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Add a Mail Collector Wizard SMTP 2

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On this page of the Wizard, enter the details required by your ISP if VPOP3 needs to send an ETRN command to your ISP to initiate an incoming SMTP connection.

ETRN is a command which is sometimes used by ISPs supporting dial-up SMTP connections. The command tells the ISP that VPOP3 is online, so the ISP can start sending any queued messages to VPOP3.

If your ISP requires ETRN, then check the Use ETRN box, and enter details into the Server to send ETRN to and Parameters for ETRN as requested by your ISP. We cannot tell you what details to put there, as different ISPs use different details. For instance, some will set the parameter to your user name, or your email domain name, or an account number, or some other identifier.

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