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VPOP3 Service Controller

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The VPOP3 service controller is a small program which runs as a Windows Service and launches the main VPOP3.EXE program and database service (VPOP3DB).

The VPOP3 service program is called VPOP3SVC.EXE. As well as being the service controller, this program can also install and remove the VPOP3 service.

Command-line options

The VPOP3 service controller supports two commands

QuickConfig - used to install the VPOP3 service

QuickRemove - used to remove the VPOP3 service


VPOP3SVC QuickConfig is used to install the VPOP3 service

If you just run this alone, then the VPOP3 service will be created with the default options.

Other options are:

name=<name> - Service Name used by Windows (defaults to 'VPOP3')

display=<display name> - Service Display Name shown to user (defaults to 'VPOP3 Email Server'). If you set name and not display, then the display name is set to the service name.

inst=<instance name> - Instance name to use (VPOP3 Enterprise only). Used for installing multiple copies of VPOP3 on the same PC

deps - Configure service dependencies (dependency on VPOP3DB service) - not recommended


An example command line would be

vpop3svc quickconfig "name=My VPOP3" display=MyVPOP3Server inst=vpop3_2


If you have VPOP3 Enterprise and want to install multiple VPOP3 servers on the same PC, you should specify at least unique values for 'name' and 'inst' on all installations (apart from, possibly, one of them, which can use the defaults).



VPOP3SVC QuickRemove will remove the VPOP3 service. You can specify name=<name> to remove a specific instance if you installed it with a non-default service name.


The service controller writes key log information related to launching the VPOP3.EXE program to the Windows 'Application' Event Log which can be viewed through the Windows Event Viewer. The Application Name is 'VPOP3' so the filter option in the Event Viewer can be used to locate event log entries.


If the event log entries say: 'The description for Event ID xxxx from source VPOP3 cannot be found' then it means that a message DLL has not been registered with the event viewer - see the Event Log Problems article for more help.


This service controller also writes basic log information to a file called svc.log in the same directory where VPOP3SVC.EXE is located. This log file is probably only useful for more detailed information on startup problems.


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