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To get to this page, go to Settings → Spam Filter → White/Black Lists → Whitelist Words



The Spamfilter Whitelist Words list contains words & phrases which you want to cause messages to be allowed through the spam filter. VPOP3 checks the message text & subject (not any attachments).

The table shows the entries already in the whitelist.


You can add new whitelist entries by typing them into the Entries to add box (one entry per line) and pressing the Add new entries button.

You can delete entries by selecting them and pressing the Delete button.

The Show Filters button will display boxes in the table headers where you can type search criteria.

Whitelist entries can be:

simple words/phrases which have to match exactly as substrings of the message content

wildcard text (eg cat*basket)

regular expressions surrounded by / characters - eg /\bcat\b/


Be aware that VPOP3 does not automatically match to word boundaries, so 'sex' will match 'sussex'. Use regular expressions with word anchors (\b) if you need to match at word boundaries.

Also, it is best if you are as specific as possible. If you just use simple words then they are likely to match where you do not expect.


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