VPOP3 Email Server Downloads
Contact us: 01484 855800
Contact us: 01484 855800

VPOP3 Utilities & Extras

Obsolete utilities

  • VPOP3 Database Test Utility
    (version 2.x)
  • VPOP3_LanFwd_Redirect
    Utility to redirect queued LAN Forwarding messages to a different server following a configuration change (version 1.x-2.x)
    Utility to perform a validity check of message UIDs. This may be needed after restoring a partial backup, or, in a few cases, after manually moving/editing message files (version 1.x-2.x)
  • FixLDAP
    Utility to check and fix the LDAP database structure if it has become corrupted (version 1.x-2.x)
  • EnableSP2Firewall
    Utility to enable VPOP3 access through the Windows XP SP2 Firewall
  • VPOP3Protect
    VPOP3Protect is a utility to filter dangerous attachments (version 1.x)
  • User Contributed Files
  • VPOP3 Plugin Pack
    Set of optional addins for VPOP3