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Hosted VPOP3 Overview

If you want to use our VPOP3 mail server solution, but don't have the time or expertise to set it up in-house yourself, why not use our hosted VPOP3 service. We will install and run the mail server for you on one of our servers, and you can choose to either manage the server yourself or have us manage it for you (or a combination of both).

You will then be able to access your hosted mail service across the Internet from anywhere in the world.

Our managed service includes:

  • Leased copy of the VPOP3 Enterprise mail server - giving you shared mailboxes and 'mail from anywhere'
  • VPOP3 Spamfilter and antivirus options - to keep you safe
  • VPOP3 upgrades included
  • Telephone technical support and priority email support
  • Server hardware configuration and maintenance
  • Choice of storage disk space
  • Optional regular mail backups
  • Choice of managed or self-managed service (we can help manage the server even with the self-managed service for an extra fee)

The minimum contract period is only 6 months, but discounts are available for those willing to order a year's service at a time.

Why not see our hosted service price list and decide for yourself.