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Backup Solutions

All businesses should back up their systems as a matter of course. Too often we hear of cases where people didn't think it was worth it, until it was too late! Losing business critical data can often mean the end of the business. Even losing less critical data can cause long delays in working and lots of extra work.

For many people, the problem with doing regular backups is not so much the cost, as the hassle of changing tapes or media, and remembering to kick off backups. So, here are some products we recommend which aim to make things so simple that you can set them up and then forget about them.

Altaro VM Backup

Altaro VM Backup is an easy to use, fast and powerful backup solution built for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware and offers unbeatable value. There’s no need to get into complex configurations - Altaro know Hyper-V and VMware inside out so you don't have to.

Altaro VM Backup offers you most of the features found in enterprise products at a fraction of the price. A few of its capabilities at a glance:

  • ReverseDelta™ and OnePass Restore™ for FAST backup/restore performance
  • Offsite Backup, boosted by WAN Acceleration
  • Optional Remote Management Console to easily manage all your backup/restore jobs remotely for multiple Hyper-V or VMware Hosts, easily and securely.
  • Compression & Encryption reduce backup storage and offer military grade AES encryption to protect your VM backups
  • MS VSS Integration enables hot backups – backing up live VMs with zero downtime
  • Back up Hyper-V Cluster Shared Volumes (CSVs) – great for larger environments
  • Instantboot – Boot a VM directly from backup and continue working within seconds
  • Linux, VPOP3, MS Exchange & MS SQL VM backups supported
  • Sandbox restore tests
  • And more!

Download your copy of Altaro VM backup now and enjoy unlimited functionality for 30 days. After your 30-day trial expires, you can continue using the product for up to 2 VMs for free, forever - No catch.

Buy Altaro VM Backup from £445.00

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Backup for Workgroups

Backup for Workgroups is an easy to use disk-to-disk backup program designed to work on small Windows networks. We use it, and find it great. You install the server on your designated backup PC, and then install the client on each of your PCs, set up which files to backup, and when, and leave it to it. Restoring is simple and reliable as well.

Backups are kept on your network, for quick access, and you can tell it to make mirrored copies of the backup store for you to take offsite, or copy offsite over a VPN.

Buy Backup for Workgroups from £158.00

Online Backup

Our Online Backup service is a managed offsite backup service. With this service, all your backups are automatically, and securely, stored in an offsite location. It works with Windows PCs and Macs. This is ideal if you are worried about keeping an offsite backup, and want to have that take place totally automatically. Restoring files is really easy, again. You can also have the software backup locally as well, so you have a local backup AND an offsite backup.

Buy Online Backup from £12.50 per month.