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In VPOP3 a Distribution List is a simple list of email addresses which can have messages sent to it by emailing one address. For instance, if you have a list called customers, then you could email all your customers by sending a message to VPOP3 will BCC all the list members and distribute the message to both local list members and remote list members as appropriate.

A Distribution List is the simplest type of list in VPOP3, there are no other options for the list other than the list of members.

Also, see the configuring a distribution list topic.


A couple of possible problems with a Distribution List are:

Because the message is delivered to the list members immediately, if large messages are sent to a distribution list containing a large number of local recipients, it may take some time for the message to be distributed to all the local users, especially if the server is a bit slow. In some cases the sending email software may timeout while the message is being distributed if the timeout is set too short. This can occasionally cause the sending email software to silently retry the message so that the recipients may receive multiple copies. Increasing the send timeout in the email client or using a Mailing List instead will solve this problem.

Because the message is BCCd to the recipients, this can cause delivery problems if any of the remote recipients are using a shared POP3 mailbox for their mail, or if they have filters designed to block BCC messages. Using a Mailing List with the Slow Message Posting option will solve this problem because VPOP3 will send a copy to each recipient with their email address in the To header field.

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