fix potential endless loop in MIME header processing (only known trigger was if a filename contained a ';') - Make decoding of MIME header strings more robust - When putting POP3 UIDL into message header, quote any '\' or '"' characters correctly - Fix problem with TOP POP3 command sending entire message.... - Reverse date sorting in queue viewer so newest messages are at the bottom - Fix *REMOTE mapping handling - Stop X-Server header being removed on incoming SMTP messages - Do some list refresh optimisations (Enterprise Version Only) - Fix lock problem with ODBC list refreshing Version 1.5.1 (24 December 01) =============== Enhancements ------------- - Start MMC (Microsoft Management Console) support for configuring VPOP3 settings - Support basic bandwidth throttling (through registry settings) - Support DLL Plugin for checking password strength - Add TNEF support to attachment processing/Sophos virus scanning - Basic Attachment filtering capability - Add extra settings to Users and Mappings - Support DLL Plugins for "download rules" with more options (eg to support SIEVE) - Support DLL Plugins for "SMTP Rules" - Add Fax log/queue display support - Add Fax TAPI support to work with TAPI compliant phone switches (eg Praxon PDX, Alchemy etc) to detect Called Line ID - Add Fax dial prefix support (eg '9' to get an outside line) - Add Fax information to the status window - Put sent fax into Fax delivery reports - Check if 'Use NT Passwords' is safe - disable the option if it's not - Automatically set/clear the 'refuse connections from demon.net' setting as appropriate - Only show active Connections on the Complex Schedule tab - Make 'Automatic Logon' to settings easier to setup - Allow mappings to be linked to a single 'In Mail' setting - Do an RSET after a failed message send (some other servers don't automatically assume one) - Try to fix problem with '.' padding for improperly written remote mail servers. - Remember positions of more VPOP3 settings windows. - Sort results to ListServer WHICH and LISTS commands - Allow display of incoming SMTP messages in status window - Allow monitoring of incoming SMTP messages correctly (Enterprise Version Only) - Support ODBC managed mailing lists (through registry at the moment) - Add CRAM-MD5 authentication support to IMAP4 server - Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix problem with WebAdmin 'edit user' partially working even though reporting an error - Fix problem with processing attachments nested multipart messages sometimes - Fix problem with wrapped header lines in Download Rules - Remove header field name from data when doing Download Rule comparisons - some minor user-interface fixes - Handle wrapped Subject lines better - Store Message ID for notification reports - Fix problem with locally sending messages to lists which are configured as not 'accessible remotely' - Fix problem with ~@ mappings - Fix problem with external autoresponders and big message files - Record and handle SAVI startup errors - Fix problem with log of active Lan Forwarding users - Fix problem when receiving SMTP messages with AUTH= in the MAIL FROM line - Fix problem with adding global signatures to non-MIME messages - Fix problem with 'Show Splashscreen' option not working. - Attempt to fix occasional deadlocks - Fix Default Domain & Local Domain settings in Web Admin (Enterprise Version Only) - Fix problem with IMAP4 mailbox faking feature Version 1.5.0h (2 March 04) =============== Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix path traversal vulnerability in WebMail Version 1.5.0g (4 July 03) =============== Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix problem with RAS detection with Windows 2000 SP4 - Make text editor (eg for Download Rules) handle files bigger than 32k on Windows NT/2000/XP Version 1.5.0f (2 April 03) =============== Bug Fixes ---------- - Use ODBC 'fn upper' function instead of SQL 'UPPER' function which isn't always supported by ODBC servers - Fix problem with NOAUTH flag when a client tries to authenticate Enhancements ---------- - Add workaround for 'timeout' bug in Outlook XP - Add 'forwards compatibility' with VPOP3 1.5.1-1.5.7 USER.LST and MAILBOX.MAP files to allow easier downgrades if necessary Version 1.5.0e (19 November 02) =============== Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix removal of attachments from messages embedded in other messages - Remove big delays in background processing tasks (eg External Router etc) - Remove some extraneous logging - Fix status window colouring if status window is closed and then re-opened Version 1.5.0d (26 September 02) =============== Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix a problem with viewing available dial-up connections when running on Windows 95/98/NT Version 1.5.0c (9 September 02) =============== Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix some problems with handling incorrect line endings in remote hosts - Fix MX sending 'Unknown' problem - Fix 'ERROR_NO_MORE_DATA' problem in external router handling - Fix problem parsing MIME headers where a parameter value contains a ';' - Fix a possible string buffer overflow problem (not exploitable from the Internet, but fix it anyway, just in case) - Support 4 letter TLDs - Fix problem with non-remotely accessible lists - Fix problem with multiple FROM mappings - Add 'HTTPLOG.TXT' log file to help debugging Sophos update problems - Handle 'AUTH=' parameter to MAIL FROM: commands - Fix problem with mailing list signatures with quoted-printable messages - Fix 'Don't show splashscreen' setting (Enterprise Version Only) - Fix quoting of strings in response to STATUS command - Automatically use string literals if necessary because of non-US characters - Explicitly make ODBC searches case insensitive in case the server is case sensitive by default Version 1.5.0b (26 November 01) =============== Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix problem detecting W32/Aliz-A worm because it corrupts the MIME headers - Handle wrapped message header lines better in Download Rules - Fix problem with reseller licence keys in VPOP3 Standard - Fix problem with failed outgoing messages not always being deleted from the queue properly - Fix possible (rare) crash in LDAP support Version 1.5.0a (10 October 01) =============== Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix problem with scanning incoming SMTP messages through Sophos when infected messages aren't being redirected - Fix parse bug & memory leak in VCF file import - Check VPOP3 Standard licence keys are correct length when entered - Fix problem with APOP support in VPOP3's POP3 client - Fix drag & drop in header processing order list - Fix problem with adding global address book entries through the VPOP3 console - Fix occasional problem when trying to send mail to a non-primary MX mail server - Fix bug when parsing lines with incorrect line endings (eg CR or LF) when VPOP3 is set to only check for correct line endings (CFLF) (Enterprise Version Only) - Fix problem with IMAP4 message flag change notification to concurrent sessions to multi-accessed mailboxes - Fix problem with 'faking' inaccessible IMAP4 mailboxes Version 1.5.0 (7 August 01) =============== Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix problem with SAVI autoupdate when not installed from a CID at all - Fix some mailing list signature problems (Enterprise Version Only) - Fix some multi-accessed mailbox problems Version 1.4.9 (30 July 01) =============== Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix crash because of some message/rfc822 MIME formatted messages (seems to be those forwarded via Novell Groupsize) - Fix crash after deleting some users from VPOP3 console in some cases - Fix problem with *REMOTE mappings in assistants/list targets etc - Fix Sophos Autoupdate when not installed from a network CID - Fix problem with some SMTP rules not being actioned when they should be - Fix problem with non-functioning controls in Users->Advanced->Security - Fix problem with autoresponder text disappearing after disabling it then re-enabling it in main VPOP3 console Version 1.4.8 (9 July 01) =============== Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix bug in VPOP3 Standard 1.4.7 beta which would incorrectly detect licence keys as invalid Version 1.4.7 (9 July 01) =============== Enhancements ------------- - Allow copy/move messages from Webmail message page - Decode MIME encoded message subjects, filenames etc - Add InMail setting ID number to incoming mail message headers for diagnosis purposes - Add support to be able to automatically update Sophos antivirus virus definition files - Allow SMTP MX retries to be configurable (via the registry for the time being) - Have option not to put any files into recycle bin (just delete outright) (currently this can only be set through the registry) Bug Fixes ---------- - Allow adding of top level folders in Webmail - Fix addressbook javascript errors in Webmail - Put 'Re:' into subject for Webmail 'reply' page - Fix bug with WebAdmin authentication - Fix bug with WebAdmin when using Opera - Try to stop web browser caching Web Admin/Mail pages - Allow ignoring web mail client address in authentication - Check password length when setting password - Recurse into message/RFC822 MIME sections for attachments - improve error reporting for external autoresponds - Fix problem when sending to multiple fax recipients - Handle unrecognised LDAP field names in LDAP database - Only delete list message/control files after list message has been distributed, not if the files can't be opened - Fix problem setting autoresponder through WebMail - Fix authentication problem when retrieving attachments through WebMail - Fix crash in network card MAC address detection routine on NT/2000 - Fix problem with distributing messages created/modified by VPOP3 where some header lines were being duplicated - Handle invalid line terminators on EHLO responses from other email servers - Fix problem where messages would be removed from the outqueue incorrectly after an error response (as well as generating an error message to the sender) - Fix DSN response messages to messages being sent correctly - Fix incorrect retry if a 5xx SMTP response received from a remote server - Don't process 'fax' mailbox specially if the fax software is not installed - Fix MIME type of message headers in DSN messages (Enterprise Version Only) - fix incorrect Envelope and BodyStructure result syntax - fix LIST command results to give NoSelect tags when necessary - add 'ALL' tag to SEARCH command Version 1.4.6 (17 May 01) =============== Enhancements ------------- - Add 'security settings' for users (lock out after X bad logons etc) - Send Mailer_Daemon change assistant/forward messages to both old and new assistants - Add message UIDL into Received: