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To get to this page, to to ServicesGeneral → General


This page shows an overview of the services provided by VPOP3.

The table is editable. All the settings can be modified in the service settings themselves (on the General tabs) as well as here.

Click the configservice icon to configure the service settings.

If this is an additional service (in VPOP3 Enterprise only) you can click the deleteservice icon to delete the additional service.

Double-click the name in the Name column to rename the service (this is for your reference only).

Click the checkbox in the Enabled column to enable or disable the service. Note that the key services (POP3, SMTP & Webmail) cannot be disabled.

Double-click in the Encryption column to alter the encryption type for the service if applicable (only in VPOP3 Enterprise, and only if an SSL certificate has been installed).

Click in the Binding column to alter the IP address & port bindings for the service (which IP address(es) and port(s) the service will listen on). Note that in VPOP3 Basic a service can only listen on a single IP address/port option. In VPOP3 Enterprise it can listen on many different address/port options.


The Set Ports to Defaults button will set the standard service bindings to the default values (eg the POP3 service to listen on 'Any' address & port 110).


In VPOP3 Enterprise you can create multiple POP3 & SMTP services with different settings if you wish. Click the Add POP3 Server and Add SMTP Server buttons to add new services as appropriate. If you want to have the same settings on different TCP ports, then just use the Binding column; if you add extra services they can have totally different settings.

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