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Hosted VPOP3 Service Pricelist

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Unmanaged VPOP3 Hosting

Unmanaged VPOP3 hosting includes VPOP3 Enterprise (POP3/SMTP/IMAP4), spam filtering, virus scanning and VPOP3 upgrades, as well as priority email support and 'server down' telephone support reporting.

You will have 2GB per user of mailbox storage space, and 4GB per user of archive storage space. This is pooled between the users.

Unmanaged hosting does not include any general management work such as adding users/aliases etc, this must be done by yourselves.

If you want us to perform any ad hoc server management work for you, it will be charged at £25 per 30 minutes or part thereof. Telephone technical support is available for a fee of £20 per incident.

For unmanaged hosting, prices range from only £4.50 per user per month for 10 users, down to a mere £1.30 per user per month for 500 users.

Number of Users Monthly Hosting (per month) Yearly Hosting (per year)
Price (£) Price (US$(1))   Price (£) Price (US$(1))  
10 £45.00 $65.25 Buy £450.00 $652.50 Buy
25 £65.00 $94.25 Buy £650.00 $942.50 Buy
50 £90.00 $130.50 Buy £900.00 $1,305.00 Buy
100 £140.00 $203.00 Buy £1,400.00 $2,030.00 Buy
250 £320.00 $464.00 Buy £3,200.00 $4,640.00 Buy
500 £650.00 $942.50 Buy £6,500.00 $9,425.00 Buy

Managed VPOP3 Hosting

Managed hosting includes all the features of the Unmanaged hosting, plus up to 1 hour of management work (eg adding users/aliases etc) per month. It also includes up to 30 minutes of telephone technical support per month. The server will also be actively monitored to watch for any problems.

For managed hosting, prices range from just £5.00 per user per month for 10 users, down to £1.36 per user per month for 500 users.

Number of Users Monthly Hosting (per month) Yearly Hosting (per year)
Price (£) Price (US$(1))   Price (£) Price (US$(1))  
10 £50.00 $72.50 Buy £500.00 $725.00 Buy
25 £75.00 $108.75 Buy £750.00 $1,087.50 Buy
50 £105.00 $152.25 Buy £1,050.00 $1,522.50 Buy
100 £155.00 $224.75 Buy £1,550.00 $2,247.50 Buy
250 £350.00 $507.50 Buy £3,500.00 $5,075.00 Buy
500 £680.00 $986.00 Buy £6,800.00 $9,860.00 Buy


Extra message storage is available for a fee of £8.00 per 25GB per month

Extra archive storage is available for a fee of £8.00 per 50GB per month

Mail backup is available for a fee of £8.00 per 25GB per month

Please add VAT as appropriate (i.e. 20% for purchases within the United Kingdom, or your local VAT rate within the European Union if you don't supply us with your VAT registration number)

  1. Any non UK pound prices shown above are prices for payment by cheque or bank transfer. Credit card payments online are calculated from the UK pound price at the current rate of exchange. Credit card payments by phone or fax are charged in UK pounds, and your card issuer will convert the price to your local currency at their own rate of exchange.
  • The minimum contract period is 6 months, and you must give 1 month notice of terminating the service.
  • If you have purchased the yearly hosting package and terminate the contract at any time other than the anniversary of the commencement of the yearly hosting, you will be charged at the monthly rate for the months you have used (minimum 6 months) up to the time of termination, plus 1 month's extra hosting fee. Any excess remaining from the fee you have paid will be refunded.
  • Set-up time is usually within 1 working day of placing the order. In rare cases it may take 2 working days. During configuration we will usually have to contact you to find out some initial configuration details for your server.
  • You can switch from monthly to yearly hosting and back at any time provided it is at the end of the current hosting period.
  • Any problems with the service will be fixed as soon as possible after we are made aware of them. Usually this will be within 2 hours of the problem being reported, but in cases of hardware failure, it may take up to 8 hours to have a new server in place and configured. If the service is unavailable for more than 8 hours after we have been made aware of the problem for any individual incident, you will receive 1 day's worth of service credit for every hour that the service is unavailable over the first 8 hours, up to a maximum credit of that month's service fees.

Full terms & conditions are available here.

To work out how many mailboxes you need. Simply add the number of users who will be accessing VPOP3 to the number of standalone autoresponders that you will have, and that's the licence size you will need (email aliases, mailing lists & distribution lists do not count as users).

If you need to increase your hosting package size, you can do so at any time by contacting who will be able to advise you of the new fee which will be based on the new size and how far through your current payment period you are.

Educational and Charity Discounts

A 20% reductions is available on VPOP3 hosting packages purchased by educational establishments or registered charities which pay in sterling and request the discount at the time of order. Orders must be accompanied by official purchase orders.

Unregistered charities and other non-profit organisations may be eligible for a discount, please contact our sales team giving details of your organisation.

Note that purchases through resellers may have other discounts, please check with your reseller before placing the order. Also note that this 20% discount is not necessarily cumulative with any other applicable discounts. Please contact us for advice.