header lines for diagnosis purposes - Improve security of POP3 server by not reporting 'bad username' but only 'invalid login' after entering password. - Add support for multiple local IP addresses for NT/2000 - Change error messages to use 'Message/RFC822' MIME encoding instead of messing with the MIME structure a lot. This is more 'correct' - ESMTP server reports support for 'AUTH=LOGIN' as well as 'AUTH LOGIN' for compatibility with old & new SMTP authentication standards - Allow setting of subject line in 'Welcome' user messages - Add 'Viruscan.log' file for use with Sophos antivirus support - Add option to make VPOP3 process line terminators strictly rather than flexibly (Enterprise Version Only) - Improve ODBC configuration dialogs - Add ODBC 'Where' clause option to lists/LDAP server - Add ODBC 'Select Distinct' option to lists/LDAP server Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix problem with mailing list digest creation in non-GMT timezones (not all messages were being 'digested' at the correct time) - Fix crash in unauthenticated LDAP queries - Fix Javamail logon error licencing bug - Fix problem with '/HideIcon' at startup - Fix problem with not detecting RAS at startup - Fix crash with badly formed MIME messages and attachment processing (Enterprise Version Only) - Fix problem with quote characters in text parts of email addresses with IMAP4 Version 1.4.5 (3 April 01) =============== Bug Fixes ---------- - stop the popup 'can't delete xxxx' messages on NT Version 1.4.4 (21 March 01) =============== Enhancements ------------- - Add personal address books to WebMail - Allow 'Anonymisation' of services, where VPOP3 just calls itself a 'POP3 server' or 'SMTP Server' rather than 'VPOP3 POP3 Server' etc - Log password changes to security log - Support recycle bin for some files (eg configuration files) - Support 'Copy' download rules and SMTP Rules as well as 'redirect' rules - Support a template for Finger server results instead of a fixed format - Finger server results can give LDAP information as well as basic user info - Improve VPOP3 LDAP database to use DBF files instead of an internal format. (Improves performance and makes it easier to expand) - Add personal address book read facility to LDAP server - Add FaxServer support (optional, extra charge) - Add JavaMail support for a future release - If there are only *REMOTE recipients for a message, don't download it - Be able to skip BT Internet's leading, incorrect, 'From' line - Log total retrieved message size in CONNECT.LOG/status window - Add support for online licence validation - Add custom LDAP extensions to POP3 service for future enhancements - Be able to disable the default USER -> USER mapping for a particular In Mail setting - Move 'Route Local Mail Locally' option to Diagnostics -> Tuning window because its use is not recommended in general usage - Improve global address book import - Be able to turn off Splash screen - Remember last queue summary screen position - Check RAS Connection Manager is running before using RAS on NT - support per-connection 'Use Multilink RAS' settings - Add narrative text to DSN errors during SMTP sending - Support hiding of local IP addresses in SMTP trace headers (these aren't really a problem, but they worry some people) - Support 'Valid:' tag in simple autoresponders - Allow 'Temporary' diagnostics files to be automatically deleted after a specified number of days (Enterprise Version Only) - Better support shared folders in Outlook Express - Allow copying of message flags/internal date when copying messages between IMAP folders Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix some scripting bugs in WebMail pages - Change the way Web Admin authentication works so it doesn't repeatedly ask for passwords in some setups - Fix problem where VPOP3 would extract attachments from _outgoing_ messages when you have the 'extract attachments' option set - Fix download rules when using quoted data comparison strings, so it removes header field name from the text to compare. - Fix problem reading/copying files of multiples of 4096 bytes - Fix some problems with VCF file importing and make compliant with new vCard standards. - Unlock user mailbox after a failed APOP login - Allow read sharing of xxxALLOWED.DAT files - Handle multiple 'Special Header Field' definitions with the same fieldname - Fix problem with no error message being sent if a TCP/IP error occurs during the last data block of a message being sent - Fix 'last connection' status indicator when no messages are waiting to be sent - Fix problem with 'Run Outmail Processor for Local Mail' making local mail act as remote and upsetting various functions (relay protection, don't allow sending of Internet mail etc) - Make 'Everyone' and 'Admins' groups not accessible from the Internet - Fix SMTP authentication capability detection - Fix crash during header parsing with some really badly formed header lines. (Enterprise Version Only) - Add ACL editing to WebMail Version 1.4.3 (19 January 01) =============== Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix crash when sending attachments through WebMail - Fix problem when running COMMAND.COM as a 'PostConnect' or 'PreDisconnect' extension program Version 1.4.2 (12 January 01) =============== Enhancements ------------- - Improve WebMail interface significantly - Allow configuration of whether User Info and/or User Plan information is returned by Finger server - Add 'Raw Recipient Address' information to information passed to an 'External Router' program. - Add 'NoMail' and 'Mail' listserver commands to suspend/unsuspend a list member. - Add 'Disposition-Notification-To:' to the list of header fields to be modified by 'Change Internet Reply Address' option. - Allow adding of address book entries through Web Mail. - Queue Browsers can now sort by actual sent message time rather than received time. - Add support for 'language files' to make non-English translations easier to make. - Support 'suspend until' in mailing lists - Allow 'Flush Registry' to be optional - Remember queue browser display position - Only connect to SMTP server if necessary (ie if 'Incoming SMTP' is defined or there are messages to be sent) - Add '/ReloadLANFwd' command line parameter to reload SMTPFWD.DAT file (Enterprise Version Only) - Optionally use 'Last Write Date' instead of 'CreateDate' for IMAP4 'Internal Date' data (useful when message folders are on Novell) - Support mailing lists where list members come from an ODBC database - Add 'Realtime BlackList' support for incoming direct SMTP connections (eg check for possible spammers using rbl.mail-abuse.org etc) Bug Fixes ---------- - Make it so web administrators can't delete administrators - Allow passwords with ':' character in - Don't add user 'OnlineTime' to daily summaries - Use specified attachment directory instead of always using the \_Attach subdirectory - Fix 'Save attachments in daily subdirectory' function - Make External Router handle locked files or disk space problems more robustly - Add some attribute aliases for LDAP processing - Fix display problem of 'attachment only' messages in WebMail - Fix problem with sending mail from WebMail with SMTP authentication enabled. - Fix problem with converting URLs in WebMail messages to working links. - Fix problem with + characters in messages sent from WebMail - Fix 'Keep Received date/time on POP3 downloaded messages' option. - Remove unwanted characters from default list header modifiers - Update connection usage count when editing In Mail settings immediately rather than only on restart. - In Home User version disable the 'VPOP3 Extensions' window. - Display error if messages can't be deleted from the queue browser - Fix per-connection multilink PPP support - Fix problem with 'Content-Disposition' headers with messages created by VPOP3 itself. - Fix problem with ~@domain -> *REMOTE mappings - Fix problem with Accepted Domains in a few cases with multiple In Mail configurations - Fix problem with hang if using MX sending and VPOP3 has to use a secondary MX target which doesn't support ESMTP. - Fix DSN message generation with MX sending - Fix SMTP Rules during 'Data' processing phase. - Fix problem with blank lines in global signatures - Handle multi-line Subject lines properly - Try some things for the 10055 error problem which seems to have started recently (seems to be related to some other software outside VPOP3) - Fix problem with status window double-click not shrinking status window - Handle mouse capture being taken over by something else in status window - Fix problem with NT Password checking - Fix bug which could cause lost messages if out of disk space on a 'download and delete' download rule - Fix problem with warning message repeating itself when evaluation expires (Enterprise Version Only) - Fix Access List handling with shared message folders - Fix problem with <anyone> user with shared message folders - Fix showing ODBC LDAP results in WebMail - Fix a few problems with searching ODBC databases using LDAP - WebMail editing of IMAP4 access lists supports 'groups' Version 1.4.1 (19 June 00) =============== Enhancements ------------- - Add autoresponder settings to Web Mail and Web Admin interfaces - Allow optional unauthenticated access to Web Administration - Check for NT administrator rights before allowing administration - Allow specific 'Connect Now' links from Web Administration - Support Mailer_Daemon name being configurable - Add 'security logging' to log failed (and optionally, successful) login attempts - Add 'Download, Redirect & Delete' download rule action - Support 'Include' in download rules files - Allow Pausing of LAN Forwarding - Add mailing list subscription logging - Trim quotes off Listserver subscription request subject lines - Keep track of total mailbox sizes for users - Allow last connection status to be shown - Allow the use of download rules when not leaving message on the ISP server - Display 'Old Message' count in the status window activity log to try to stop users worrying about it - Support built-in virus scanning using Sophos Antivirus on NT/2000 (Sophos AV software must be bought separately) - Support built-in simple attachment saving/extracting to a directory - Allow viewing of LAN Forwarding Queue - Allow VPOP3 to sort outgoing messages by order of increasing size - Allow VPOP3 to only check for outgoing messages once, so it won't send messages that arrive during the current connection until the next connection. - Add multi-link RAS connection option (for NT & 2000) - Allow ignoring of Received: recipients without an '@' sign (for messages from juno.com) - Allow status window to be resized - Allow mailing lists to be set to 'text only' - Allow a custom 'return address' to be set for mailing lists - Add splash screen Bug Fixes ---------- - Don't