VPOP3 FaxServer Overview
Contact us: 01484 855800
Contact us: 01484 855800

VPOP3 SMS messaging

Current versions of VPOP3 support sending SMS messages to your contacts.

You purchase credit and then every text message you send costs 9p (if a text message is to more than one recipient or over 140 characters in length, then that will be charged at multiples of 9p). This charge is the same wherever in the world the recipient is. You do not need any special equipment or mobile phone contracts to be able to use this service.

You send a text message by sending an email to sms.<number>@<your domain>. Because of this method of sending text messages, you can use all the features of email, such as forwards, distribution lists, etc.

The same credit pool that is used for the SMS messages can also be used for our fax service as well.

To purchase credit for the SMS service, click here: Purchase credit