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To get to this page, go to Settings → Attachment Processing → Filtering Conditions



This page lets you tell VPOP3 to skip attachment filtering for some messages, or to only do it for some messages.

The Skip Filtering and Do Filtering boxes let you specify message header conditions. When a message is received, VPOP3 looks at the message headers and tries to match them against these conditions. It processes them as follows:

1.If any message headers match any of the Skip Filtering conditions, then the attachment filtering will not be performed, otherwise

2.If the Do Filtering condition list is empty, the attachment filtering will be performed, otherwise

3.If any message headers match any of the Do Filtering conditions, then attachment filtering will be performed, otherwise

4.Attachment filtering will not be performed


The conditions are specified as <header field> : <data to match>

The <header field> is any message header field (as defined in RFC 5322 or any custom fields). If you view the message source in your email client you will see the message headers at the start of the message. Common ones to check for are To, Cc, From, Subject.

The <data to match> is text to match, DOS wildcards are allowed (* and ?)

So, an example may be:


From: **


This will match any message where the From: address contains anywhere in the header field.

Note that the matching is simple matching. For instance, if you are matching the From address, VPOP3 does not parse the header and only check the actual email address, it just looks at the raw content of the From header field. Many times there is extra information around the actual email address, for instance the From header field may actually look like:

From: Joe Brown <>


So, that is why we used wildcards in the example, because we don't know whether there will be any data after the end of the email address. If you look at the message headers of received messages that you want to check for, you may be able to be more precise in the text to match.

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