allow adding of too many users through Web Administration - Fix problem with viewing messages & attachments in Web Mail subfolders - Allow <> characters in Web Mail 'Change Internet Reply Address' option - Fix problem with daily log received message counts if lots of mappings set up - Fix bug in ListServer authenticated subscription request handling - Fix problem when multiple clients open WebMail pages at the same time - Fix problem viewing certain multipart MIME messages in Web Mail - Fix problem with automatic URL creation in Web Mail - Fix problem with deleting a group sometimes - Fix 'Get MAC Address' function so it works on NT - Fix deleting mappings when a user is deleted - Fix saving the outgoing mail threshold on complex schedule - Fix problem tabbing out of drop-down lists - Improve error handling with LDAP -> ODBC links - Fix ~@ mappings for non-local domains - Improve duplicate mailing list signature processing. (Enterprise Version Only) Version 1.4.0d (27 Nov 00) =============== Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix problem with warning message repeating itself when evaluation expires - Fix bug which could cause lost messages if out of disk space on a 'download and delete' download rule - Remove unwanted % from default list header modifiers Version 1.4.0c (2 Sept 00) =============== Bug Fixes ---------- - Make External Router handle ROUTING.DAT file creation problems more robustly - Fix problem with HTML message viewing in WebMail - Reduce Connection usage counts when deselecting from 'Use Connections' list on In Mail tab. - Fix problem with ~@domain -> *REMOTE mappings - Fix problem with multiline subjects being truncated - Fix problem with NT password verification in a few cases (Enterprise Version Only) - Fix problems with shared folders not being visible Version 1.4.0b (24 May 00) =============== Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix occasional crash when opening VPOP3 settings - Fix deleting mappings when deleting a user - Fix LAN Forwarding retries when data files are encrypted - Fix problem with duplicate message detection in some systems (Enterprise Version Only) - Fix message date when adding a message to an IMAP folder from outside the IMAP4 account Version 1.4.0a (10 April 00) =============== Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix problem with 'single email address' routing (Enterprise Version Only) - Fix problem where From addresses are shown as '@' Version 1.4.0 (18 March 00) ============== Enhancements ------------- - Improve Connection/In Mail/Out Mail multiple setting display - Allow usernames to be optionally specified in xxxALLOWED.DAT files ('Access Restrictions') - Have customisable external autoresponder timeout - Add support to make VPOP3 work under Linux using VMWare's emulator - Improve performance logging onto/off POP3 accounts with lots of messages - Support 'POP3 then SMTP' authentication - Make switching between settings tabs quicker - Add message security option - to prevent administrators doing anything to let them view other people's messages - Add more TCP/IP tuning options - Allow SMTP authentication not to be needed for sending local messages - Allow setting of RAS domain (via registry) when dialing - Allow a configurable LAN forwarding retry timeout - Add SMTPRules logging - Be able to turn off DSN (Delivery Status Notification) support in VPOP3 - Be able to turn off the copying of the 'From:' header field to the SMTP Envelope data - Be able to optionally allow '%' characters in addressees - Make mailer-daemon bounce messages have a 'Reply-To:' address of 'noone@domain.com' and return addresses of '', to try to reduce the number of mail loops caused by recursive bounces. Bug Fixes ---------- - Don't interpret '%' in message subjects as header modifiers - Fix outmail processor handling for local messages - Fix Webmail attachments containing special characters (like '+', '&', '?' etc) - Make Webmail support messages which contain ONLY an attachment and no text - Fix 'Fix Internet Mail bug' option if messages contain nothing but a message header - Fix importing users from NT - Hopefully reduce the occurences of Error 10060 and 10503 - Fix VPOP3 Extension filename checking - Fix VPOP3 Queue browser sorting by message size - Fix originator text name handling with external routers - Fix some SMTP delivery failure reports - Improve automatic SMTPRules processing time determination - Fix SMTPRules 'Size:' comparison - Fix SMTPRules header field comparisons where match text is not surrounded by '*' characters - Fix SMTPRule 'Redirect' processing to local users with OutMail Processor in place (Enterprise Version Only) - Fix SEARCH IMAP4 function - Fix IMAP4 UID caching so it removes deleted files from the cache properly Version 1.3.5 ============== Enhancements ------------- - Add messages to LAN forwarding recipients to daily summary logs - Allow quoted strings in download rule match strings for an exact match instead of a substring match (wildcards can still be used inside the quotes if you want) - Allow mailing list header modifiers insert the text name of the sender instead of/as well as the email address - Allow message headers of monitored messages to be modified. - Include ROUTER.CTL file in external router error reports - Allow optional 'free for all' connect button in web mail interface - Add server connection status (last poll, next poll) to web mail interface - Allow changing of user autoresponder through web mail interface - Log download rule activations - Optional facility to ignore message ID when checking for duplicates (some other servers give the same message different message IDs) - Use a tab control on In Mail, Out Mail, Connection tab instead of a combo-box - hopefully this makes it clearer to new users. - Optionally ignore 'Resent-' header fields when processing incoming messages (for ISPs which incorrectly use this header on automatic forwarding) - Add facility to import NT users from a specific group instead of all NT users - Allow the creation of a user even if their mailbox directory already exists (but check first) - Make Info tab 'Max Users' clearer (eg 'Home User' instead of '3', etc) - Show message sizes in queue browser, even if a message is currently in use - Add 'Local:' mapping prefix to map only locally sent messages (cf 'In;' prefix) - Allow messages to be split so that they each have a maximum number of recipients (for ISPs with recipient count limits) - Improve anti-relay protection by rejecting recipient addresses containing '%' or '!' (Enterprise Version Only) - Improve performance when retrieving large messages from IMAP4 server - Improve performance on opening large mailboxes in IMAP4 server Bug Fixes ---------- - If a user/list is the 'Monitor Target' and is removed, reset the monitor target address to 'noone' rather than generating lots of errors - Allow administrator to log off the 'web admin' facility if someone is using the VPOP3 console - Allow viewing of messages with no subject in the 'web admin' facility - Fix problem if a download query message is replied to whilst VPOP3 is currently downloading messages - Fix a few erroneous entries in the ERRORS.LOG file - Allow mailing list subscription notifications to be sent to a mailing list - Make 'ETRN Server' on In Mail tab be saved correctly - Have a 5 second timeout on a RAS hangup, instead of an indefinite wait (which should work, but doesn't in a very few cases) - Improve ESMTP processing when using MX sending - VPOP3 now retries without trying for ESMTP if it had an unrecoverable error after the original attempt - Fix socket leak in MX sending - Fix small bug in anti-relay protection in an unusual case - When a connection has finished make sure that it doesn't immediately restart if something wanted it to start whilst the previous connection was in progress. (Enterprise Version Only) - Fix a crash after an incorrect IMAP4 login - Fix IMAP4 LIST command with no parameters - Make IMAP4 message flags be synchronised across multiple login sessions (bug could cause messages to mysteriously become 'undeleted' or 'unread') - Fix problem when deleting message folders Version 1.3.4 ============== Enhancements ------------- - Optionally put received message detail into Status window activity log - Optionally allow LDAP address book entries to be changed from the 'Web Mail' interface - SMTP authentication (if any) overrides checking the FROM: address when checking a user's rights when sending messages - Improve LAN Forwarding error reporting - Allow editing/deleting of 'Groups' from the Lists tab - Add Ctrl-A shortcut on queue browser to 'Select All' - Put user flag icons in Web Admin as well as in console - Show message sizes in queue browsers - Improve VPOP3's SMTP Server recipient address checking - Support message folders (including 'Deleted' and 'Sent Mail') in Web Mail interface - Add SMTP Client Processor - Allow VPOP3 to connect to the ISP more frequently if people are checking their email - Add Password, Finger, Admin server configuration windows to set allowed IP addresses - Add Hold & Copy/Move buttons to queue browser (the functions were there before, just not obvious) (Enterprise Version Only) - Add IMAP4 support - Add ODBC database connectivity to 'Global Address Book' - Allow multiple servers to be run on one PC Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix bug in editor where last character gets stripped off - Fix message count when moving messages 'only to target mailbox' - Fix 'Unrecognised Local Mail to ISP' with bounce messages - Try to fix 'Error 10503' which seemed to be returned by Windows when it shouldn't have been. - Fix autoresponder 'Only Once' if it's set both in the User settings AND in the autoresponder text itself. - Fix problem with Web Address Book not showing the telephone number - Fix problem with local assistants getting their own messages back - Fix Web Admin 'Group' setting enforcement - Do integrity check on LDAPEXT.DAT on startup - Fix the built-in editor not to strip the last space from the edited text - Fix freeze when deleting mappings via the web interaface - Fix a few mistakes in the Mailing List property settings via the web interface - Fix occasional crash when writing daily summary log - Fix bug when writing mailing list digests - Don't add the 'Default Domain' to blank reply addresses - Fix problem with domain mapping with unrecognised users - Fix the URL->link converter in Web Mail - Fix the 'Use ISP Received Timestamp' function which had problems with a few ISPs - Fix quite a few lockups - Fix problem with 'If Outgoing mail arrives whilst online..' function if a message arrives whilst VPOP3 is in the middle of dialing the ISP. - Fix 'No Buffer Space' error when using MX routing Version 1.3.3 ============== Enhancements ------------- - Support