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Add a Mail Collector Wizard POP3 LanFwd

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On this page of the Wizard, enter the POP3 collection options required for the Send all incoming messages to a specified user on another SMTP mail server routing method.

The Target user address is the email address that you want the messages to be delivered to on the other mail server.

The Target mail server is the IP address or DNS name of the other mail server you want the messages to be delivered to.

Use this routing option if the POP3 mailbox on your Internet provider only contains email messages for a single email address and you operate another mail server to which you want VPOP3 to deliver the messages.

General Options

The Do not download messages bigger than xxx kB option tells VPOP3 that if it sees a message over the specified size, it should not download it immediately. Instead, the intended recipient will be sent a message asking them if they want to download the message or not. If this is set to zero (0) then VPOP3 will download all messages, regardless of size. (You can create more advanced filtering behaviour using Download Rules later).

The Leave messages on the POP3 server for x days option tells VPOP3 that it should leave messages on your Internet provider's mail server for the specified number of days before deleting them. The POP3 protocol is not optimised for having large numbers of old messages stored in the mailbox, so we don't recommend leaving messages there for more than a few days. If you do, then your Internet provider may start refusing new messages, and the performance of mail downloads may slow down considerably.

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