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Summary Log File Format

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VPOP3 creates a file called SUMMARY.LOG in the VPOP3 directory which contains summary information which is compiled daily into a daily summary reports sent to the administrator.

VPOP3 can keep these summary logs in a subdirectory called SUMMARIES in case you want to do further processing on them. This article describes the format of the summary log files for you to use when parsing them.

Each line of the file is a separate record.

The line contains 4 elements

1.Date/time stamp

2.Item code

3.Value. In most cases this is a byte count

4.User name

The Date/time stamp is the date & time that this record was added.

The item code is one of

0 - Local email received

1 - Local email sent

2 - Internet email received

3 - Internet email sent

4 - System generated message received

5 - LAN Forward message queued (user name is sender)

6 - POP3 Client download

7 - SMTP Client send

8 - LAN Forward message sent

9 - Online Time (value is time in seconds)

10 - Urgent message sent

11 - LAN Forward message queued2 (user name is recipient)

So, if you want to see how much data was downloaded by the POP3 client component in VPOP3, scan through looking for lines where the item code is '6' and add all the values together.

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