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ODBC Mailing Lists

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An ODBC Mailing List is very similar to a normal Mailing List, except that the members list is held in, and retrieved from, an external database (using an ODBC connector), not the VPOP3 database. For instance, you may already have a database with a list of your customers, so using this mechanism means that you can create a mailing list which obtains your customer list dynamically from this external database.

However, this also means that you cannot manage the members list from the VPOP3 settings, and people cannot subscribe to or unsubscribe from the list via VPOP3.

You can configure the ODBC link by using the Configure ODBC link on the Members tab.

VPOP3 obtains the members list from the external database as needed, so the external database must be always available.

For details on the setting tabs, see the sections below:

General tab

Members tab

Posting tab

Signature/Header tab

Other tab



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