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Admin Settings

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To access the VPOP3 settings, see the Getting to the VPOP3 Settings topic.


In the VPOP3 settings:

ScreenshotThe top of the settings page has sections (Users, Lists, etc) which take you to main areas of the VPOP3 settings. If the web browser width is too small, then only the icons may be visible, not the accompanying text. In this case, you can hover over the icons to see the text, or expand the browser width to make the text visible.

This icon: help2, will show some help on the accompanying field if you hover the mouse cursor over it. We have included tips like this for many of the more complex settings in VPOP3.


The VPOP3 settings use grids in many places.

You can sort grids by clicking on the column headers. Click twice to reverse the sort ordering.

You can often edit grid entries by double clicking on the data you wish to change.

In many cases, the grid will update immediately after you have made a change, without needing to press a Submit button.

Grid Filters

Many grids will have filter boxes visible just under the column headers. In some cases the boxes are always there, in other cases, there may be a button called Show Filters to display the filter boxes.

There are three types of filter boxes, depending on the data stored in the column.

For most text columns, you can type text into the filter box. This will show any rows which contain that text as a substring.

Some text columns with a limited choice of values will show a drop-down box from which you can select the value to display.

For numeric columns you can either enter a specific number to search for, or use >, <, >= and <= operators to search for values matching the condition (e.g. >10 will match values greater than 10), or x..y to search for values in the range x to y.

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