VPOP3 FaxServer Overview
Contact us: 01484 855800
Contact us: 01484 855800

VPOP3 Faxing

VPOP3 supports faxing using two methods.

Fax Comparison

This comparison is based on a user licence, and sending 2 page faxes per month and incoming faxes.

Software Licence:£0.00
Fax Modem:£0.00£52.99
Monthly Rental:
Faxing Costs:
Initial Cost: £0.00
Monthly Cost:

The plugin cost calculations assume you have a BT business landline with the BT capped rate plan

Fax Pay-As-You-Go

The recommended method with the current version of VPOP3 is to use our Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) solution. This costs £0.07 (+20% VAT if applicable) per page to send faxes to 01/02 UK telephone numbers (different prices may apply to non-UK or other numbers). There is no monthly fee, or minimum monthly spend.

You do not need a fax modem or telephone line for this. This means that for organisations who only send small numbers of faxes, the PAYG solution will be far cheaper than the plugin solution below, as the cost of the fax server plugin, fax modem and telephone line rental will far outweigh the PAYG service charges. It is also simpler for you to use, as you do not have to deal with any problems with fax modems, we handle all that for you.

To use the Fax PAYG solution, you purchase credit for your PAYG account, then the faxes you send use up that credit. You can refill your account at any time. You will need to install a fax printer driver on the PC of each user who wants to be able to send faxes from their PC. The users then print their documents to the fax printer driver which asks for the recipient details. The fax is packaged up and digitally signed by your copy of VPOP3, which then sends the fax across the Internet to our fax gateway servers which process the fax and sends it to the recipient's fax machine.

The fax credit can be used for sending SMS text messages as well.

If you need an incoming fax capability, we can provide a UK number for £7.50 (+20% VAT if applicable) per month which will have the incoming faxes forwarded to a designated email address as PDF attachments. This includes 1000 incoming fax pages per month (contact us for prices for more). This price is considerably cheaper than a dedicated telephone line for a fax machine.


Fax Server Plugin

The VPOP3 FaxServer plugin is a network fax solution which is integrated into VPOP3. It allows users on your network to send faxes through the fax server from any application. Incoming faxes are delivered as images in email to a specified user or users.

The VPOP3 FaxServer plugin is more suited to people who have large faxing requirements, as it requires a phone line for the modem (should be dedicated if you want incoming fax support) as well as an external serial port fax-modem. (USB and internal modems are not supported, but may work, at your own risk). If you have lower requirements for sending faxes, then consider our PAYG service above.

A VPOP3 FaxServer 5 user licence is only £50.00 ($72.50).

Sending Faxes

There are two ways of sending faxes through the VPOP3 FaxServer.

  • Install a special printer driver on each user's PC. The user can then print to this 'VPOP3 Fax Printer' to send any document to a fax number. So, any document you can print, you can now fax! (This is the recommended solution for user faxing from a Windows PC)
  • Send a specially crafted text email message to fax@yourdomain.com. This is intercepted by the VPOP3 FaxServer, which interprets commands in the email message to determine who the fax is to be sent to, and sends the text of your email (along with any attached image files) as a fax. (This allows faxing from an automated script or program, or faxing from non-Windows PCs)

Receiving Faxes

When an incoming fax is received by the VPOP3 FaxServer, it sends it as a TIFF file attachment in an email to a designated user or users. You can tell VPOP3 to send all incoming faxes to a particular user or distribution list, or you can tell VPOP3 to look at the sender's fax ID to decide where to route the incoming fax.

Also, if you have a TAPI compliant PABX with DDI, it is usually possible to configure the PABX so that several DDI numbers get routed to the same physical extension (containing the fax modem). VPOP3 can then find out from the PABX (using TAPI) which actual DDI number was used as the target of the fax, and then route the message according to your rules.