mailing list subscription authentication - Support mailing list subject modification - Support sending mailing list welcome message when a moderator has added a user to the list - Fix some Web Mail & Web Admin pages when viewed using Netscape - Add Address book search & modify facility to Web Mail interface - Allow hiding the full message headers in the Web Mail Interface - Allow users to be 'Web Admins' instead of full Administrators (only allows access through the Web Mail interface) - Allow customisation of what facilities Web Admins can access - Add 'Delete Redirect' download rule - Add 'Allow Incoming Internet Mail' option to users. - Put both local & external users into the Global Address book to make the user interface more consistent - Add lists to the Global Address Book - Add 'Duplicate' button to the Global Address Book window - Support LDAP authentication - Allow mailing list 'unsubscribe' with an explicit email address - In Web Mail encode URLs & email addresses into a usable form. - Add option to keep the 'Received:' header timestamp from the ISP instead of using the time VPOP3 Received the message - Add 'Save' / 'Cancel' support to the VPOP3 settings pages - Make the downloaded mail header processing order more flexible - Add In Mail -> Routing window 'Header Processing Order' list - Add 'Import Users from NT' function - Use customisable DLL editor functions instead of calling Notepad - Add TCP/IP data block size configuration settings - Add SMTP Rules - Add Admin HTTP Server configuration - Add Mail HTTP Server configuration - Try to support multilink RAS connections (needs more testing - volunteers welcome) - Allow only Monitoring of large messages - Connect to ISP SMTP server on LAN connections even if no outgoing messages are needed (makes incoming SMTP connections using a router work properly) - Try to work better with some flawed WINSOCK implementations - Try to reduce the occurrences of the 'No More Data' error by not trusting the Microsoft documentation or the ISP implementation. - Improve performance of group lists & the Lists property page - Make Connections work if OutMail is set, even if there are no In Mails associated with that Connection. Bug Fixes ---------- - Copy pending messages when deleting a user from the Web Admin interface. - Fix a security loophole in the Web Mail interface - Make non-recognised formats into attachments in Web Mail interface - Fix bug when downloading large attachments via the Web Mail interface - Fix incoming SMTP wait delay - Mail 'InMail:' download rule condition use the In Mail ID rather than the sequence number - Make NT password checking working in all places instead of just the POP3 server - On mailing list members import remove duplicate entries - Check if Users & Groups conflict - Fix the 'LDAP' & 'Mail HTTP' server 'Allowed IP Address' settings - Don't use RAS functions if RAS was installed in the past and has been uninstalled - Don't add the default domain to NULL return addresses - Fix problem with very large recipient addresses - Fix transmission receipts with LAN forwarding & MX routing - Don't add global signature to unrecognised MIME message sections - Make urgent mail go immediately even if another connection happened recently Version 1.3.2 ============== Enhancements ------------- - Allow better customisation of Web Mail message list - Log online time & number of connections on Daily Summary log - Allow download rules to be limited to certain In Mail settings - Make download rules work with wildcards instead of just substrings - Improve wildcard operation to allow multiple *s and ?s - Allow VPOP3 Extension windows to be shown for debugging and hidden for normal operation (previously they could only be hidden) - Improve performance - Add option to monitor a random sample of messages - Allow changing of MX sending parameters through GUI - Improve MX sending performance - Improve MX sending DNS lookup reliability - Improve MX sending warning/error message control - Allow sending of ETRN command to a different host than the OutMail server - Add option to modify mailing list message subject lines - Allow a 'welcome' message to be sent to new users when they are created - Add a few more tuning options to Tuning window - Allow SMTP server to reject unknown messages at the SMTP level rather than generating a bounce message afterwards - Allow SMTP server to have a global maximum message size - Make VPOP3 handle badly behaving SMTP servers which reject a EHLO command and then fail to work again - Allow 'Domain Filters' on the Out Mail tab allow filtering on FROM as well as TO - Add 'Clear Detail' and 'Copy Detail' to status window - Add MX sending thread count to status window progress bar Bug Fixes ---------- - Prevent removal of currently logged on administrator through the web interface - Remove old mailing list digest messages - Fix In Queued message counts with VPOP3 File Transfer - Fix External Address Book Export/Import with multiline fields - Make 'xxxALLOWED.DAT' files format more consistent - Fix appending HTML messages to messages generated by VPOP3 - Fix bug with 'Treat as *REMOTE' or 'unrecognised local mail to ISP' - Change Internet mail reply addresses with MX sending as well as SMTP relay sending - Fix disk free space calculations - Fix crash if DNS query times out - Fix bug with VPOP3 encrypted messages with some email clients - Fix 'Don't reconnect if a connection happened recently' bug Version 1.3.1 ============== Enhancements ------------- - Add facility to remove waiting messages from the admin web interface - Add facility to define 'In Mail' settings from the admin web interface - Add facility to 'Log Off' the admin & user web interfaces - Support HTML authentication instead of HTTP authentication for user web interface (admin web interface still uses HTTP authentication) - Allow sending of an attachment with the web mailer (if the web browser supports it) - Performance enhancements for busy systems - Add 'Add Mapping' facility to admin web interface - Add mailing list moderation to user web interface - Add CC, BCC and multiple recipients to web mailer - Allow list names in daily summary logs - Allow VPOP3 to check NT passwords as well as VPOP3 passwords - Allow archiving of error files to be optional - Add basic message file encryption option (for local storage files) - Add MX retry time setting, so it won't retry immediately in some setups - Add 'Authentication Method' on the 'In Mail' page - Try to prevent mailer_daemon loops - Add facility to query Status from the Mailer_Daemon - Add 'TimeNow' and 'DayNow' to Download Rules conditions - Support 'Redirect & Ask' download rule action - Process mailing list messages in the background - Allow the return code of Extension programs to be ignored - Add 'Domain Mappings' facility - If download size limit is set and 'leave messages on server' is turned off, still try to report the message header if possible - Add support for APOP authentication with ISP POP3 server - Add fix for bug in MS Internet mail - Add 'Allow Connections On' setting validation - Do dummy checks on some settings - Move some settings to more obvious places - Add 'Delete Archive Files' and 'Delete Temporary Files' in the VPOP3 Diagnostics tab - Allow copying/moving of messages to an addressee rather than just a mailbox (allows assistants etc to take effect, but it's slower) - Support wildcard * in FROM: and IN: mappings - Allow user to specify the minimum time between connections - Try to stop using NOOPs when sending messages (to stop upsetting buggy ISP servers) - Support SMTP authentication both on server & client - Allow sending of all SMTP errors to administrator instead of message sender - Have MX sending DNS cache - Multithread MX sending - Allow truncated DNS responses for MX sending without causing an error - More efficient DNS processing for MX sending - Better MX sending error handling - Allow bad SMTP 'RCPT TO:' commands (from Outlook) - Support bad ESMTP processing Outlook 98/Outlook Express - Allow administrator to turn off proper delivery notification reports to allow them to be read by Outlook (which can't handle the proper format) - Allow Disk space checking to be turned off - Improve simple autoresponders to allow: - setting of Reply-to: address - insertion of MIME attachments - setting of To: address - append only headers of incoming message - Have a short delay between successive Connections (to support some ISDN adapters which report a disconnection too early) Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix replying in the web mailer - Allow viewing of attachments from Admin web interface - Fix 'Allow Connections On' for web mailer - Timeout on DNS queries if there is no response (stop lockups for some people) - Remove password from list digest messages - Handle locally sent messages to digests properly - Workaround for NT peculiarity with error codes '0 - success' - Fix to Web mailer for some attachments - Fix bugette in groups drop-down list if no groups are defined - Trim SMTP: from incoming messages to stop unwanted LAN forwarding - Ignore return code from RSET after EHLO if ESMTP not supported - Fix signature addition in some MIME messages - Be more relaxed about SMTP command formats. - Allow HELO with no hostname (for Internet FAX machines) - Don't generate duplicate error reports if a problem sending a local message Version 1.3.0b ============== Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix bug where 'Main Administrator' is not always set correctly the first time VPOP3 is run (causing stack faults when downloading messages) Version 1.3.0a ============== Enhancements ------------- - Write LAN forwarding users to 'SMTPFWD.USE' to keep track of which users VPOP3 is forwarding it (only if LAN forwarding is limited (less than 25 user licence) Bug Fixes ---------- - Validate schedule before accepting it from web admin - Prevent loops when Mailer_Daemons talk to each other.. - Remember digest processing time has passed even if no digest is created - Trim message subjects before comparing for digest threading - Be more resiliant about file sharing problems in External Router - Support 'Display-Name' and 'Surname' LDAP attributes - Don't respond with blank attributes (confuses some versions of Outlook 98) - Fix 'WHICH' listserver command - Fix HTML encoding of 'From' address in web Mail reader - Handle foreign character encoding in HTML - Fix space handling in quoted-printable encoding - Allow 'In Mail' passwords with spaces in (for the improperly implemented POP3 servers which some ISPs have) - Fix small problem with LAN forwarding which could lead to duplicate messages - Remote mappings use original address instead of just username - Stop sending unnecessary spaces in SMTP commands (upsets some touchy ISP mail servers) - Fix occasional crash when there's