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To get to this page, go to Settings → Diagnostics → Syslog (this page is only present in VPOP3 Enterprise)

Diagnostics General Tab


Syslog is a standard for message logging. It is more widely known in Linux systems, but there are Windows Syslog servers. Syslog lets you centralise logging for several services in one place, and there are tools which will monitor Syslog logs and perform automated actions.

On this page, you can tell VPOP3 the IP address for a Syslog Server in the Syslog Server and Syslog Server Port boxes. VPOP3 can then send Syslog messages to that server as configured below.


For each listed log file, VPOP3 can either Log to File, send to the Syslog server, or Both log to file and send to the Syslog server.


A Syslog message has several components - the Facility, Severity and Message itself. Other parts of the message are added automatically by VPOP3 (timestamp etc).

You can configure the Facility and Severity of the messages as you wish.


The default Facility is Mail, but you can choose other facilities as you require if it helps your Syslog server with monitoring or routing messages.

The various Syslog Severity values are:









Most log files have a single severity you can choose (the defaults are in the screenshot), but some have more than one:

security.log - the first severity is used if a login failure is being logged; otherwise the second is used

viruscan.log - the first severity is used if a virus if detected, otherwise the second is used

vpop3.log - the various severities are used depending on the 'level' of the log entry (the first for critical errors, second for 'normal' errors, third for 'log level 1' and so on).


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