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Priority Support Terms & Conditions

Our Priority Technical Support service is very low cost (eg Microsoft charge $500 for a single incident for a similar level of support). This means that we have to restrict what it can be used for, or it often gets abused, eg we have had people call us for help with Microsoft Word...

  1. The priority technical support service normal hours are Monday to Thursday 9.15am to 5.00pm and Friday 9.15am to 12 noon. There may be times when availability is reduced, but these will usually be notified on our website in advance. It does not include out-of-hours support.
  2. Our priority technical support service does not offer any guaranteed response time. It depends on what other issues are ongoing. We will always deal with priority technical support requests before other requests.
  3. We do not guarantee resolution of problems. In many cases, the problem is not due to anything we have control over. For instance, problems are often due to Internet provider problems, network problems, hardware problems or conflicting software. We will try to help as much as we can, but we cannot guarantee to be able to solve the problem.
  4. The priority technical support is only for VPOP3 problems. It does not include email client support, hardware support, network support, Windows support, etc. If you want us to support your email clients, network and/or Windows as well, then contact us for a custom quote.
  5. The priority technical support is not a 'managed service' option and does not include remote support for routine management and maintenance. We will not log into your server to add users, change settings, perform upgrades/migrations, etc as part of this service. If you want a managed service, then consider our Managed Hosted VPOP3 solution or contact us for specific pricing for your requirements.
  6. The priority technical support service provides telephone/remote support for up to 10 incidents per year for up to 50 users, then 20 incidents per year for larger licences.
  7. The priority technical support service does not include us calling you back, or us calling third parties (eg ISPs or other software suppliers). You can arrange for them to call us if you wish, but we will not call them.
  8. These terms & conditions are subject to change.

(This version of the terms & conditions is dated 7 April 2020)