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In VPOP3 a Mailing List is a list of email addresses which can have messages sent to it by emailing one address. For instance, if you have a list called customers, then you could email all your customers by sending a message to

A Mailing List is more flexible than a Distribution List. It can do everything a Distribution List can do, and a lot more, but is a bit more complex to configure because of the extra options.

Also, see the configuring a mailing list topic.


Some of the possible ways you can use a Mailing List are:

As a simple distribution list - do not allow subscriptions or moderation, allow anyone to post to it, don't perform any header modifications, etc

As an announcement list - only allow moderators to post to it, modify the header so that replies come back to an 'enquiries' type email address, allow subscriptions and unsubscriptions.

As a discussion list - allow members to post to it, modify the header so that replies go back to the list rather than to the original sender, allow subscriptions and unsubscriptions.


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