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Antivirus General Tab

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To get to this page, go to Settings → Anti-virus → General



This page lets you configure general settings for how VPOP3 will scan messages for viruses, and shows some status information as well.
The Use <virus scanner> to scan attachments for viruses option lets you choose an installed virus scanner to use. Note that here you can only use virus scanners with VPOP3 integration. VPOP3 will not detect other virus scanners on the PC and magically use them for virus scanning. The two virus scanners currently supported with integration are VPOP3 Antivirus (based on ClamAV) and Sophos SAV Interface.

You install VPOP3 Antivirus by downloading it from our website and installing it on the VPOP3 computer, then restart VPOP3. You install Sophos SAV Interface using the instructions from Sophos.

If you check the checkbox before Use then VPOP3 will use the designated virus scanner, and use the drop-down box to choose the desired virus scanner which is installed (if any).

The Version Info section shows version information from the virus scanner. The information displayed here depends on the virus scanner in use.

The Last 10 items scanned shows the most recent 10 items which the virus scanner has processed, and the results. Note that the virus scanners scans all email sections, not just attachments. If it is a normal email section, then it will show the filename as a number (as in the above screenshot), if it is an attachment, then it will show the attachment name. If the email section/attachment is detected as clean, then it will show 'OK', otherwise it will show error information or the virus detected.

Under the Last 10 items scanned box, VPOP3 shows the number of files (or email sections) scanned, how many viruses have been found, and the date VPOP3 was last restarted, which is when the counts apply from.

The Stop accepting messages after a fatal virus scanner error option tells VPOP3 that if an unrecoverable error occurs, then VPOP3 should stop accepting messages. This is to prevent messages being received that have not passed through the expected virus scan. This means that if a problem occurs, you will stop receiving messages, and being able to send outgoing messages. Often restarting VPOP3 will fix the problem as it will force the virus scanner to reload, but sometimes it won't. Looking in the Last 10 items scanned box should show the errors which are being received.

The Restart VPOP3 after a fatal virus scanner error option tells VPOP3 to restart itself if it encounters an unrecoverable virus scanner error. This is an attempt to recover from a problem automatically. However, if the fatal error recurs, VPOP3 will keep restarting, which may cause problems...

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