a DNS problem - Try to stop erroneous 'Incoming' status indication - Be better at removing multiple mailing list sigs when they're encoded in different methods - Write userlist when the initial user is created, preventing crashes if only a single user exists - Keep LAN Forwarding create date stamp constant (seems to change on 'Rename' in some file systems) to help LAN forwarding work properly. - Better LAN forwarding error reporting Version 1.3.0 ============== Enhancements ------------- - Do validation of username/password in 'Edit User' web browser command - Add 'Add User' command in web browser - Add date/time to status log viewer in web browser - Allow registry setting to turn of background processing (for people who don't need it, and want to be able to run things like ScanDisk on the same disk that VPOP3 is running). - Add downloaded message size in status log viewer - Allow more use of wildcards in SMTP forwarding - Change 'SMTP Forwarding' to 'LAN Forwarding' to try to reduce confusion Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix 'Delete User' command in web browser - Fix '&' in web browser list commands again - Only generate 'bad mailer-daemon message' error messages for locally sent messages (to stop loops of mailer-daemons talking to each other) - Change External Router to make it a bit more forgiving of the order things happen in NT - Fix a bug which could cause lockups if using MX routing for outgoing mail - Fix placement bug of status window if taskbar is at top or left - Fix the 'Generate RAS Errors' checkbox - Allow use of mappings to Listserver - Stop VPOP3 creating a C:\HOUSEKEEPER directory each time it runs Version 1.2.10 ============== Enhancements ------------- - Allow setting Mailing list welcome/unsubscribe/signature from web browser administration - Add 'Send Local Mail for unrecognised users to ISP' option - Allow configuration of HTTP admin server separately from Telnet admin server - Allow configurable SMTP Forwarding retry time - Allow configurable 'REPLY-TO:' field for listserver responses - Add WHICH listserver command - Allow moderators always to do a USERS command, even if normal users can't - Sort HTTP mail reader messages in reverse date/time order - Allow simple wildcard expansion (single '*') in mappings, local domains & accepted domains - Allow import/export of mappings - Show licence key in registration dialog - Put loop checks into local address expansion routines - If 'Sender' appears in a message header, but not 'From', then copy Sender to From (for Outlook peculiarity..) - Allow creating "plain text" DSN error reports instead of the proper format for non-conforming email clients (set via registry) Bug Fixes ---------- - Allow setting of 'Distribute message to sender' for mailing lists from web browser administration - Support MX mail routing configuration from web browser administration - Fix security loophole allowing access to arbitary files using HTTP servers - Fix date format in list digest messages - Fix error reporting on file memory mapping errors (eg 'Failed to open xxxx.xxx (0 - operation succeeded)' - Fix crash getting LDAP address book entry details - Be consistent with mailing list message originator addresses (use Reply-To entry for both subscriptions and membership checks) - Fix support for '&' character in HTTP admin/mail pages - Fix crash in MSN support under Windows 95 - Ensure HOUSEKEEPER & HOUSEKEEPER\MAILLIST directories exist where necessary - Allow setting of 'FAX Server Mailbox' to '<None>' - Fix DSN failure reporting in SMTP forwarding - Fix local DSN delivery reports - Create DSN error messages for SMTP failures even if original mail client didn't ask specifically for them - Make INCLUDE: simple autoresponder tag get file from mailbox directory instead of unspecified location - Fix mailing list signatures with quoted-printable encoding Version 1.2.9 ============== Enhancements ------------- - Add List maintenance using Admin HTTP server - In daily summary logs format message size totals using commas between thousands where applicable - In daily summary logs allow configurable (via registry) 'account idle time' - Add 'Setup Helper' - Allow first user to be configured by the installer rather than defaulting to postmaster/admin - Add support for Import/Export external addressbook - Make HTTP mail viewer jump to start of message (skipping message header) - Check for server disk space when sending/receiving messages - Try to support MSN authentication (not fully tested yet - feedback welcome) - Add ETRN support for Incoming SMTP mail - Add 'Use SMTP Forwarding' to In Mail -> Routing window - Add optional 'don't distribute to sender' option for mailing lists - Add 'Use SMTP Forwarding' to the user configuration options - Improve error checking in Edit User window - Support alternate telephone numbers for RAS dialing (via registry setting) - Add a 'ROUTING.LOG' file - Enhance 'Fax mailbox' facility for FAXmaker so that it allows '.' characters for specifying recipient name/company - Add default 'postmaster' routing to 'recipient of messages for unrecognised users'. Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix NT Service 'Stop Service' function - Minor typographical errors in Admin HTTP server - Fix year 2038 bug - Add quotes around filename parameters when calling external programs - Fix possible deadlock in ListServer when subscribing to a list - Fix responses from Listserver to address response to original local sender instead of their mailbox name - Close/create sockets on automatic retries instead of reusing sockets (fixes problem with some routers) - Fix POP3 progress bar action - Fix SMTP incoming & VPOP3 File Transfer with multiple In Mail configurations - Allow aborting of POP3 server if the email client disconnects whilst retrieving a message - Save registry after importing lists - Fix bug with MX routing Out Mail page - Limit socket timeouts to 1 hour (because some people were setting it even longer and encountering a Windows bug) - Fix bug with not being able to set Complex Schedule in some cases - Update 'Hold' count when deleting held messages - Fix Router 'Special Fields' processing to allow email addresses without an '@' sign. - Fix 'Fax server' facility to close security loophole for external users sending faxes via your network. - Fix OutMail distribution for anti-relay filters - Fix SMTP forwarding 'MAIL FROM:' address - Make outgoing threshold on schedules not count 'held' messages - Fix SMTP logon sequence for Mercury SMTP servers - Change SMTP Forwarding usage counter to count target addresses instead of source addresses - Add terminating " to status window text for MX outgoing mail routing - Fix syntax checking of SMTP 'Mail FROM:' commands - Fix bug where status window item date/time doesn't match the item text - Fix bug with moderated mailing list messages where the moderator's response is encoded quoted-printable (eg foreign characters) - Allow mailing list digest members to post to the main list - Fix multiple mailing list sig removal to handle multiple blank lines in sigs Version 1.2.8 ============== Enhancements ------------- - Vastly improve HTTP Admin server - Add 'MAPPING LIST' telnet Admin command (alias for 'MAPPING DISPLAY') - Add incoming IP address checking for all VPOP3 TCP/IP services (using xxxxAllowed.DAT files) - Add RAS/DUN error reporting - Add ESMTP support to both SMTP client & server (only extended command is DSN - Delivery Service Notification) - Allow messages to Mailer_Daemon to be sent from non-local addresses as well as local addresses - Add 'Outmail processor' extension capability - Add environment variables to autoresponders, external routers, outmail processor, post-connect/pre-disconnect extensions - Performance enhancements to LDAP server - Add support for reading VCF files into the LDAP external address book - Add MIME support to HTTP mail reader (allows multipart MIME messages and allows downloading of MIME attachments from a web browser) - Add support for sending messages to the HTTP mail reader - Add support for changing basic user settings by a user using a web browser - Add support for 'Groups' of similarly configured users to have their settings all changed at once - Add support to enable/disable mailbox access to 'Groups' of users easily - Add property page validation for some common configuration errors - Add 'Forwarding Lists' functionality to LISTS page - Automatically set new username/passwords from RAS phonebook where possible - Allow scanning of 'Received:' message headers in reverse order (ie bottom to top instead of top to bottom) - Allow importing of 'Forwarding Lists' from a text file (useful for distributed sites) - Add 'MX Routing' (direct sending) option for outgoing mail - Allow deleting of multiple external address book entries at once - Allow global header modifiers for all outgoing messages - Allow configurable timeouts for all VPOP3 "extensions" - Add 'Copy Message' and 'Hold Message' to queue browser - Support company.name.faxnumber@localdomain format of addressing for FAXmaker for VPOP3. - Handle 'RESENT-' header fields - Alter 'MAIL FROM' on forwarded messages so it appears to be sent from a local address for some ISP anti-relay filters - Global sigs & mailing list sigs should be added to multipart MIME HTML/text messages correctly now - Enhance the 'Received:' header fields - Strip multiple mailing list sigs - Beta version expiry is now Feb 1999 - Don't allow going back to 5 user evaluation if licence expires or is invalid - require a new licence code instead - this reduces the risk of losing user settings if a licence code isn't entered in time. - Log online time to CONNECT.LOG Bug Fixes ---------- - Write results of 'MAPPING REMOVE' telnet admin command to disk immediately command - Fix problems with long line/paragraph lentsh in incoming/outgoing messages - Fix problems with Outlook & LDAP server where duplicated 'display names' exist in the external addressbook database - Better error handling for UIDL record files - Check FROM mappings - Fix setting of some properties on new LISTS - Set title of 'Add User'/'Edit User' window properly - Disable 'Internet message size' box if Internet mail sending isn't allowed - Fix the check for dangling mappings on removing a user. - Fix handling of very short messages (<100 bytes) - Fix bug when SUBJECT line is the last line in the message header - Bounce messages now come from 'Mailer_Daemon' with 'Reply-To: postmaster' - Add 'am/pm' to status window times when appropriate - Fix status window "log" when first opened - Fix Windows 98/Winsock 2 crash when shutting down VPOP3 - Fix icon update problem Version 1.2.7 ============== Enhancements ------------- - Status page in HTTP Admin server - Optionally show idle accounts in daily summary log - Allow you to 'ban' members from