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Largest Folders

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To get to this page, to to Reports → Largest Folders.


This report simply shows you a the 100 largest message folders counting the number of messages in the folder.

The table contains 4 columns:

1.The Account Name column shows the user name of the folder's owner.

2.The Folder column shows the folder name

3.The Size column shows the total folder size

4.The Messages column shows the number of messages in the folder

The table is initially sorted by number of messages, but you can sort the table by other columns by clicking on the appropriate column header.

Generally we recommend that common folders (eg Inbox, Sent Items etc) have fewer than 20,000 messages in them (preferably fewer than 10,000 - the fewer the better) because every time a user accesses that folder, their email client has to ask the server for a list of details of ALL the messages in that folder, so the more messages there are there, the more work is done by the server (and client) and the more data is transferred around.

For folders which are accessed less often, then the folder size is not as important.


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We are always open to suggestions for other reports to add, as long as they will be generally useful to other VPOP3 users, not too complex, and the relevant data can be captured without adversely affecting performance or disk usage. Please contact us with your detailed suggestion. The current reports are reports which have been requested by users or which we have found useful ourselves.

If you think this help topic could be improved, please send us constructive feedback