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Message Summary

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To get to this page, to to Reports → Message Summary.


This report simply shows you a summary of counts of processed messages (incoming, outgoing and internal) against time.

This report requires Historical Logging to be enabled.

The graph is 'active'. If you hover the mouse over a data-point on the graph it will display the value at that time. You can use the scroll-wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out on the date axis, and, when zoomed-in, you can drag with the mouse to move the graph around.

Below the graph is a table of data grouped by date. You can show or hide the table by clicking the Show/hide data table button.


information2 Suggestion

We are always open to suggestions for other reports to add, as long as they will be generally useful to other VPOP3 users, not too complex, and the relevant data can be captured without adversely affecting performance or disk usage. Please contact us with your detailed suggestion. The current reports are reports which have been requested by users or which we have found useful ourselves.

If you think this help topic could be improved, please send us constructive feedback