mailing lists - Add External address book to LDAP server - Allow user to specify a sound when mail arrives via POP3 - Create a CONNECT.LOG showing all connections and summaries of connection activity - Add 'Max Post Size' to mailing list configuration - Add a HTTP server to allow people to read their mail using a web browser - Add 'ListServer' to 'Mapping' target list - Handle 'Resent-From:' field as well as 'From:' and 'Sender:' fields - Allow disconnection of LAN connections - Add support for right-clicking status window items to get more information Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix error message with telnet admin server 'CONN STOP' command - Don't flush registry between every property page, only on property sheet closing - Prevent SRVRUIDL file growing too big when duplicate UIDLs are present at the ISP (normally due to them using the X-UIDL: header line) - Don't show control tooltips when running NT (work around for bug in NT common controls which causes them to malfunction if subclassed) - Ensure a space exists between Subject: and the subject text (for some Macintosh email clients which don't adhere to RFC822) - Fix '.' padding when sending messages using SMTP - Installer will shutdown VPOP3 before starting - Installer will run the migration tool properly even in directories with spaces in Version 1.2.6 ============== Enhancements ------------- - Flush registry changes after changes - should hopefully make the changes stick even if NT crashes (due to other software) before shutdown - Change VPOP3 to use .DAT files now instead of .TMP files - Add External routing facility (through external software) - Add 'USERS' command to ListServer - Add Custom Unsubscribe message for mailing lists - Allow reporting of bad messages to ListServer to the administrator - Support LDAP V3 as well as V2 (for Outlook Express/Outlook 98) - Add 'Received:' header when downloading using POP3 (for tracing) - Allow restricting access to POP3 & SMTP servers by client IP address - Add 'SlowPosting' attribute to mailing lists - sends a copy of the message to each member, with their address in the 'To:' field, rather than a single copy with each member BCC'd - Add count of suspended members to 'List Advanced' window - Allow informing the moderator of a mailing list of unsubscriptions only, instead of subscriptions & unsubscriptions - Allow moderator to turn on/off the use of the 'USERS' command for each mailing list - Add tooltips to some controls & more context sensitive help - Allow setting of VPOP3 "Extensions" on the 'Misc' page. Extensions are external programs which VPOP3 runs on certain events. - Add 'Anti-relay' settings to the Tuning page. - Allow setting of autoresponders/finger/LDAP information during 'Add User' as well as 'Edit user' - Add 'MaxHops' setting to reduce occurrences of infinite loops (eg in SMTP forwarding) - Add 'Show Detail' to the control menu of the status window (as well as being able to double-click the caption). - Improve operation of remote moderators of mailing lists - Make 'wait' cursor disappear if VPOP3 is run with command line options when it's already running. - Improve reliability of task-tray icon appearing when logging on in NT - If a CONNECT.NOW file is put in VPOP3 directory, it will connect immediately - Add basic HTTP administration server (port 5107) - Keep attachments visible in error messages - Handle ' and " in 'single email address' processing Bug Fixes ---------- - Put POP3 Client/SMTP Client/SMTP Forwarding summary back into summary logs - Handle multi-line subject lines in messages - 'Enable Inmail' message to Mailer_Daemon is now case insensitive - Enable/Disable Inmail changes are immediately stored in the registry - Handle blank autoresponse messages from external autoresponders - Fix problem when deleting the first 'InMail' configuration - Make keyboard accelerators work again in property pages. - Handle addresses with spaces in properly - Fix '~@domain' mappings - Fix 'Reply-To:' field in ListServer subscription notifications messages - Don't send error reports/transmission receipts to external users (eg if a message is being forwarded to an external assistant and the initial sender asked for receipts). - Remove multiple X-Server: header fields (eg if VPOP3 is used in a hierarchical system). - Don't add mailing list signature twice to moderated mailing list messages - Try to fix inqueue message count which happens sometimes. - Only delete messages after download if 'Don't leave messages on server' is enabled. Version 1.2.5 ============== Enhancements ------------- - Make LDAP server support more attributes than the basic 'Common Name' and 'mail' attributes - Allow 'In Mail' configurations to be simply enabled/disabled individually - Allow messages to 'Mailer_Daemon' to enable/disable an individual's 'In Mail' configuration. - Allow 'Forward To:' addresses to be enabled/disabled simply - Allow messages to 'Mailer_Daemon' to be used to set/enable/disable 'Forward To:' settings - Support Home User version. - Make list subscription notification messages to moderators come 'From:listserver@..' with 'Reply-To: <subscriber>' - Skip blank lines in LIST output from ISP POP3 servers (to work with some buggy ISPs) - Always send STAT before a LIST command to an ISP POP3 server (to work with some buggy ISPs which can't handle a LIST command on an empty mailbox) - Allow Simple Schedule times wrap around midnight. - Support a maximum limit on outgoing message sizes per user. - Support configurable bounce messages - Make 'SMTP' progress bar go up slightly for large recipient lists as well as for sending data - Make backup of USER.LST if a temporary licence expires - Write useful information stats to VPOP3.LOG when VPOP3 starts up (for problem determination use). - Allow you to prefix mappings with 'In:' to only allow the mapping to work on incoming email (useful for handling incoming messages from mailing lists) Bug Fixes ---------- - Make LDAP server work with Microsoft Windows Address Book - Fix '<Unknown Subject>' bug - Fix minor 'SMTP Incoming' configuration bug. - Make POP3 progress bar proceed smoothly again - Fix 'Error 10038' problems. Version 1.2.4 ============== Enhancements ------------- - Basic LDAP server - Mailing list signatures - Mailing list digests - Support a new 'VPOP3 File Transfer' method for sending files between two VPOP3 servers without requiring TCP/IP (eg with Windows 95 dial-in server) - Support in/out/local message monitoring - Add 'Tuning' window to 'Diagnostics' page. - Support 'incoming only' 'Mappings' - Add 'Message-Id' on all messages sent through VPOP3 if it isn't already there - Add 'Keep Summaries' option on 'Logging' page Bug Fixes ---------- - In Download rules - change '*' for any header field to 'Any:' Version 1.2.3 ============== Enhancements ------------- - Add more tuning settings in the registry - Allow the setting of one or more SMTP servers per 'Connection' - Have 'domain filters' for limiting what mail can be sent for each 'Connection' (eg for remote, internal mail servers) - Separate 'Out Mail' (one per 'Connection') and 'In Mail' (used to be 'Mail Server') property pages - Allow administrator to indicate that some people can't send mail onto the Internet - Allow changing of Reply-To, From, Return-Receipt-To: etc addresses when sending Internet mail (to allow different internal & Internet addresses) - Add header name '*' in Download Rules (to match any header field) - Put file size in download rule 'Ask' messages - Allow user to respond to download rule 'Ask' messages with a 'DELETE' command - Allow modification of where Mappings are redirected when a user is deleted. - Optional sounds at certain times (eg connecting, disconnecting, starting, stopping etc) - Better keyboard integration (Ins/Del key, Ctrl-TAB etc) - Allow making all 'Unknown recipients are *REMOTE' for distributed sites. - Allow setting an SMTP Forwarding rule for 'unrecognised' addresses (using ~). - Local address SMTP forwarding using the '*' wildcard - Retry SMTP forwarding for up to 72 hours (with a warning after 3 hours) - In routing "Special header fields", allow the part which VPOP3 should look for be prefixed & suffixed with constant text if that's what the ISP provides. - Show 'To:' in Outqueue browser instead of 'From:' - Remote adding/removing members from mailing list by moderator sending a command to ListServer - on ASK download - the message is deleted according to the Leave Messages on Server setting if the message is downloaded - On ASK download - the time to leave the message on the server, before being deleted due to no response, is configurable via the Registry. - On the 'Received:' header line added by VPOP3, allow the host name to be defined in registry - Leave UIDLs to 3 days before deleting if not in UIDL command results (to get around problems with Demon Internet and others). - Allow sorting of queue browser messages by date - Allow a standard SIG for all outgoing mail - If Route Local Mail Locally is off, then 'Local Domains' aren't used. - Show number of users allocated on 'Users' -> 'Advanced' page. - Configurable delay for clients after connecting (default 0.2 secs, can be changed through registry settings) - Allow clients to silently retry before reporting an error (default 5 times, can be changed through registry settings) - Allow administrator to force use of the 'APOP' authentication method - Allow use of RPA for Compuserve - Allow <Include filename> in simple autoresponders - Autoresponders - allow tracking of previously responded to addresses and VPOP3 can be told not to respond to the same address again. - External autoresponders - put inputs into environment variables instead of control file. - External autoresponders - trim leading/trailing spaces off control file entries - especially subject - Have 'Complex Schedule' editing page - Add a 'group' field to user configuration - simply for sorting - Add a 'Forwarding Address' to user configuration as well as 'Assistant' - Add an 'incoming SMTP' button on the 'In Mail' page, and have different configuration controls - More icons on 'Users' list display - to make it easier to see. - Add *@domain mappings (anyone@domain) - Add ~@domain mappings (unknown@domain) - Allow Routing of Fred <jim@aol.com> or "Fred" <jim@aol.com> for use with a single email address (improvement to (mailbox)address@domain method). - Add "Delete silently" action to download rules - Add "Download & Delete" action to download rules - Complex schedules - Allow setting of global/individual send thresholds - Basic autoresponder - initial one includes <keep> and is more sensible - lots of people didn't understand this... - Have 'progress' text in the status window (toggle-able) - eg 'retrieving message x' - Add delay after attempting to log on incorrectly. Bug Fixes --------- - If a large