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VPOP3 has three types of Mail Connector which are configured by going to the Mail Connectors tab in the VPOP3 settings:


Mail Collectors

Mail Senders

These are summarised below, along with the Connector Schedule which is linked tightly with these

navigate_plus        Connection

navigate_plus        Mail Collectors

navigate_plus        Mail Senders

navigate_plus        Connector Schedule

The way that the Schedule, Connections and Collectors are linked means that it is simple to set up the most common scenarios, but it is still possible to have more complex variations.

For instance:

You can have one Connection defined, with multiple Collectors defined to collect from several ISP POP3 mailboxes every few minutes, according to the Schedule.

You may want to collect mail from some ISP mailboxes more frequently than from others. In this case, create two Connections, and associate some Collectors with the first Connection, and the rest of the Collectors with the second Connection. Then, set up two Schedule items, one to trigger the first Connection more frequently (e.g. every 5 minutes) and the second Connection less frequently (e.g. every 30 minutes).

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