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Getting to the VPOP3 Settings

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You access the VPOP3 settings through a web browser.

Server Address

By default, to access the settings, you will go to:

http://<server IP address>:5108/admin/index.html

On the VPOP3 computer itself, you can use:

Shortcut from the Start Menu

On the VPOP3 computer itself, go to Start » All Programs » VPOP3 » Configure VPOP3


Shortcut from the Status Monitor

If you have the VPOP3 status monitor on your PC, then you can right-click the icon (statusmonitoricon) and choose VPOP3 Settings from the pop-up menu.

Logging in

Once you are seeing the login page. then you need to log in with the administrator login details.


Login page

The username & password to use when logging in are those used for an administrator user.

The default login details are:

Username: postmaster

Password: admin

If, after logging in, you find yourself in the Webmail instead of the Admin settings, then there should be an Admin item on the Webmail menu. Clicking that will take you to the VPOP3 Settings.



If the Admin link isn't there, then there are two possibilities:

the login details you are using are not for an administrator

VPOP3's Access Restrictions are denying administration access from your IP address. In this case, try accessing the VPOP3 settings using from the VPOP3 computer itself or see this article in our Wiki.


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