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In VPOP3, an Administrator is a User who is defined as an administrator. You must have at least one Administrator, but there is no limit to how many you can have - if you wish, all your Users could be Administrators (but this is not recommended!)

In VPOP3, there is only one level of Administrator, so a User who is set as an administrator can access all the settings, mailboxes, etc.

For an Administrator to log into the VPOP3 Settings, they use the same username & password as they would use to access their Webmail pages. This is usually the same username & password which they would use to collect & send mail, but it is possible to have a different Webmail password if you wish.

Default Administrator account

When you install VPOP3 for the first time, it will create an initial Administrator account for you. You can set the details for this account to be whatever you wish, but the defaults are:

Username: postmaster

Password: admin

There is nothing special about this initial administrator account, Generally, we recommend that a normal User account is used as the administrator account. That uses one fewer licensed user, and means that system error messages (which are sent to the Main Administrator) are less likely to be missed.

Deleting an Administrator account

Because VPOP3 requires at least one Administrator account, it prevents you from deleting the account you are currently logged in as.

So, to delete an Administrator account, you need to log in as a different Administrator user, and then delete the account you want deleted.

For instance, if you installed VPOP3 using the default postmaster administrator account, and now want to remove that user, and use your own account as the administration account instead, you should:

1.Set your own account to be an Administrator

2.Log out of the postmaster account

3.Log back into the VPOP3 Settings using your own account details

4.Delete the postmaster user

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