message is being sent, VPOP3's scheduler would think there is outgoing mail to be sent, even though it may be a local message. - If the Default User has an assistant which isn't recognised, don't go into an infinite loop. - Fix HTML format summary log messages Version 1.2.2 ============== - Limited release beta Version 1.2.1 ============== - Limited release beta Version 1.2.0d ============== Bug Fixes ---------- Fix problem with sending certain large MIME text attachments Version 1.2.0c ============== Bug Fixes ---------- Workaround for Outlook & large attachments Fix to Admin server and *REMOTE mappings Version 1.2.0b ============== Bug Fixes ---------- Installer of 1.2.0a didn't work on Windows NT Version 1.2.0a ============== Bug Fixes ---------- Fix hang if you send a large message whilst VPOP3 is already sending a message (introduced in 1.1.10) Version 1.2.0 ============== Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix default domain additions on addresses including quoted strings with commas - Hopefully fix 'Error 183' error reports - Unlock mailbox after incorrect logon attempt when another logon attempt is made immediately afterwards without disconnecting first - Don't acknowledge the POP3 'QUIT' command until all tidying up has been finished - Process password changes after 'NEWPASS' command rather than QUIT command - Check that POP3 client starts before SMTP client Version 1.1.12 ============== Bug Fixes --------- - Prevent too many users being added in the 'Admin Server' (causing VPOP3 to refuse to start properly next time). - Fix one occurence of the 'ListServer' name which wasn't using the registry setting - Fix default mailing list header modifiers - Remove unnecessary logging for RAS connections (it looks as if the bug we was trying to track down is actually an NT bug...) - Make mailing list messages have a return address of the moderator instead of the message originator. - Fix the 'Yellow dialog' problem which some people experienced under NT (another NT bug which we've now used a workaround to avoid). Version 1.1.11 ============== Bug Fixes --------- - Fix hang when a RAS timeout occurs - Fix crash with some download rules - Remove spurious logging - Attempt to fix 'yellow' property pages in NT - Fix () method of routing messages - Increase size of 'Max Download Size' to 6 digits - Make 'Received:' headers work with mapped incoming addresses Version 1.1.10 ============== Enhancements ------------- - Make ListServer name configurable through registry - Support email bouncing for unrecognised users - Copy Mail Server settings when making a new 'Mail Server' - A bit of reorganisation of some dialogs to make it more logical - Allow users to be removed from 'Everyone' list - Make an 'ERRORS.LOG' to separate errors from general trace messages in VPOP.LOG - Have a different toolbar icon if outgoing mail is waiting to be sent. Bug Fixes --------- - Start using PC-Lint for extra error checks - Fix some Admin Server 'CONN' commands (SOCKS, PRIMARY, RENAME) - More error checking in RAS/Autoresponders/ - Fix some download rules bugs - Better error checking when reading SRVRUIDL.DAT file - Better consistency checking on some dialogs to disallow bad configuration. - Process first VALID 'Received' header rather than just first header - Fix sending of new outgoing messages whilst online - Fix bugs in mail header modifier code - Fix Local IP address detection code for Windows 95 - Remove Mailing lists properly - Fix some spurious disconnections for no apparent reason (there was a reason it just wasn't obvious to the user) Version 1.1.9 ============== Bug Fixes --------- - Fix bug which would prevent Demon users connecting most of the time. Version 1.1.8 ============== Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix a minor help file mis-link - Add more error checking/reporting to external autoresponders - Support 'Reply-To' field in autoresponders properly - Fix download progress bar if message sizes are not retrieved during a download (because they are not necessary) - Fix default new Mail Server name - Fix member suspension when switching a list between distribution list and mailing list - Fix occasional bad queue viewer window - Fix crash when editing the custom welcome message for a new mailing list - Fix bug with mailing list header modifications - Fix menu 'Connect Now' if the single defined connection isn't the first - Prevent multiple connections at the same time - Try to prevent a connection restarting immediately after it has just finished (this could happen if, for instance, an AutoConnect happened just after a Manual Connect had been started). - Fix bug which would cause VPOP3 to hangup after a single mail server download even if there was more than one mail server on the connection (this bug was introduced in 1.1.7) Version 1.1.7 ============== Enhancements ------------- - Add HTML formatting for message summary logs - Add support for inward SMTP mail delivery - Add support for removal of duplicate messages - Detect VPOP3 server's LAN address and pre-load 'Local Server' page comboboxes - Handle multiple message deletes in the queue browser. - Enhance 'Special Routing Fields', so they can contain certain fixed text in the data (esp. for Pipex). - Change to work with VC++ 5.0 (should lead to performance improvements). Bug Fixes ---------- - List icons change correctly when changing between distribution and mailing lists - Header modifiers get set up correctly when creating mailing lists - Set/Query assistant via mail works properly - Add quotes around command line parameters to external autoresponders - Fix some bugs in transmission receipt address detection and handling - Fix crash in 1.1.6 when running under NT. - Fix bug with *REMOTE mapping which was introduced at some point recently - Fix byte stuffing of termination character in some cases Version 1.1.6 (limited circulation release) ============================================ Enhancements ------------- - Add more functionality to the admin server - Add support for setting/querying your assistant by email. - Add 'Or' condition linking with download rules - Add custom mailing list welcome messages - If a valid listserver command has been received, then ignore any invalid commands in the same message. - Support APOP authentication - Support custom mailing list header modifications - Support temporary suspension of list members - Allow VPOP3 to use other RAS connections even if 'AutoConnect' is turned off - Support more reliable uninstalls - Allow command line command '/REG:xxx' to specify a registry key (you can still only run one instance of VPOP3 at once). The default is '/REG:VPOP3' - If connection is a LAN or AutoConnect connection, then trigger a message send immediately if it's turned on (in the Misc page). Bug Fixes ---------- - Performance improvements when downloading messages (only call 'LIST' and 'TOP' if necessary). - Fix the 'Domain to add to unqualified addresses' code (it would go wrong with a long list of recipients) - Handle the user turning off 'leave messages on server' without redownloading all messages. - Fix the 'Maximum Connection Log Size' setting - Fix some message routing problems - Make 'Manual' appear in status window instead of 'Never'. - Improve SMTP client detection of ISP server errors - Attempt to add recovery from socket 'accept' errors - Fix detection of mailing list members if 'Allow members to post' is turned on. - Fix status window position checking code so that it can be positioned at the bottom of the screen. - Recalculate outqueue size before deciding whether or not to do a connection. - Truncate text in status window if necessary - Fix connection/server numbering in the Status Window Version 1.1.5 ============== Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix bug with VPOP3 not hanging up sometimes. Version 1.1.4 ============== Enhancements ------------- - Improvements to Admin Server (Mappings, 'QLOGIN', slight reorganisation of some commands) - Add optional daily 'Summary Log' to default user - Improve error logging/reporting - New 'Local Mail' configuration page should make local mail handling clearer! - Let 'Shutdown' be disabled on menu (a 'Shutdown' menu is added to the 'Admin' page). - Allow configuration of autoresponders/user Finger information from 'Edit User' page. - Allow immediate sending of outgoing mail during a connection, rather than waiting until next connection. - Allow selection of a 'trigger' level for outgoing mail (rather than a predefined level of '1'). - Status window 'Next Poll Time' now shows when the next connection WILL take place, rather than when it MAY take place. - Allow a port to be specified for SMTP Forwarding. - Add a default domain to unqualified addresses in message headers. - Add configurable socket timeouts. - Add 'AppendMsg' autoresponder tag. - Add 'Always on Top' option to status window. - Add Contact email & web address to Info page. Bug Fixes ---------- - Don't use Demon Extensions unless 'Route By Recipient' is also specified. - Fix numbering of Mail Servers - Improve speed of display of 'Status' window (it was occasionally very slow). - If a special recipient header (eg 'X-Apparently-To:') is found, then ignore all other recipient headers (eg 'To:'). - Fix a case sensitivity "bug" in the message router when dealing with distribution lists. - Fix a loophole in licencing WRT SMTP Forwarding. - Fix field separators in Priority Header handling. - Autoresponders can send messages to 'mappings'. - Recalculate the next time if the system time is changed. - Show the icon in the taskbar automatically if a user logs off & back on again. - Make the Win95 'Service' option work properly. Version 1.1.3 ============== Enhancements ------------- - Added Finger server - Finger & Password server ports can be configured and/or turned off - Basic prototype remote administration server implemented - Cope with bug in Outlook's SMTP client implementation Bug Fixes ---------- - Fixed quite a few bugs in the SMTP forwarding code - Fix cosmetic bug in 'Last Poll' time when first installed - Be more flexible in handling of return-receipt lines Version 1.1.2 ============== Private release Version 1.1.1 ============== Enhancements ------------- - Allow error messages for 'Unknown Users' to be routed to a user other than the default user if desired. - Add SMTP Forwarding (see help file) - A 'Help' option is now on the taskbar icon - Right-click menus now work on Users, Mappings and Queue Browser - A new 'user' called '*OutQueue' is listed on the Users page to make it more obvious that you can browse the out-queue as well is user mailboxes. - Add 'Password change server' which can be used from Eudora (or manually - search the help for 'Password Changing'). - Allow 'Routing according to recipient comment', ie mail to (simon)james@myisp.com