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Add a Mail Collector Wizard SMTP 1

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Note that you do not need to add an SMTP collector if VPOP3 is permanently connected to the Internet and incoming SMTP mail will just arrive (eg via an MX DNS record). You only need to add an SMTP collector if VPOP3 has to do something to trigger an incoming SMTP session.

On this page of the Wizard, enter how long VPOP3 should wait for an incoming SMTP session. This is only needed if you have a dial-up connection, because VPOP3 needs to know to stay connected to the Internet for a period of time so that your ISP can start sending your messages to VPOP3. If VPOP3 is permanently connected to the Internet, this can be set to any value (we suggest '1' second) because VPOP3 is always listening for incoming SMTP connections in that case.

Note that if your ISP does not have any queued messages it will often not make a connection to VPOP3 at all, so the time limit tells VPOP3 how long to wait before giving up (and dropping the dial-up connection if appropriate).

With incoming SMTP, the connection is always initiated by the remote end, which is why VPOP3 has to wait for a connection - it doesn't control the connection as it does with POP3 collection, instead the connection is controlled by a remote server such as at your ISP.


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