Contact us: 01484 855800
Contact us: 01484 855800

VPOP3 is an E-mail Server for Windows.

It is designed primarily to be easy to use for small & medium sized businesses, but because of its flexibility it can also be used by home users and larger enterprises

It will work on Windows XP or later, with almost any Internet account


VPOP3 lets users share calendars and email messages. So, for instance, you could have a 'sales' mailbox which all your sales team can see in their email client software so that sales queries are not missed if one of your staff is away, and so that other members of staff can see sent messages.


You can easily allow access to your mail from anywhere using the standard email support in most mobile devices such as Android phones, iPhones or iPads. You can also access your mail from your laptop or home computer. If your device supports the CalDAV standard (eg iPhones, certain apps for Android, etc), you can also access your calendar from anywhere. If you are at a temporary computer, such as at an Internet café or visiting another company, you can use the Webmail facility.


With your VPOP3 mail server you can have centralised email virus scanning and spam filtering, messages can be archived to refer back to later. If you want, you can have messages sent and/or received by certain users forwarded to another user for monitoring. If users accidentally delete their messages, you can easily use the server 'undelete' function to bring them back again, and you can optionally have your email messages backed up off-site in case of fire or theft. With session encryption all your email can be encrypted as it is transmitted over the network or Internet.

Some of the above features may not be available in VPOP3 Basic or VPOP3 Home User. Some features may be optional extras which cost more. See our comparison chart for details.

Customer Feedback

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