can be sent to simon instead of james. Bug Fixes ---------- - Assigning an assistant at creation time works properly now. - The slow method of 'leaving messages on server' will now ignore the 'Status:' line (which the ISP server may change between connections) Version 1.1.0 ============== Version 1.1.0 is the released version of 1.0.8. There are NO code changes (only the version number has changed).x Version 1.0.8 ============== Bug Fixes ---------- - Mailing list members with '=' in their addresses get processed correctly - Remote mailing list administrators should work correctly Version 1.0.7 ============== Enhancements ------------- - Allow the administrator to turn off the parsing of 'Recieved:' header fields - Allow the administrator to customise certain ListServer messages - Support locking of OutQueue and viewing/deleting of messages in that queue - Add 'undocumented' method of retrying LAN connections - Allow local mappings with '@' in to improve multiple domain support Bug Fixes ---------- - The installation script now removes the NT service before re-installing it - The code to prevent multiple simultaneous startups of VPOP3 has been improved. This should prevent the errors when using the NT service - It now works with Japanese text - It should work with broken mailer software which doesn't terminate lines properly - Fix default SMTP port - If you activate the property page when it's already open, it will come to the front - Prevent automatic connections from being retried if the RAS connection that was to be used has been closed - Fix Transmission notification messages - Make the SOCKS support work with some broken SOCKS servers which return a version number of '4' Version 1.0.6 ============== Bug Fixes ---------- - A couple of problems with the installation script should have been fixed: the placement of the uninstall program & shortcut the setting of the BasePath entry in the registry - The Message Viewer window should remember its size - The default download size rule should only come into effect if you have enabled the download size limit - The problem with the 'Menu Dialling' help topic should have been fixed. - A first attempt at fixing a bug with Japanese messages has been made. Version 1.0.5 ============== Enhancements ------------- - Mappings now support up to 128 characters - Mappings can include '@<domain>' - You can have 'Remote Users' if you want to use it on a several sites (see help file) - You can now have up to 1000 ISP Mail server accounts... - I've changed the way 'Mail Servers' are linked to 'Connections' - The property sheet graphic is a lot nicer (IMHO) - All the property sheet tabs are visible at once - Urgent messages can kick off an immediate connection - Delivery/Transmission receipts can be sent to a message originator - Administrators can delete & view messages from the server now - You can specify an interval between RAS retries - 'External Autoresponders' can be written using PERL etc now (see the help file) - Setting a size limit on the Mail Server page will cause an automatic download rule to be generated if possible - Remove limit of 250 users (and associated limits) - Written a setup program script (and uninstaller) Bug Fixes ---------- - Pressing 'Write Schedule.DAT' reloads the values from the property page before writing the file - The property sheet graphic is properly 'transparent' now - Some Queue Browser update problems have been fixed - Some progress bar problems have been fixed Version 1.0.4 ============== Bug Fix ------- - Fix problem parsing 'From:' field generated by some mailers Version 1.0.3 ============== Enhancements ------------- - Complete Mailing List & ListServer@ functionality. See the help - Add In/Out queue browsers (only basic functionality) - Add progress indicators - Add facility to automatically log on to the properties page - Add option to turn off connection error mail messages - Add support for leaving messages on mail servers which don't support the UIDL command (they must support the TOP command!) Bug Fixes ---------- - Finally fix the time bug - this one only occurred outside the UK - Fix bug if Status window gets minimized - it would remember its position as offscreen. - Modify message header parser to try and cope with some of the rubbish which ISPs let their mail servers produce. Version 1.0.2 ============== Enhancements ------------- - Start adding ListServer@ functionality (only supports HELP and LISTS at the moment, not subscribe/unsubscribe) - Enhanced Routing - Minimize RAS Connection dialog in Win95 Bug Fixes ---------- - Fix silent problem if a zero length file is opened. - A comparison for the 'Mailer_Daemon' pseudo-user name was being carried out case sensitively. It's now case insensitive. Version 1.0.1 ============== Enhancements ------------- - Add Distribution Lists (see help file) - Add AutoResponders (see help file) - MAIL.LOG file generated (summary of messages being sent around) Bug Fixes ---------- - Date format generated by VPOP3 has been corrected - UIDL Errors corrected - Fix bug in redialler Version 1.0.0 ============== Version 1.0 Release - Fix very minor bug with date format in Mailer_Daemon messages - Update documentation Version 0.9.2 ============== Bug fix release - Fix bug which would cause the first header line sent by your email client to be lost - Fix problem causing VPOP3 to find incorrect recipients on some mail from mailing lists Version 0.9.1 ============== Bug fix release - Fix bug when receiving messages for many recipients (not necessarily at your site) - Fix bug when receiving messages for more than one recipient at your site - Eliminate potential problems with logging messages - Add 'ignore' download rule - Add 'recipient' download rule criteria Version 0.9.0 ============== Bug fix release - Add some toolbar icon 'animations' when connected or with pending incoming mail - Fix problem with slightly non-standard headers - Fix problem with Eudora complaining about a badly terminated connection (probably fixes AMEOL problem as well). - Modify autoconnection so that it can just autoconnect once per RAS session, or every 'n' minutes where n is configurable. - Large Performance improvement when receiving large messages - Sort out the SMTP header parser to make it adhere to the standards better. - Handle recipients being rejected by the ISP SMTP server. - Make the status window remember its last position. - Remove some spurious command line parameter error messages - Make log file entries terminate with CRLF rather than just LF. Version 0.7.0 ============== Small bug fix release - Fix bug with "Autoconnect" not connecting unless you have the scheduler also turned on - Add 'SOCKS' V4 support to negotiate a link through a SOCKS V4 Firewall - Fix rare bug in routing messages caused by download rule triggers Version 0.6.9 ============== - Large performance improvement when sending large messages - Proper icons on status & properties dialog - Fix some bugs with automatic connections when RAS connections are made externally - Make automatic connections more flexible by allowing the users to specify which RAS connections are allowed to be used for each POP3 server - Tidy up property sheets (especially 'Connection' and 'Mail Servers') - Make 'Accepted Domains' specific to each mail server - Allow the user to name each POP3 server connection to make life easier for them - Have the idea of an 'assistant' who will receive copies of emails to someone (assistants can be local or remote users). When you assign an assistant you can optionally cause any pending messages to be copied to them immediately. - Tidy up the deletion of a user - Allow any pending messages to be sent to someone else - remove any 'dangling' assistant or mapping links - fix the message count - Ensure no mailbox locks are already present when starting up VPOP3. - Fix crash which would happen if a POP3 client app disconnected before authentication - Fix bug when passing parameters between instances of VPOP3 on NT Version 0.6.8 ============== Intermediate bug fix release - Add command line parameters for various things - Fix bug which sometimes causes it to drop connections which it didn't make - Fix bug which prevents VPOP3 making multiple connections in one go. - Allow VPOP3 to automatically connect to a POP3 server when a RAS connection is made - Fix bug which allows some data validation in property pages to be skipped if the user closes a page at the 'wrong' time. - Make host name comparisons be non=case sensitive - Remove spurious errors when checking user names from some list servers. - Fix occasional error when responding to a 'Mailer_Daemon' message. Version 0.6.7 ============== Minor Maintenance Release - Support 'user@host' in accepted domain list - Allow mail for unknown recipients to be routed to the default user either as error messages or normal mail. Version 0.6.6 ============== - Fix bug when sending to external targets - Attempt to Prevent connection by Demon's SMTP client (must use the Demon POP3 server Version 0.6.5 ============== - Support Multiple POP3 servers - Support Rule based downloading - Ensure that RAS doesn't disconnect an already existing connection - Fix bug when downloading non-ascii characters (such as pound signs) - Slight restructuring to ease some future developments - Allow local mail to be routed via the ISP server if desired - Fix bug when receiving mail without a host name - Error reports from VPOP3 are now more complete (including original message) - Messages for unconfigured users are now reported to the default user as errors instead of just as normal messages. Version 0.6.4 ============== Internal release. Version 0.6.3 ============== - Make scheduling more flexible - allow 'Complex scheduling', see help on SCHEDULE.DAT - Fix some errors in scheduling algorithm - Make error messages come from 'Mailer Daemon' - Send some error message alerts to the 'default user' instead of displaying a message box (and hanging the scheduler..) - Make VPOP3 taskbar icon show in/out queue sizes - Make status dialog smaller & include next poll time. - Status dialog 'Connection Status' now also shows LAN connection status - User logon dialog remembers last logged on user - Added timeout to RAS connection - Fixed RAS bug in NT 4.0 Version 0.6.2 ============== - Route outgoing mail for local recipients directly back into local POP3 mailboxes - Implement UIDL on local POP3 server - Fix termination of local server connections - Add context sensitive help - Fix the 'Mail From:' line being sent to the ISP SMTP server - Allow administrator to specify maximum size of message download - Allow messages to be left on the ISP POP3 server for several days before deletion - Fix some problems with incoming mail routing - Implement TOP on local POP3 server Version 0.6.1 ============== Original Public Beta Release