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Download VPOP3

The current version of VPOP3 is version 6.11 build 2755
released on 9 February 2015.

You can download and use this version of VPOP3 if your software maintenance expired on or after 28 January 2015.

Note that, unlike previous versions of VPOP3, version 5 and later have a single installer and you choose the version to install during installation

Please note - if you are using Internet Explorer 10, then you may need to turn on 'Compatibility Mode' to access the VPOP3 settings. There should be no problem in IE 8 or 9, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

Licence Keys

From VPOP3 v6 onwards we are not issuing new licence keys. You can download and use this software with your existing VPOP3 v5 licence key, as long as your software maintenance expires on or after the release date of the version of the software you are downloading.

If your software maintenance expired before the release date, then you can download older versions here (including previous v6 builds if any).

For more information, see our Blog.

If you are not sure when your software maintenance expires, you can see this, by going to My Account or the Upgrade Checker. The VPOP3 installer will check the software maintenance expiry during installation so you do not accidentally install a version you are not licenced to use.


If you are upgrading from a previous version to version 5.x or later see our upgrade instructions.

Version changes

Build 2755 is a bugfix for build 2753. We have not updated the version number, as you can download this version if your software maintenance applies up to the original release date of v6.9 (10th July 2014), not the release date of this fix. The fix only affects new installations/moves. If you don't want to download the update, just manually delete the 'dbchanges.dat' file from the VPOP3 directory after running it for the first time after installation.

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