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To get to this page, go to Settings → Diagnostics → Message Search (this page is only present in VPOP3 Enterprise)

Diagnostics General Tab


This page lets you search the VPOP3 message store for a message. Enter the search data in the boxes at the top of the page and press Search. To search on message content or attachments you need to have enabled the Full Text Search facility. See our knowledgebase for details of how to set this up.


Once you have pressed search, then a list of all the messages which match the search criteria will be displayed. This will show messages present in the message store, as well as messages in the Message Recycle Bin (if enabled).


If you select a message in the list, VPOP3 will display information about that message in the Message Information section below the list. Some of the information displayed is described below:

username - this is the VPOP3 user in whose mailbox the message is stored.

folder - this is the folder name where the message is stored

messagetime - this is the date/time from the message's 'Date' header

internaltime - this is the date/time the message was stored in VPOP3's message store

deletedtime - this is the date/time the message was deleted from the VPOP3 message store (if the message is still in the Message Recycle Bin)

deletedreason - this is text indicating why the message was deleted from the VPOP3 message store (eg in the screenshot above, it was deleted using IMAP4 by user 'paul' from IP address

deleted - this is the IMAP4 'deleted' flag (note that, as above, this may be f(alse) even though the message has been deleted and vice versa. Messages are marked as deleted by IMAP4 clients, but still exist, then when the IMAP4 client purges (expunges/compacts) the folder, the message is actually deleted.

hold - this is the VPOP3 'hold' flag for the message. A held message is invisible to email clients. The administrator can unhold the message in the user's message list in the settings.

updatetime - this is when the message details/flags were last modified.



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